Rock folkloric with in pair the Simple one

Several local artists for the elaboration of the first CD of the pair will act.

The pair the Simple one organized a rock Creole Patio for this Saturday from the 22,30 in the SUM of district “9 of Julio?.

In the opportunity, the attending public will be able to enjoy different artistic numbers, between which they will stand out, the feminine trio folkloric, In Song; the young musician and revelation, Darío Eyebolt; the Chijra Group that will anticipate the carnestolendos celebrations of the 2010, and will finalize the evening the pair host, the Simple one.

The objective to realize this musical spectacle is to collect bottoms for the recording of the first record work that want to undertake Gabriel Farfán and Carlos Urtado, the members of the formation.

The Simple one

The pair the Simple one formed in April of this year when Carlos Urtado and Gabriel Farfán were invited to sing to benefit. From this encounter, both decided to direct the artistic project.

Soon new members like “the Negrito? Ustares in the low one, Marcelo Coria in percussion and Edgardo Escobar in the first guitar were gotten up, always are the firm intention to make specific the dream of the first CD, that will take by title “reserved Dream?.

The pair appeared in different cultural spaces and local scenes from the province, sharing spectacles with the group Quebracho, Daniel Cisneros and “the Cat? Garci'a, among others. In their musical repertoire subjects of the national popular song book and of the compositions of Carlos Urtado are also included, like the bailecito “Imillita de Uquía?, the cat “What you are going to make my love?, bolero “I I am not the guilty? and taquirari “Jujeñita?, among others.

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