Works of Mozart and Devienne in a concert of camera music

Sunday 22 of November, to 19,30, in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater of Jumps (Zuviría 70), the Department of Music of Camera will offer a gratuitous concert with a showy repertoire integrated by works of Mozart and Devienne.

One will count on the special action of the Quartets for Flute and Cords and Fagot and Cello, integrated by Dante de Simone (flute), Facundo Stonecutter (fagot), Bethlehem Hernandez (violin), Tetyana Larina (violates) and Martin D'Elía (hoop).

The Department of Music of Camera was created in June of 2004 and is directed by the pianist Maria Dark brown Fernanda, is a pedagogical and artistic organization that space to musicians of levels gives initial, average and superior, of all the ages, that wish to penetrate in groupings such as pairs, trios, quartets, quintets and small joints.

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