Pepe Angelillo presents/displays “Quiet Now?

Sunday 6 of June to 20 hs. the Provincial Theater of Jumps, will have the honor to receive to the pianist Jose “Pepe? Angelillo, recognized long pianist of and well-known trajectory in the scope of the jazz.

In an intimate concert, it will present/display subjects of his last record work denominated “Quiet Now?.

Jose Enrique “Pepe? Angelillo, course the race of Composition in the Bellas Faculty Artes (UNLP). He studied Musical Language and musical forms with the teachers, Manolo Juárez, Sergio Hualpa and Sergio Balderrabano. One specialized in Jazz in Clinics with the teachers Dave Holland and Joe Zawinul.

Like educational, Musical Language evolved like Head of Practical works of the matter Pitch area Composition and Musical Education of the Bellas Faculty Artes (UNLP). It was Educational Language of the Jazz: Area of dependant Cultural Extension of the Face. Beautiful Arts (UNLP). Direction evolved in the Factory of Pop music jazz in the Provincial Conservatory “Gilardo Gilardi?. It was Educational individual on harmony, it forms and improvisation in jazz from year 1990.

From year 1987 Its artistic and professional activity I take, it to cross different places in all the country working in national and international festivales (It jumps, the Handbag, the Silver, Mar del Plata).

Dean, George Haslam, Paul Hession worked with national and international artists like Elton (UK). Hillard Green (the USA), Ximo Tebar (Spain) Erve Sellin (France), Cucho Arbañil and Dick Miñako Sanchez (Peru). With Gustavo? Cuchi Leguizamón?, Dino Saluzzi, Pocho Lapouble, Matías González, Quique Sinesi, Horacio Lopez, Pablo Ledesma, Jorge González, Carlos Flagstone, Oscar Giunta, Stolen Monkey, Néstor Go'mez, Sergio Poli Alexander de Mogli, Calm Marcelo, Alexander Rodriguez, Izaurralde Monkey, and Ricardo Lew, among others.

General entrance $20.

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