Theater piece on the legend of the soul in pain

To call “Hortensia, a soul stone? and will appear east Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century.

“Hortensia, a soul stone? is a history based on the northern legend of the Soul in Pain, that Flavia Oil mill took to a theater script some years ago, as a result of a scholarship that it obtained to specialize in Theater Anthropology with the group the Wasteland of Buenos Aires.

After some years and delays of the project for personal reasons, the actress jujeña of great talent retook east work, that came working with Sergio Diaz Fernandez, and finally the last year, began itself to work in the definitive putting under the direction of another great artist of our means, Maria Peace.

The result is a work of theater dances, that arrived at this point without seting out it, which east Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century will be released (Senator Perez 178), and the next Saturday 17 will recover to the same hour.

It says the synopsis of this work: “A vague soul that, that suffers, that calls. A lost soul, almost transparent crosses the way that it has left in the earthly world to go towards beyond. It is watched in the mirror than it was his life next to his godmother and the pain his dead boy.

At the end of the way one is with the old Anastasia, with gifts of divination and a miner in his daily work, like predestining his death. No longer there is more weeping in his bones, no longer there are more complaints, no longer to vagar more by hills, no longer are but pains ".

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with the artists of this putting to know details the work. “After the scholarship, the theater script was ready and spent long time?, tells to Flavia Oil mill and makes a small parenthesis to mention its maternity and the care of a small daughter, that was some of the reasons for impasse, “until the last year, sharing a work of training with Maria (Peace), took to me to propose to him that it directs this work?. In addition Diaz counted on the collaboration of Sergio Fernandez and Safe Diego, comments this actress, who promises with this work to return to give all their talent, that she is much, after to have consecrated at national level with the unipersonal interpretation of “Jamuychis? in the National Celebration of the Theater of year 2003, where she arrived representing Tucuman, province in which she was studying at that time. In this piece, Flavia Oil mill, unfolded an impeccable work of action, expression, song, color, lights, that took the applause standing up to their professionalism.

At his time of study in Tucuman, or it shared training with Maria Peace, that is worth to stress that it comes from the wood of the dance, but that also or penetrated in numerous proposals related to the theater.

For that reason this encounter in an extremely promising putting. Although Maria Peace recognizes, that antecedent of “Jamuychis?, did of some form “more difficult to do' Hortensia', but this actress (by Flavia) that sings, it acts and it causes that a pile of things in scene happens, causes that it transforms itself into a spectacle that the public has to do, mainly because we spoke of a legend of the Argentine north, who we felt like whom we must rescue, the legend of the Soul in Pain?.

“The Hortensia name was a whim because mine is related to the name of an aunt but is not its history. I chose that name because liked as she sounded I?, explains Flavio, “and' a soul stone' arose later because when I began to work with the first text, I occurred whereupon they appeared the stones like detonating element and the soul in pain much that is a legend of Jujuy. Both concepts were conjugated in this spectacle, still being very antagonistic. The soul like a etéreo being, and the stone like an Earth element, hard, cold?.

The language
On the other hand Maria explaya in the chosen language, the one of the theater dances. “It seems to Me that the language of the theater dances, very it is controverted, and we decided to put east language to him because sumatoria of events is one that are in scene. It appears the plastic, the line of vision, and everything fused with the work of the actor who in the case of Flavia is also half dancing because he has conditions practices and it. The language is sumatoria of these two arts, and it can very solve it to Flavia or in scene, it gives all their talent to us, and that does not make think us about every moment of the work if it is dance or theater. We work the dramatic art like a strong tool that cost to construct it to us enough?, assured.

And finally it defined this work like “a great poetry, because it has much metaphor, does not have much spoken text, but other textualidades that are crossed?.

The particularitity
The putting counts on a resource of music in Japanese, that needed the aid in the translation Mariano Yamada. Thus Maria explains: “Anthropology is a search of world-wide ethnic groups. It fell in my hands makes like fifteen years, a Japanese music because I have relatives who live in Japan, and is because it served to this music and a text to us that by back of her says something on this viejita Anastasia. It is a music that transports to you but that simultaneously it is like very ours, we used that music and that text in Japanese. It is like saying that the borders are but they vanish when to compose?.

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