Special night for a “Dream? of opera

A group of the lyrical premises will offer a spectacle today, from the 21, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti.

Today and tomorrow, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti, one will appear in soothes of Pro Culture Jumps - Miter 331-, the work “Dream of opera in Jumps among others?, where the public will be able to be delighted with works of Mozart, Bellini, Beethoven and Verdi.

The production, realized by the soprano Marianela Guardatti and the Maximiliano baritone Perez Abbey, with the attendance of Carlos Ruiz Turfs, will be put in scene from the 21. It will be divided in two parts and it will include different fragments from opera, as “ci darem the hand? or “the weddings of Fígaro?, of Mozart; “In questa tomba dark?, of Beethoven; “Or mine expensive babbino? or “Mini Scythe mine house is partito?, of Puccini.

Also it will include fragments as “I saw Rawiso Loughi Ameni?, of Bellini, like thus also “Torero? or “Havanan?, of Bizet; “Nichts ist is spat und frühe?, of Bach; “Infelice! And tuo credevi?, of Verdi, or “Dunque io is?, of Rossini. In the putting in scene they will participate: Marianela Guardini, Rossana Martinez, Claudia Rivers (sopranos); Maximiliano Perez Abbey, Red Fidel, Carlos Yudi, Gonzalo Alanís (baritones); Golden Laura, Rosana Bisonard, Ana Galíndez, Ana Viltes, Mercedes Herrera, Luis Roldán, Golden Paola, in piano, and Sergio Wamba, low. The work will exhibit comedy and drama passages. It will look for to transport to the public until the original scenes of these appraised theater pieces.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

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