Showing to the most recent entrances with the label disc Presentation To show the oldest entrances
Showing to the most recent entrances with the label disc Presentation To show the oldest entrances

The Nocheros will present/display their new disc to the salteños

The flaming record material denominates “The other moon? and the songs were recorded live.

The set the Nocheros will send in the capital salteña its last record material, denominated “The other moon?. The call is for Tuesday 25 of May, to 18, in the runner of the Balcarce street and the entrance she will be free and gratuitous.

Sources of the organization of the spectacle informed that Mario, Kike and Alvaro Teruel and Rubén Ehizaguirre chose their native province for the launching of their new material like part of the central activities that from the provincial Government were programmed to celebrate the Bicentennial.
“It is an recorded acoustic album live, that counts on new songs and it already is available in disquerías of the country?, it advanced Rubén Ehizaguirre from Chile, where the group folkloric fulfills diverse commitments.

In the tours that the Nocheros realized a few months ago they presented/displayed unpublished subjects that they are including in this new work. The CD is promoted with the subject “Was? and the first cut is “The other moon?.

“The song `Was' marks to a new tendency of the sound tinku, that impels romantic melodies with a fort and forceful rythmical refrain. The album contains 12 recorded acoustic songs live, of authors like Peteco Carabajal, Victor Heredia, Daniel Caves, Ica Novo and Facundo Toro, among others?, affirmed Mario Teruel.

In addition, there are compositions of Mario and Kike Teruel, between which they stand out Yesterday “I saw you?, “Coarse of wounds?, “Tell me?, “Rain? and “Heart twig?.

Broken ties with record EMI Music, the set was associated with Telefe for the recording and the launching of the plate, that was registered live before 300 people in one of the studies of the transmitter. The new plate of study of the popular quartet, that in 1994 obtained the prize Consecration in Cosquín and of in it would reap a good amount of distinctions more there, counted on the musical production and adjustments of Sebastián Fucci and the executive production of Kike Teruel.

“This new objective was obtained with an important team of professionals, in whom I do not want to stop mentioning our musicians: Sebastián Fucci, Ramon Cheers, Palin Soda, Martin Berrios, Juan Enríquez and Gustavo Martelli. Also they participated in the disc Leonardo Ferreira, in violin; Sophie Lussi, in viola; Juanjo Castelli, in accordion; and Carlos Flowers, next to Mario Lizárraga, in sikus?, enumerated Kike.
In 1986, the Earth salteña was witness of the first chords of the Nocheros. The scope of its beginnings was musicalizado by the Chalchaleros, the Border ones, Those of Jumps, the Singers of the Dawn, the Nombradores and Daniel Toro. It was then when they began to forge that personality and that sound authentically salteño took that them to cross all the country.

After to comprise of the Choir Polifónico de Salta, Mario and Rubén penetrated for the first time in the artistic heading like pair. Soon after they integrated to new voices until constituting the present quartet.
The production of each of its discs is a care work in which they converge a new repertoire and classic of the Argentine folklore.

With adjustments of great level, tedious and simple, the songs recreate a nochero sound that take more than two decades of use and one effectiveness verified at the time of adding admirers in different points from the world.

Ariel Cross today presents/displays “Footpaths of my soul?

This musical spectacle will be carried out of the Supervisory Celebration within the framework and will be free and gratuitous for all the community.

Tonight, to 20,30, the Ariel soloist Cross will present/display its first record material titled “Footpaths of my soul? in the place “San Farm Isidro? of Monterrico.

In the occasion the artist will exhibit the video for the first time paper clip of “Zamba to Monterrico?, musical subject of own responsibility that she will project by means of a located giant screen in the mentioned space.

“I have many expectations. In the accomplishment own images of the town will be able to be observed, of people, the tobacco activities that are realized in Monterrico. Town is a tribute? expressed Ariel Cross that soon assured that this encounter was declared of Municipal Interest.

Ramon “Kiko? Núñes is recognized producing of videos clips of great interpreters of the national folklore like Red Jorge and the Huayra and to that Cross was thankful to be part of this project.

In the opportunity, also there will be a recital in which he will present/display the compositions of his first album that he has, among others, the farmers “For changada? and “the steering wheel?; zambas “Zamba to Monterrico? and “Zamba for rural “Working? Fabi? and the song; all of own responsibility.

However, this CD also has the contribution of Ariel Alcobedo with two titled huaynos “is giving returned? and “It follows the celebration?.

They will accompany the singer Fabricio Villanueva (under), Fabian Núñez (battery), Diego Coins (piano) and Pablo Calisaya (charango), musicians who integrate their band.

In addition, the dance will be present with different ballets folkloric from Monterrico and the musical support of the Crossroads, an invited local band.

In order to finalize the day, the artists will meet on the scene and to sing together for the public present.

In reference to his beginnings, the composer expressed that ten years ago he began next to Ariel Alcobedo.

“He gave a very great hand Me in this material ´Senderos of my soul?. With him we crossed very many provincial and national scenes running into with great artists and taking our vallista music to us by all sides. These crossed ways and the experiences of the same fed my desire to compose and to sing town to him? explained.

Inheritance presents/displays new CD

“Where they are the single women? it is the name that the feminine group has chosen for his third material.

The Group Inheritance will present/display in the theater Miter, this Tuesday, from the 21, his third record material called “Where they are the single women?, which is made up of 14 subjects.

In the new work of the feminine group are rates of tynku, saya, huayno, and bailecitos among others, also includes subjects of authors jujeño like Nando Diaz and Noelia Chacana, among others.

Inheritance in addition will count on the participation of pairs of dance, Brave, vocalista Angel of the group Coroico, and Gustavo Cross, professional guitarist.

The members of Inheritance are: Noelia Chacana in winds, Natalia Go'mez in first low voice and, Carolina Escobar voice, Gisela Vantage point in charango, Roxana Shock in percussion, Gabriela Go'mez in guitar and choir.

Carolina Escobar, one of its members, generally invited the public upon presentment of the CD, to share warm a veiled one next to us who we have many expectations with this new work ".

Recently Inheritance appeared in different scenes from Buenos Aires, like in the Salteñas Carps and rock the Cumpas, and in the month of August it will be in Cordova and the south of Argentina.

Ana Issa presents/displays her “Songs? in the Cultural April

Within the framework of XXXIV the Cultural April Salteño, Ana Issa will present/display her show Songs, Thursday 29 of April, to 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460). She will be accompanied by local musical outstanding like Federico Towers, Claudius Ledesma, Oscar Go'mez, Leonel Goldstein and, from Between Rivers, Hernán Brambilla.

Ana Issa was tie to the Five Voices and soon she conformed the Pair Ana Issa & Luis Iacuzzi. Its repertoire is characterized by the preference by Latin American songs, with adjustments and own compositions. She was telonera of great national artists like Pedro Aznar, Javier Malosetti, Adrian Abonizio, I fight Holes, Encinar Awkward person. It had the privilege to sing with the Chalchaleros, Mario Teruel, the Five Voices, among others and represented Jumps on two ocassions in the Contest Pre Cosquin.

Third participation is his in the Cultural April Salteño: In the 2007, next to the Chacho Echenique of the Salteño Pair, it gave a concert to full room and, in the 2009, next to Coffee & Violetas and Eloy Lopez, inaugurated the Musical Cycles of the House of the Culture, with successful call. Now one appears again to delight to all followers

General entrance $25, on sale in ticket office of the House of Culture.

Tonight, it raises scene Lisandro Aristimuño

Lisandro Aristimuño will present/display the Chronicles of the Wind, its new record work, this Tuesday 20 of April, to 22, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

In his third visit to Jumps, Aristimuño will arrive with new compound and partly recorded material, in Europe during a tour of three months in which it appeared by diverse cities of Spain and Belgium, where it got to share scene with musicians of the stature of Jorge Drexler.

This fourth double disc titled Chronicles of the Wind was published by its own record seal Blue Wind. Between the guests who recorded this disc is: Fito Paéz, Pandolfo Wood, Diego Frenkel and the Spanish Quique González.

Lisandro was born in Viedma, Negro River and lives in Buenos Aires from 2001. Turkish Blue the specialized critic described to its first disc (2004) between 50 better discs of the year. Artist was appointed revelation by the magazines Rolling Stone and Inrockuptibles. In 2009 he obtained the award in the category Pop music of the prizes Bugler.

Way to occupy a place between the great ones of national music, Lisandro Aristimuño continues being a breathing and a trip by the interior of the song.

The anticipated entrances have a cost of $35 and $40 in door and can be acquired in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture.

In the Web:;

A presentation for the town homenajeando the Earth

The appointment is in Pumamarca the next Saturday from the 9 in the morning. Native communities will participate.

The motivation of the Vilte Memo at the time of arming a celebration, to sing or to record a disc, goes much more there of the artistic thing. If so, one is not to make a disc to sell or to promote themselves, or to make a presentation spectacular to see if hirings arrive.

For that reason the presentation of its first disc, is armed like a very special event, a celebration of its town, Purmamarca.

“The form to present/display has it to do with how the disc was done, why one sings. One does not sing enamoring to a woman, but the motivation always went the love to the Earth, from boy, I began singing songs with my friendly, and today it makes me well sing?, assures in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The certain thing is that this disc, titleholder “the Jujeño?, is a work that comes elaborating by far time, in which it is pleasant, and in that shapes all desire to continue honoring its culture. She is a young person who knows what sings has lived, it, and from always she has showed the deep one to feel by his earth. It demonstrates every year to it with the numerous celebrations that organizes in its house of Purmamarca for the most important celebrations of our culture, and in addition with the events that organize to take our culture outside the province.

Generous with its pairs, Vilte Memo assumes a form to work joint, with the musicians, their musicians, and people.

“It does not concern the amount of people, but it matters that the friendly go, I always said that this disc was done for the friendly. The important thing are the affection, the magic that can be gotten to generate, to share with the people of the town?, explains the singer to days of the great day.

For that reason the presentation of its disc, that always was in charge to let know that it would be in Purmamarca “in the place where I learned to sing? - it explains, it will be east Saturday, and not only it will include the spectacle recital, but the activities will begin in the morning to 9 - what supervisory celebration with hoisting of flags and allusive words. In this act, the Native Community of Chalala will receive donations of books and an image of the Virgin of Luján.

They will participate in this moment, bands of sikuris, and by all means all the town.

To 10 one will begin a parade of original towns and centers gauchos by the streets of Purmamarca, and to las12 it will be the official presentation of “the Jujeño?, in a scene that will mount in the place of the town. There the young singer next to their musicians will interpret all the subjects of the disc, soon to meet with which they want to share this moment in the Enchanted House (of I drink Vilte, its father), where the celebrations are already habitual folkloric.
Already in the Enchanted House, also they will be musical protagonists of the scene and friendly guests.

Given the cultural commitment of the proposal, the celebration of the Pachamama and the Indicated one could not need, that they are predicted for the 14.30.

“I want that the children also participate purmamarqueños, proud, because the idea is to revalue our culture and that we feel proud of being quebradeños, of our things. For that reason also we invited song singers so that they are going to the house to celebrate?, continues.
Finally, from the 16, it will be the presentation of comparsas carnavaleras.

Speaking of the sense of this presentation, also it says to us: “I want to overturn in this presentation all the love by my earth that to me my father transmitted, and to do of this form a tribute to him to him, Don Bebo Vilte?.

The musicians who accompany to Vilte Memo in this project, are jujeño Joti Rooster, of Jujuy, in action; and the tucumanos Emilio Diaz, in guitar; Luciano Corbalán, in the low one; Quique Yance, in the piano: Maria Jose Demari, in violin; and Victor Juárez, in bandoneón and accordion.

Meanwhile, waiting for the great day, the Memo did not remain quiet. The past 9 of January realized the Carnival of Moderates in Purmamarca, and the 16 were in the greater scene of the National Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria.

Bond 4 follows step signs and presents/displays its flaming record material

Enzo Robles is the new member of the outstanding set, in replacement of Miguel “Crow? Villalba.

“Bond 4 follows more united than ever, is worth the explanation, because in the last months the rumor that ran the group had arrived at its aim. It cost to us much to position to us at national level and we are not going to throw everything by the hut?, were the words of Ramon “Chayita? Barrionuevo, one of the founders of recognized joint salteño.
“Simply we have replaced to a member. Miguel Villalba decided to move away because he thought that its cycle already was concluded here and wanted to fulfill other personal objectives, but everything was in excellent conditions. Its place Enzo Robles, a young person entered who contributes to freshness and image to him to the group?, assured.

The new companion

In spite of their youth, Oaks already count on several experiences within music. Most important it is his incursion in the Four of Jumps, next to Mariano Cow, the “Shovel? Eyrie and recently disappeared Patricio Jiménez.
Also the Flood formed the set and integrated numerous choral groupings.
“It is a joy to be able to integrate this group to me that already is recognized in all the country and has an important musical trajectory. In addition, it will help me to grow like artist?, declared to his turn the flaming acquisition of Bond 4.

“It is not easy to replace an artist like Villalba, the impact is strong, but thanks to God we had an excellent answer of people in the activities of the last weeks?, added Barrionuevo.
The quartet salteño turned 13 years to step on the most important scenes of the country. “We felt the same nerves of the first day, although we grew much like group. We manage to catch the energy that gives the public and that takes to us to be still within this so pretty circuit that it is the folklore?, maintained to Mario Market, the third voice of the set.
With the presentation of their last disc “Bond 4 + 4?, Market, Carlos Cáseres, “Chaya? Barrionuevo and Robles feel that he is “a little to return at the outset, but with more experience?.

“It is worth 4 + 4?

The new CD is the sixth record work of the group and reunites to the best material of first and the second disc more four new subjects.
“It is why we put `to him Vale 4 + 4', because it includes those musical subjects that we considered bonus tracks within this work?, asserted Cáseres.
The members of the group consider that “this last disc represents a transition for us and gives foot to a new stage for the group. From now on, Bond 4 will be changing, and that will be shaped in a disc more modern than, we considered, will become for the next year?, affirmed.

“We looked for to rearm our band with new sounds, new musical subjects and some I touch, but always maintaining the essence of the group?.
The step that follows for the boys of Bond 4 is to present/display its new work by all the country.
“Since we always did, we will be in all the festivales that are developed during the year inside the country, and in those scenes we will present/display our new work officially. In addition, we suppose that as soon as we finish with that crossed we will make a spectacle here in Jumps Capital?, concluded.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

The first CD of the pair Huku Mallku appeared

With an overwhelmed audience, the pair Huku Malku integrated by the musicians Jose “Bear? Martinez and their small Mallku son, presented/displayed the first record material titled “ancestral Song?, in the great classroom of soothes university of the Quiaca.

“This work is what I have dreamed since was a boy, and with the arrival of my son I have been able to make specific this dream, because thanks to his musical talent, it pushes and it forces I could make specific this dream?, expressed Martinez when beginning to touch the subjects including in the compact disc for the delight of all the public present.

The artistic pair is recognized in the border city, given to its participation in the festivales and cultural encounter, “Art by and for all?, organized by the Municipality of the Quiaca in different districts from the city.

In these presentations the pair demonstrated to its talent, gaining the admiration and the affection of people, since he is not usual to see a small one like Mallku execute the percussion and sing in rate and tone with much diversion.

In the presentation outstanding people participated, like the intendant of the Ernesto city Daniel Suárez who was thankful for the support and participation of people in this presentation.

“We have the function of being facilitators of situations that have considered to us throughout this management. Two years ago we began?, honored the communal head when indicating that “the gesture of Mallku, a prodigious boy in which does what it likes. So we decided to give a small aid him because we know that the work of them this position here, the concerted effort of them is put in this CD, hopefully who have very many luck, knows that it to be useful?, it referred more ahead.

The civil servant also indicated his will to continue supporting initiatives artistic-musical comedies in the city.

“Today he touches you, Huku Mallku, and surely tomorrow he will touch to another one; the idea is to be able to be always present, to be a facilitator for our culture?, concluded the head of the commune quiaqueña.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

“The Sorceress of the Oranges? and the boys of the JIM Cedems

The personage showed all songs, counting on the dance of alumnitos of the rooms of 3 and 4 of the garden.

Once again the teachers of the Maternal Infantile Garden (JIM) of the Cedems, demonstrated to the handling and the discipline that know to transmit in their small alumnitos. She was in opportunity of the presentation of the CD “the Sorceress of the Oranges, songs for you?, recorded by Angelica Simón.

The spectacle mounted with children of the JIM of salitas of 3 and 4 years, each one of as it prepared a choreography to illustrate a song of so many that integrate this work.

We remember that the songs and the history of this new personage and jujeño for the children, is the deputy director of the mentioned garden, Adriana Simón, that of this form shows the passion with which it works with its children since its race began. The educational one was beyond its education in the classrooms and from its experiences with the children, it created this fantasy that began to become reality, that the jujeñitos have a personage loved in their own earth.

This first presentation of the disc took control of a special spectacle, that in addition was the sample of the artistic factories that they have the small ones of the JIM, Theater and Music.

Pequeñines, that was preparation long beforehand and had very tried the pictures, demonstrated to have total lack of inhibition, and in many cases, aptitudes worthy to continue polishing for the dance. Without doubts it was a celebration for them, many of which rose a scene for the first time, they did and it in greatest than he has our province at the moment, as Martin is the one of the Cultural Center “Iron? of district the Pear trees.

Some were surprised pleasingly by the amount of people were watching who them, and then when they left to the tables they observed overwhelmed to see if they found some well-known. Many parents decided not to tell them that they were going to be in silverplates it, so that the boys do not feel restrained, but could not escape to the meticulous exploration who made the dancers without getting out of the step.

The spectacle counted on the live song of three of the songs of the disc, in charge of the voice of the Sorceress of the Oranges, Angelica Simón (of the pair the Simón Brothers), who characterized as the personage went with his sweet voice to all the children and to silverplates it. Also from the dance, the educational and dancing Mariela Fernandez, characterized with the same clothing the main personage. An artist singing and the other dancing, were confused and they developed in the scene, creating a beautiful illusion in the children.

The boys had opportunity to dance the most varied rates, since the disc hop includes hip, a rock, a flamenco sauce, one cumbia and up to one rumba, among others rates.

With very good rate, without spaces in target, good stage scene and environment adjustment, and a great clothes unfolding in each group of boys, “the Sorceress of the Oranges? took her first step, to show the disc (that so far is only obtained in the establishment of the JIM on Lamadrid street). It will be necessary to hope to see whereupon she surprises this new friend more to us.

The disc was recorded in the studies of Arming Peloc that it had it jeopardize work in the production of the work, and also counted on the voice of Jose Simón in some of the subjects, and a choir of children of salitas of 4 years that also participated in the recording of the disc. One is a record work of great musical quality, that sets out to sharpen the ear of the boys, in an ample variety of styles.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

“Here it is being developed one moved folkloric?

The pair the Yunta will present/display its new disc Saturday, in the Alberdi Theater. “We tried to learn of our errors?, indicated to Gustavo Páez and Julian Humarán.

Gustavo Paez and Julian Humaran do not become position of the place in which the Yunta thisat this moment. By vanity, humility or what is, costs to them to admit that the pair convirtia in a referring one of the moved one of the tucumano folklore, although somehow knows that it is thus. And proof of this is that together they got to publish his third disc, “Volverte to see?, through one compnia record of first level. The presentation of that production that made the Saturday in the Back room or the map course which they come following for almost 10 añs positions, them in a privileged place of national music. That is indeed the work that the pair, with many invited musicians, presented/displayedSaturday to 22 in the Alberdi Theater (Jujuy 99).
“We tried to learn of our errors, and if that serves demà to thems, estÃvery well?, Gustavo says, and to his it interrupts it compañero. “But we are not going to walk counting cuÃthey are to them our errors?, it limits, and both are based on an outburst of laughter. Both they recognize that they are moved part of one provincial one in frank growth. “Now there are many discs, people laburando hard in CosquÃn, peñas of all the paÃs?, explain Gustavo.
They say both that of as much traveling by paÃs, they finished convenciéndose of which in TucumÃn are conditions and caracterÃsticas that favor the development of a particular style. “³ n Is great formacià musical because aprehendià ³ of many cultures, and that note in the compositions that show all the informacià received ³ n to be in a very important city in regià ³ n?, assures JuliÃn. “Aquà estÃdeveloping one moved folclà ³ rich one and estÃfilling of people who make things. Complica a little by the distance, but as Miguel says to the presenter of CosquÃn Gutiérrez Angel, our province is so pretty and has so many things, that he is difÃcil to leave, costs to go away… and something of that también has?, confirms JuliÃn.
To months to fulfill 10 años together, the artÃfices of fenà ³ meno of the Yunta know clearly their objective to medium term (the one of long reach not estÃtodavÃa defined).
“We want to be able to follow the way that we initiated and to take the música of TucumÃn to where we pruned, to give us to people contÃndole of dà ³ nde we come?, señala Gustavo.

In this time, Julià saysn, mÃimportant s is that crecià ³ the confidence that they have in sà same. “We recorded a disc with hubiéramos instruments that before not animated to us to use because pensÃwe go that it was not going to sound as we are, but we did and acÃwe are. That puts contentments to us and it gives desire us to follow compartiéndolo with people?, asserts.
Part of the growth of the group perceives in quiénes estÃn like guests in “Volverte to see?. The Dúo Coplanacu participates in the cat “Santiagueña flower of the mount?; The Tekis in huayno of Gustavo “the small path? and Coroico in taquirari “Love of yesterday?, among others. “To Us it puts very happy that people to that we admired have supported us in this disc?, defines JuliÃn.
Before the question on if the Yunta or despegà ³ or estÃcarting to do it, both respond with a guffaw. “And… ³ depends on cà we see mo it. We followed by the way in whom we began and is very pretty to be able to share these things?, affirms JuliÃn.
The méritos, según Gustavo, are the consequence of the work by piece that come doing. “Almost 10 años ago we began to try to leave TucumÃn so that it is known what acà becomes, and they went away generating spaces that we managed to maintain with laburo and effort… we are learning cà ³ mo is east work?, concludes

With you… It releases 2

The group came off itself Bandy 2. Today it looks for his own course in the moved one.

It releases 2, the grouping of tropical music that arose from the separation of some members of Bandy 2, is taking important passages in the matter of diffusion.

While they prepare its first disc, that possibly leaves for the month of next October, the young people cross different scenes from Buenos Aires where they were some days ago, and at the moment they are realizing presentations in Uruguay.

This weekend will return by Jujuy to eet again itself with their local public, the one saw that them be born, soon to continue by Brazil and Chile, according to commented to our matutinal one.
The band is conformed by Pablo Sotelo and Ismael Shock (the faces of Bandy 2 until recently time), in the voices; Sebastián, in guitar; Luis, in keyboards and choirs; Omar, in the low one; Cristian, in action; and Lechu in the animation.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

“Jujuy?, the new subject in study of Divided

The paper clip of images of video of sample of the Gorge of Humahuaca and in particular of Tilcara, where sometimes it touched the band.

  The band led by Ricardo Mollo Term to record In the last days its new disc, is cuts Whose first “Jujuy?. One is the first work in study with the drummer Catriel Ciavarella.

  The last disc before this recording, still that does not have name, was “I come from placard of another one?, reason why the fanatics waited for several During the years this “reappearance?.

  In means, the band had registered “Alive here?, in the Great Rex.

  Other subjects of the new disc Will be “Men in U?, “a Dead? and laburar “Looking for an angel?, according to extended, Although They could change of name.

  Gentility of Tribuno de Jujuy
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