Original creations in collective sample

The visitors appreciated pieces that conjugated the imagination of four artists.

The collective sample “Images? was exposed with remarkable concurrence in the hall the Popular Library.
Alexander Condorí, Veronica Gutiérrez, Fernando Lamas and Héctor Neirot were the artists who exhibited their plastic productions that combine Christian imagery, the simple works with iconography that adds to the different perceptions and reproductions from other realities next to the digital and geometric world.

The ways to discover or to know a reality that escapes to all logical codification, unfold in peculiar and atrapantes images where the color and the figurative thing play creating universal fantastic and, simultaneously, amazing which they comprise of the imaginary one of Fernando You lick.

This way, “lunar Melody?, “imaginary Song?, “tubular Melodies?, “Luthier?, “Sparkle? and “Spheres? captivated to the visitors with a singular beauty in which pieces coexisted where the perspective game undressed a creation process. On the other hand, Alexander Condorí proposed pictures of Christian imagery with the classic symbolism to disturb it in visual ruptures and the search of the body where the color is rebelled in the picture questions the quadrature, as it were appraised in “native Crucifixion?. Others of their pieces also expose in mixed technique, the native culture and the own routine character of the being jujeño. The colorful art of Veronica Gutiérrez also was of manifesto in simple pieces, where the iconography obtained abstract compositions. The undressed colors and the suggestion of creations that left works like “Orange at sight?, “Are born oil?, “Green yunga? and “Red emplumado?.

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