Oh, SARAH! with Ana Maria Parodi it arrives at House of the Culture

Within the framework of XXXIV the Cultural April Salteño, the Stress Group will present/display the Oh work, SARAH! , of the Uruguayan Ariel Mastandrea, Saturday 17 of April, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460). Ana is a unipersonal spectacle in charge of the actress Maria Parodi, under the direction of Jorge Renoldi.

Dedicated to the memory of those who left tracks in the scenes of the world, the work is a tight synthesis of the life of the Bernhardt. Beyond his “life actress?, one approaches the woman, the human being, with his character, his feelings, illusions, their passion, its daily fight, that also is and was the fight of many women, above and under the scene….

Always, at all the times, to lay ways was very difficult: the putting in scene proposes a tribute to the actresses for all time. The life of Bernhardt SARAH will be a vehicle to find places common where the time it seems not to have passed: the same fights, dreams, ambitions are reflected and human relations, the same worries and fleeting brightness of actors and actresses of today and of always, who create a reality different from the daily one and despite, give to their public the emotion of their own existential states.

It is a recognition to all those that made of the theater a life form, and which they left to tracks on the scene, sacrificing loves, families and personal happiness. Behind each applause, the artist always is only, with his creation and its madness, its fears and their faults; doubts and certainties. Is the theater a mirror of the life? It is the life the one that teaches to us to act? The public applauds or boos, ensalsa or criticism… who really knows the life that occurs behind the mask?

General entrance to $20 for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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