Pablo Roof rack presents/displays his book “an absent story?

He will be tomorrow to 19,30 in Culturarte, and will count on the words of presentation of the writer Elena Bossi.

Almost like “a breathing to the political activity?, according to his own words with likeable tone, Pablo Roof rack he announced yesterday in press conference that tomorrow to 19,30 will present/display in center Cultural Culturarte, his new book “an absent story?.

We remember that at present the writer also is delegated provincial of the UCR.
The presentation of the work will be in the hands of the writer Elena Bossi.

In this new published work, they had art and part, the young writers who three years ago conformed the Intravenous publishing house, from the magazine of the same name that has a little more time of life. Therefore they were also in the conference, Rebeca Chambi and Matías Teruel, of the mentioned group.

“From the Intravenous publishing house, we come betting to publish jujeños authors as much recognized as young. In this opportunity we are presenting/displaying to Pablo Roof rack that has one recognized trajectory in the world of the letters?, commented Job, that on the work said: “There is a sense of unit in all the book, that is complemented with the other works that it has Pablo, and it gives coherence him to everything what did until now. It does that one that handles the same subjects or lives same the daily experiences, can see the same things from another place?.

On the other hand Matías Teruel comment that the idea of the group that Integra, is besides maintaining the magazine and to give certain regularity him, “when we conformed the publishing seal, was to publish those authors that we like, aiming at a quality Literature that takes place for Jujuy and not from Jujuy. Not a Literature that it is always looking for to go away for outside. We look for Literature that works in the province and by the province?, expressed.

Consulted on the reasons took that them to choose this work to publish, Teruel spoke in personal form: “I particularly am not a poetry reader, and I enlisted with this of which the poetry of Pablo is written in prosa. They are fragments of the small histories that I feel that they go interconnected with other subjects?, it explained and it assured that for the members of Intravenous it is a pride to make this book.

The words of the author
Pablo Roof rack defined his work like “a text set that corresponds to different times, and that I have been writing in these years. The boys (of Intravenous) requested texts to me and I gave some them that he had, until he was decided to publish this book. There are many things that are in this book that I like much, are many texts that it had forgotten, and that nor I myself it knew what meant until I put myself to read them. It was simply to accommodate a little, because somehow the book was done?, commented.

It said in addition that it is a pleasure to have reunited east text set, and indicated much gratitude towards the boys of Intravenous “who constitute, this of step - a very important cultural movement in our province added, that it is predicting the real more important movement in the matter of letters of the last years?.

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