New proposal of the Suburban Teátrico

The work “the daughters of the aspirineta…? it will be released tomorrow, to 22, in the local Jet Seth (Necochea 737).

“The daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation? are the name of the new proposal with which Suburban the Teátrico group promises to make reflect to the spectator through humor.

The work, written by the actress and dramatist Cristina Idiarte, will be released Friday tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737, Balcarce Stroll).

“The educational incentive does not reach to us and the educandos do not do case to us. The unique thing that we have left is the brightness of the theater. That it would happen if we realize of which aspirinetas consumed throughout all our life is not as inoffensive as we thought? How we demonstrated our mental health?. This is the phrase that summarizes the sense of this work, that is to say, the relation between aspirinetas and consumes that them, in this case, the educational ones.

Diego Barrier, Gabriela Vázquez, Pablo Aguierre and Cristina Idiarte puts itself in the skin of four educational ones, like those of before, to offer a critical and humoristic glance to the educative system.

“This spectacle is impregnated of many characteristics that make it at the same time interesting and funny. Speech on the search of the power, the ephemeral thing of the fame and makes a critic to the mass media, that exert an enormous influence in our lives. History has like protagonists to four educational ones, because the idea is also to remember those teachers of our childhood, who somehow gave a course them to our lives, and at the same time to offer a critical vision of the education?, advanced the author of “the daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation?, Cristina Idiarte.

The actors who carry out this piece, that gives continuity him to the theater cycles that are being developed in Jet Seth, are integral of Suburban Teátrico for a time. Diego Barrier shared scene with Cristina Idiarte in “Therapy: comedy in three sessions and a diagnosis?; Gabriela Vázquez incarnated to the Vilca end in “80 Rococo roses? and Pablo Aguierre was coreógrafo of “Glamuuuuur, privacies of a single cow?.

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