“Fianc2ees of the art?, a very particular parade of fashions

A new sample of the works of the students of the Teaching staff of Visual Arts will be realized, in the Return.

“Fianc2ees of the art? the new artistic proposal is calld who propose the students of the chair of Productions Integrated of the Teaching staff of Visual Arts (4to Year To and B).

Like every year, they carry out a creative artistic work inspired by special investigations that coordinate the outstanding professor and artists plastic of our means, Daniel Eyebolt.

The next Sunday will be the sample of these works, in the Theater of the Return of the Century, in two schedules, to 20,30 and 22. The entrance to be present at this spectacle that will appear with the structure of a parade of models, paid attention to $5.

Eyebolt explained that the concept of this artistic proposal was based on the design of clothes of fianc2ee including veil, branch and the shoes, by groups inspired by the work of some resident plastic artist in contemporary Jujuy.

For this different stages from the project were developed. In the first stage the groups made the selection of the artists who were going to work. Second a glance to all the present production was determined by the investigation process (that included an interview with the artist, a visit to the factory of the artist and to choose a work that will be source of inspiration and construction of clothes.

Once approved the project, the students happened to the construction stage, where they put in practice creative processes different and the techniques that they acquired in the course of his study.

Ten groups formed that worked on the work of ten artists, between whom they appear Susana Sanchez, Liliana Pantoja, Florence Califano, German Héctor, Osácar Marks, Daniel Amella, Gabriela Gaspar, Yurquina Marks, Omar Garci'a Romano and Froilán Colque.

The sample that will be realized east Sunday “has a spectacle characteristic, taking inclusively resources that the theater uses?, explained Eyebolt. Finally it clarified that although, the spectacle takes the form from a parade of fashions “is not it, since the clothes were created with an artistic aim, are clothes objects and utilitarian nonclothes?, explained.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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