Showing to the most recent entrances with the label disc Presentation To show the oldest entrances
Showing to the most recent entrances with the label disc Presentation To show the oldest entrances

The Nocheros will present/display their new disc to the salteños

The flaming record material denominates “The other moon? and the songs were recorded live.

The set the Nocheros will send in the capital salteña its last record material, denominated “The other moon?. The call is for Tuesday 25 of May, to 18, in the runner of the Balcarce street and the entrance she will be free and gratuitous.

Sources of the organization of the spectacle informed that Mario, Kike and Alvaro Teruel and Rubén Ehizaguirre chose their native province for the launching of their new material like part of the central activities that from the provincial Government were programmed to celebrate the Bicentennial.
“It is an recorded acoustic album live, that counts on new songs and it already is available in disquerías of the country?, it advanced Rubén Ehizaguirre from Chile, where the group folkloric fulfills diverse commitments.

In the tours that the Nocheros realized a few months ago they presented/displayed unpublished subjects that they are including in this new work. The CD is promoted with the subject “Was? and the first cut is “The other moon?.

“The song `Was' marks to a new tendency of the sound tinku, that impels romantic melodies with a fort and forceful rythmical refrain. The album contains 12 recorded acoustic songs live, of authors like Peteco Carabajal, Victor Heredia, Daniel Caves, Ica Novo and Facundo Toro, among others?, affirmed Mario Teruel.

In addition, there are compositions of Mario and Kike Teruel, between which they stand out Yesterday “I saw you?, “Coarse of wounds?, “Tell me?, “Rain? and “Heart twig?.

Broken ties with record EMI Music, the set was associated with Telefe for the recording and the launching of the plate, that was registered live before 300 people in one of the studies of the transmitter. The new plate of study of the popular quartet, that in 1994 obtained the prize Consecration in Cosquín and of in it would reap a good amount of distinctions more there, counted on the musical production and adjustments of Sebastián Fucci and the executive production of Kike Teruel.

“This new objective was obtained with an important team of professionals, in whom I do not want to stop mentioning our musicians: Sebastián Fucci, Ramon Cheers, Palin Soda, Martin Berrios, Juan Enríquez and Gustavo Martelli. Also they participated in the disc Leonardo Ferreira, in violin; Sophie Lussi, in viola; Juanjo Castelli, in accordion; and Carlos Flowers, next to Mario Lizárraga, in sikus?, enumerated Kike.
In 1986, the Earth salteña was witness of the first chords of the Nocheros. The scope of its beginnings was musicalizado by the Chalchaleros, the Border ones, Those of Jumps, the Singers of the Dawn, the Nombradores and Daniel Toro. It was then when they began to forge that personality and that sound authentically salteño took that them to cross all the country.

After to comprise of the Choir Polifónico de Salta, Mario and Rubén penetrated for the first time in the artistic heading like pair. Soon after they integrated to new voices until constituting the present quartet.
The production of each of its discs is a care work in which they converge a new repertoire and classic of the Argentine folklore.

With adjustments of great level, tedious and simple, the songs recreate a nochero sound that take more than two decades of use and one effectiveness verified at the time of adding admirers in different points from the world.

Ariel Cross today presents/displays “Footpaths of my soul?