Oh we swear with Pailos to laugh!

The new spectacle of the Skinny Pailos that will appear the 5 of June in our province.

Accompanied as always by its close partenaire Gustavo “Japo? Molas, Pailos makes finery and reverence to a bicentennial by very expensive humor to the feeling of the Argentineans.

The show counts on a tedious and modern putting of lights and sound like also with impeccable clothes of time.

In the Pailos show it unloads all a “humoristic revolution? of gags, sketches and jokes with the original humoristic and musical support of Molas, and the choreographic contribution of the Makumba ballet.

The mission is to amuse to the public without losing the respect of the native symbols but with the joy that characterizes to us for 200 years, it emphasizes the promotional short news item of the spectacle when maintaining that now the town will know… in question.

In the past summer season in Villa Carlos Peace and Mine Keeper of keys (Cordova), Oh we swear with Pailos to laugh! it was located between the 3 of greater success with 42 thousand sold localities.

The Skinny Pailos is number one of Cordovan humor and the jujeños, the next Saturday, will have the opportunity to enjoy their occurrences and to laugh to not being able more.

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