“To be able… it can? with Arana and Scarpino

Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino will present/display in Jumps the work To be able… can, of Raul Dayud, with original idea of Mauritius Dayud, Saturday 19 of September, to 21, in the Provincial Theater.

Within the framework of its tour by the rear area they will visit our province with this wonderful work that unites the laughter and the emotion, as it leaves from a same challenge. “All we lay, all we have two lives….true, about that we dreamed of boys… and the false one, with that we went out every day?.

Scarpino incarnates to Damián, that goes in search of the old Müller- mountain climber Spider to request advice to him when finding out that he is ill of gravity. In this way, both personages will spin in scene situations that will make disappear their differences and will paint deep fears, ghost common to all the human beings.

The work promises a trip, an exploration that it investigates in the bonds of these two beings, speaks of the friendship, the camaraderie and also of the limits that we put ourselves at the time of choosing our destiny.

In the text, a game of mirrors is constructed where the tragedy and humor come together in a place that is familiar. With the encounter of Müller and Damián, the author unfolds with subtility the possibility of finding the exit against a fact that no human being has been able to avoid, a mystery keeps awake that us to all.

He is possible to emphasize that $10 by each one of the entrances sold in this tour will be destined to FUNDALEU and other foundations that fight against the cancer.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $90 and $80, Theater boxes $70, Pullman and Super Pullman $60

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