Presentation of 鈥渢he Sorceress of the Oranges鈥?

It will be carried out of the celebrations of the week of the gardens within the framework.

Today the presentation of the disc will be realized 鈥渢he Sorceress of the Oranges鈥? to 10, 15 and 19 in the Miter Theater.

It is important to emphasize that the two first functions will take place for schools and gardens.

鈥淭he Sorceress of the Oranges鈥? will arrive from the forest of the Blue Pines, perfuming the air of orange blossom and prepared with her basket of oranges to sing dancing and enjoying a special day next to the children of our province.

Inspired by the personages of her paradise and those of our reality, the sorceress composes her songs in pop music and world-wide, since she happens from classic to popular cumbia and reggaet贸n.

The sorceress is accompanied by different voices, where the boys of the room of 4 years of the Jim Cedems stand out, 鈥淪ongs for鈥? counts with 11 subjects and two play back to you, with which the boys can sing in their houses next to the sorceress.

All the subjects are of responsibility of Adriana and Angelica Sim贸n, except for 鈥渢he five young donkeys鈥?, (song of cradle of Javier Villafa帽e with music of anonymous responsibility).

Diverse histories will be sung through the voice of this sorceress, interpreted by Angelica Sim贸n, who also evolves as the folclorista premises elevating the subjects of an pleasant form.

This spectacle will be carried out like part of the celebrations of the week of the Kindergartens.

The entrances on sale are 20 pesos, in the mentioned cultural space.

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