Showing to the most recent entrances with the label Presentation To show the oldest entrances
Showing to the most recent entrances with the label Presentation To show the oldest entrances

The Huayra in the great rock “Jujeño Exodus?

Another artist of the local folklore is Caesar Maráz, who will present/display his last record work. In addition, Diableros and Copleros

An interesting artistic billboard will take place to 22 tonight, within the framework of the great rock “Jujeño Exodus? that will be realized in the Gaucha Association Under the Vine.

Soul jujeña, Caesar Maráz, Diableros and Copleros will be the entertainers of one night clarified with the best folklore of our means.

The young song of the boys of Jujeña Soul will see in the scene of the rock through zambas, farmers and bailecitos proposed for the occasion.

Another artist of the local folklore is Caesar Maráz, who will present/display his last record work. In addition, Diableros and Copleros also will raise the scene to share a warm moment by means of their compositions.

Finally, as finishing touch, the evening counts on the presence of the Huayra, the joint recognized one of Jumps that Mud Code will offer its repertoire with the songs of its flaming titled disc “?, presented/displayed recently in our province.

For morning, it will continue the celebration with the best thing of the traditional folklore in charge of “the Chango? Bellido, the Strangers of the Chaco, the Sauzales and the Zamba, with the magnificent closing of the Changos.

“The Chango? Bellido will abrirá the night and will give its carpera music for the most traditionalistic public, through zambas, farmers and cats, yet the sound of his bandoneón.

The Strangers of the Chaco also will engalanarán the night with a demonstration of their musical work carried out from traditional with the offered proposal in supervisory and anniversary celebrations of centers the gauchos.

From He jumps, will arrive the Sauzales to recall successes and to delight to all in the finery where also the song of Aldo will be listened to the Zamba, native group of “the Rep it of the Branch?.

In order to finalize the attractive celebration by a new anniversary of the Jujeño Exodus, they will close the night the Changos, that after a year will return to touch in the rock of the Gaucha Association Under the Vine, that also will offer regional meals for the assistants.

Maximum Quartet Jazz in the Coffee of the Return

The band will touch from the 23,30, a special repertoire.

Maximum Quartet Jazz is the band that today will touch in the Coffee of the Return (Senator Perez 178) from the 23.30.

Prestige comes from the hand of the talent of its members: Top Sanchez de Bustamante, in guitar; Alomías Lizárraga, in saxo; Bacho Auad, in action; and Vernal Luis, in low.

In this opportunity they will interpret a repertoire integrated by subjects of, Django Reinhardt, Miles Davis, Luis Bernail, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Chick Korea and Herbie Hancock.

The “sap? that the Inti Huayra wants to share

Tonight to 21,30, in center Cultural “Martin Iron?.

They prefer to say that they are going “to celebrate? this one, their new disc, because what they invited to all the public jujeño to share with them this moment. The appointment with an exquisite proposal of music folkloric in charge of Inti Huayra, is for tonight to 21,30, in center Cultural “Martin Iron? of the Pear trees.

To make matters worse the entrance is gratuitous, that is that is impossible to say that not to so euphoric announcement. The boys, our musical boys will present/display his third work. “Sap? is calld, and when their letters are listened to, all will know why.

This disc was recorded in the province of Cordova during the months of May, June and July of this year. It has eleven own songs and four more of Gustavo Patiño, the Kjarkas, and of Tilín Orosco.

The cover art became in joint form with a plastic artist jujeño been in Cordova, Antuco Aldape.

“We are in a while very pretty of the group in which I believe that we shared more than music. An election of life, a form to live, a thought in front of the world and what we felt?, say east musician who next to their companions, Pachi Herrera, Ezequiel the Lopez and Bacha Fiad (those who were, after the distance of the group of Captain It snows), understood with the years that they take together many more things of those than they had imagined before beginning to journey the way of music. They agreed generally with the culture, with other disciplines of the art, the Earth, are the society, with history, and mainly in this disc, they indicate a preoccupation by our environment and the world that we mistreated.

“We happened through so many things to arrive at this disc, many experiences in the way, that seem several lives. The one is a way quite long that we took route?, reflects Bacha, because they could not be put in agreement with Jose in whichever years take together. The certain thing that the profits are really visible in their music and its growth.

Perhaps great part of the evolution of this group that began with a set of Andean music folkloric, and today is a group that experience and makes teaching of everything what it is nourished, arose when they began with his project “Laying ways?, didactic concerts put that them in direct bonding with the children. “That let us grow very many like artists, it made develop in the action and music us. We find a glance as a child different, the sincerity that it moves much to us because is a sincerity without badness spirit.

Between so many things that are learned, traveling with music, the Inti Huayra discovered more foundations to defend the Earth. For that reason the name of this third disc, “Sap?, because “it is what but it represents that fine thread of light unites that us to all the beings of the planet, and is the title of the first subject, exactly the one whom we composed all together ones?, concludes Bacha.

Imperdible Cycle of gratuitous Concerts of the Foundation Encounter

Thursday 5 of August, with the presentation of the pianist Adrián Kreda, will give to beginning a imperdible Cycle of gratuitous Concerts organized by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province and the Foundation International Encounter of Contemporary Music.

The Cycle will present/display in our city four concerts with outstanding artists of the international scene musical, who will be developed of gratuitous way in the House of the Culture of Jumps (Homemade 460) and in the Provincial Theater of She jumps (Zuviría 70).

First of them the romanticism in Switzerland and Poland is denominated and will take place in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Thursday 5 of August to 21,30, with the action of the Argentine pianist Swiss Adrián Kreda.

Romand will interpret Cahier, Cinq pièces pour piano and Hommage à Albert Roussel de Arthur Honegger, Esquisse de Frank Martin, Prélude in forms of nocturne of Julien Zbinden and 3 Baladas n op 47 of Federico Chopin, in the first part. In second, it will offer 24 Preludes op.28 and 40 Polonesa op N° 1, also of Chopin.

The cronogram of concerts will continue of the following way:

Thursday 12 of August: The Passegiata - House of the Culture.

Thursday 26 of August: Pair Kameda - Balet - Provincial Theater of Jumps.

Friday 10 of September: Group Encounter - House of the Culture.

Adrián Kreda, pianist

Pianist of Argentine and Swiss nationality, was born in Buenos Aires. It resides in Switzerland where he is dean of piano and professor of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva.

One graduated in 1986 in the National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires like Professor Superior de Música. In Argentina it obtained numerous first in national contests of piano.

In 1985, the prize of the Contest Lationamericano de Piano organized by Musical Youths of Argentina with a scholarship of improvement in the Academy of Music of Krakow was granted him (Poland)

In 1992 it later obtained the diploma of “Virtuosité? of Piano and the one of “Culture Musicale? of the Conservatory of Geneva.

Adrián Kreda has given numerous concerts and developed an ample musical repertoire.

From 1976 one appears regularly in public in the most important rooms of Argentina, among others the Great Room of the Theater Columbus of Buenos Aires, and other Latin American countries, like the Theater Sao Pedro of San Pablo (Brazil) and the Mozarteum of Montevideo (Uruguay).

It has been recorded live in the National Radio of Buenos Aires, the TV of Buenos Aires, and National Radio S.O.D.R.E of Montevideo (Uruguay), the radio and Polish television, the Radio Suisse Romande.

From 1987, already in Europe, it frequently carries out recitales and concerts with orchestra in Switzerland, Poland, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Holland and Czech Republic.

In Poland (1992) it realized the first interpretation of Concert no. 1 for piano and orchestra of Alberto Ginastera. In France (1996) it interpreted the integral cycle of sonatas for piano of Beethoven in a series of 8 concerts.

In Switzerland it acts habitually like soloist with the Orchestra of Camera of Lancy-Geneva with that recorded several CDs.

Virtuoses is member of the sets of camera music “Them romantiques? and “Ensemble metropolitain?, with those who it realizes concerts in all Europe.

At the moment one is realizing a series of concerts dedicated to Schumann with the Ensemble de Cámara of the Orchestra of the Suisse Romande.

A festival in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle

They will act Jose Garci'a, the “Shovel? Aguilera and Gastón Lamb, among others.

The last details for the great musical appointment of next Saturday in the vestibule of the Cathedral are polishing Basilica of Jumps. The festival will be realized Saturday 31, in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, at the end of the enthronement of the holy employers. The entrance will be free and gratuitous and is predicted that it begins to 20.30.

In the billboard of artists who will participate in the spectacle appear Jose Garci'a, Gastón Lamb, the “Shovel? Eyrie, the lyrical singer Mountain Claudia, Luján Peñalva, Eduardo Madeo (h) and the band of the Army the Infernal ones, with its director Walter Mariet. Also it will be the Contempo group, integrated by Alfredo Villegas, Jorge Omen, Enrique Albarracín, Adrián Lopez and Cristian Lopez. A platform will be armed in center of the vestibule, with the majestic basic cathedral. Chairs, lights will be placed, four giant screens and towers of sound in different sectors from place 9 of Julio, so that the public one enjoys east musical tribute to the holy employers Jumps.

“My very small letters? will present/display the book

The appointment will be tomorrow in the Popular Library, to 19.30. It is a poem compendium of Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio.
Tomorrow to 19,30, in halls the Popular Library of our city, the poemario will appear “My very small letters? of the Alicia writer Soria de Torres Aparicio.

The work, east form year in very taken care of edition of the author, contains part of the literary history of the writer, of intimist character, testimonial and essentially affective.

The design of the cover and layout are of Candlemas Aparicio Towers, and the book was dedicated by Alicia to its children Javier and Gladys, their grandsons, and Mr. Normando Zamboni of that indicates: “it tended his hand to us disinterested friend and… and continues making it with the same commitment, respect and enthusiasm from the first day?.

Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio, native of Hillocks, province of Jumps, from very young lived with its family in Jujuy, accompanying to its mother, rural director of an institution.

There the love by the north recognizes to have shortage jujeño, particularly the Gorge of Humahuaca, where years later, would train its family when contracting marriage with the prestigious doctor, folklorólogo, author and composer, Justiniano Aparicio Towers, of that were untiring inspiring permanent companion and of their artistic activity. Quiet, next to the enormous personality of his husband, it was keeping his creations throughout his life.

When dying gift Justiniano, followed with the task of raising the life of the musician/doctor and founded with concerted effort the Museum that takes its name in anthropological, archaeological and folkloric the city of Humahuaca where the artistic works are conserved.

Nevertheless, the literary vein expressed and Alicia de Torres Aparicio finally, obtained, mentions of honor and literary anthology publications, between which they honored as finalist of the sort Poetry without rhyme, of Editorial in 1999 of honor of 7º National Poetry contest 2001 their inclusion and mention, Argenta Stories in the anthology “Cortázar?.

The writer, deeply simple and solidly supported in her feelings offers this book to the jujeños, from her roots sunk in Humahuaca, and all the Gorge, city and region where she nourishes of all the forts and unforgettable sensations accompanied that it from the adolescence to the total maturity.

A good proposal for the Day of the National Culture

The spectacle counts on music and dance, the meaning of some of the ancestral ceremonies of our earth.

The singer Maryta de Humahuaca will have the opportunity to return to present/display in Jujuy her Andean opera “Alive Culture?. She will be within the framework of the commemoration of the Day of the National Culture, since the capital municipality, chose east spectacle for such celebration.

The appointment will be east Friday to 20,30 in the Ex- Station of Trains of our city, where with the effort of Intendance, eight musicians, eight dancers and the voice of Maryta, will put in scene a spectacle that the main ancestral ceremonies represent that are celebrated in our culture. Thus, and also agreeing with the Day eve of the Pachamama, the Korpachada (to give to eat to the Pacha to homenajear it and to be thankful to him), the Sirviñacu (joined of a pair, or cohabitation), the Shot with an arrow one, the Minka and the Carnival will be able to be appreciated, in the scene that will mount especially for this delivery.

The appointment for all the public jujeño and the tourists who arrive at our earth, is with free and gratuitous entrance, thanks to the initiative of the intendant Raul “Chuli? Jorge.

The spectacle consists of five pictures of which imagines ancestral ceremonies of the Gorge and Jujeñas Fist. The artists relate the history of two young people who are when finalizing the agricultural cycle, of are there living in diverse situations next to their relatives, the ancestral ceremonies that last at present.

The spectacle has a duration of one hour and twenty minutes to which ten minutes are added to him in which Maryta next to their musicians jujeño interprets popular subjects of the repertoire.

“The idea of' Alive Culture' was east year to be able to be in all the province. Lamentably it is not possible to be done for want of support, but the intendant Jorge gave the possibility me of doing it in the capital here?, commented Maryta, the creator of this spectacle that already appeared on two ocassions in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

“Long ago he was hoping to return to put it in scene, and with patience he arrived this possibility with gratuitous entrance for all, with the support of the municipality?, concluded the young person.

The musicians who comprise of this list are Javier Oil mill, Jorge Guari, Luis Stairs, Human Jose, Liber Goatherd, and Andres Dogfish. And the dancers are Martin Esquivel, Daniela Dogfish, Arquiza Franc, Mountain Noelia, Cristina Lopez and Xenón Toconás. The stage scene is of Pablo Suruguay.

First Championship of Tango Jumps - Sub-office of World-wide of Dance the Tango Buenos Aires 2010

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province, through its Direction of Cultural Management, organizes the First Championship of Tango Jumps - Sub-office of World-wide of Dance the Tango Buenos Aires 2010. Friday 16 of July will be realized, to 21, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460. It is invited to compete in the categories of Tango Hall and Tango Scene. The jury will be integrated by: Rescuing Manuel Maria (Alias Gallego Manolo), Martha Antón (Buenos Aires), Carlos Ernesto Moon and Navarrese Gabriela Acosta (It jumps). Also, Festivales of Buenos Aires will send a veedor for the control of the competition.

The winning pair or champion of each category of the Sub-office Jumps will accede to the semifinal instance of 8º World-wide of Dance Tango Buenos Aires 2010. The cover of the passages, eaten lodging and will be the responsibility of the Secretariat of Culture, during the four days in which the semifinal and final instances are realized.

You In the same place can be retired cards of inscription and the bases from the Main directorate of Cultural Management (Homemade 962) in the schedule from 9 of 13 and be left once completed.

The inscriptions are received until the 13, of Thursday 15 of July.

Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly in Jujuy

Next to the La Riojan folclorista different jujeños sets like Coroico, Diableros and Caesar Maráz will appear.
Tonight, from the 22, in the Gaucha Association Sergio Galleguillo will act and the Friendly, next to outstanding jujeños groups like the group Coroico, Diableros and Caesar Maráz.

The native artist of La Rioja will present/display in the great rock folkloric his last record work “February?, of which in his official site she shows a way to us where we found “the love? (zamba); “Nostalgia? (song); “The joy? (saya); “The lack of affection? (taquirari); “The essence? (chaya); “Feelings? (farmer); experiences and thus also transmit in each musical subject Latin American landscapes, for that reason, its song and its passion, make different and very special. February is much more that a simple month, is the life summarized in a word, is the magic of the things that surround to us. Rusito Productions that are the organizer of the evening anticipated that it will be a spectacle of first level. The anticipated entrances on sale are in Zorba Belgrano Necochea corner, ex- Planet 8, in Juana Manuela Gorriti, and the Mansion Barbecue, Admiral Brown 741.


DENISE MURZ is the young person who is outlined as the next star electro MGP, and is prepared for its next show that will be Saturday 10 of July in the STUDY BAR of Jet Seth.

The night of the next Saturday promises to be explosive, a celebration of live electro MGP with the music of Denise Murz and its band. In order to overwhelm the night, the best music of the world from Cordova, THE TOXIC TWINS, the quartet of these recognized men of the Cordovan radios they add to the night look to him arty, with a musical Seth thought as a sensorial trip accompanied by suggestive images.

A vanguard show, the music that listens to the world in a celebration that it has of everything.

From 22Hs electro has dinner + menus

00:30 Hs DENISE MURZ + electro MGP live!

02:30 Hs THE TOXIC TWINS with all the music of the world in trays + audio-visual projections of vanguard.



(with dinner your it passes free for the celebration)


Denise Murz burst in into the scene electro MGP of Buenos Aires of a not at all conventional way. One was not worth of godfathers you celebrate nor of the aid of a seal but of the technological resources of the new era.

She herself cheered up to mount her own campaign in the Web, under the motto “pirateame everything?, to spread to her disc debut, “Pretentious?, published in the Web of gratuitous way in her own site and under the innovating license Creative Commons. This license allows that the artist releases certain rights to his public, as the one of reproduction and diffusion and that does that who unload the disc, are not committing a crime.

When after a year, “Pretentious? he surpassed the 30 thousand unloadings, Denise Murz became a perfect example of the mentality “do it yourself? in the era of the 2.0

While the unloadings of their music grew, Denise took the most important scenes from the city of Buenos Aires, in discotheques like Niceto cultural like the French Alliance, CC San Calm Martin and CC, festivales Club, and The Roxy, centers like Code the Country, One Dot Zero and until the March of the Gay Pride, and his shows gained an important reputation.

Inspired by its majors influences; Madonna, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode and Kylie Minogue, Denise and its band, composed by the DJ Rover Top, the Charly drummer Father and the VJ and visual artist Agustín Ratti, were in charge to mount shameless an invitation to the track of dance accompanied by esthetic retro futurist amazing.

Denise in addition, released its first video paper clip of the subject that gives name him to its disc. At the moment the paper clip is in rotation in two of the main musical channels of TV in Argentina: “Much Music? and “I want Music in my language?, where for months one is between 15 subjects MGP more asking.

In few Denise days it will release a new video paper clip. On the other hand, after an edition of remixes of “Pretentious?, that also can unload from the site of the artist, the successive disc of “Pretentious? promises to see the light before year end.

Recital of the hands of Filipi in the reclaimed sheds

Hard Stand for casks will act next to the bands jujeñas locoto and Coyas.
Within the framework of the tour “the Piqueteros Methods?, the hands of Filipi will offer today from the 23 a concert in the reclaimed sheds of Urquiza avenue, behind National School 1. Organized by Yaswa Art and Culture, the Commission of Human rights and the movement Tupaj Katari, the spectacle will count on the presence of the bands jujeñas “hard Stand for casks locoto? and “Coyas?.

The slogan of the recital will be “Against the criminalization of the protest? and the elucidation of the deaths of “Papilo? Condori and “Rabbit? Vargas.

The entrances anticipated already are on sale.

Concert of Orchestra UCASAL

The musical evening will be realized Wednesday 30, in Club 20 of February.

The Orchestra of Camera of the Catholic University of Jumps will present/display a concert of Argentine music, within the framework of the celebrations by the year of the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The evening will take place Wednesday 30 of this month, in Club 20 of February.

In this occasion, the grouping directed by the teacher Jorge Lhez will interpret “Argentine Music for cords?, of the Cordovan composer Gerald I gave Argentine Giusto, and “Flowers?, of Carlos Guastavino, a compound work originally for piano and song, adapted in this occasion for orchestra of cords and guitar by Pablo González Jazey, will execute who it next to the lyrical soprano Annelise Skovmand.

Finally opening will delight to the public with a work for Jumps, of great Eduardo Falú, call “northern?, original Suite for guitar and orchestra also next to Pablo González.

Orchestra UCASAL is developing to this year his third artistic season, that began in April in the Miter Theater of San Salvador de Jujuy with a concert next to Jaime Towers to full room.

During 2008, the musicians interpreted numerous repertoires next to outstanding invited soloists, for example the “Concert in re smaller for violin and orchestra?, of Felix Mendelssohn next to Rafael Gíntoli in violin, and the “Suite for piano and cords?, next to their author Gerald I gave Giusto in piano, both the past year.

A imperdible infantile musical show: “The Brujita Small cover?

A imperdible infantile musical show! In a unique function in It jumps, Sunday 27 of June, to 18, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos will appear the Brujita Small cover, by his creators Cecilia Rogier and Chacho Merceillac.

The Brujita Small cover, is the personage of a song for children whom Cecilia Rogier composed during the month of June of 1978. In that Cecilia year it was realizing his educational practices for the teaching staff where it studied the race of professor in Pre-school Education.

To these it realized them practices in a kindergarten prevailed of that one then call Misia Pepa, in the city of Palomar, great Buenos Aires. It had a group of students of Room of 5. They were very bivouacs… and they loved music! Motivated by them, it composed the song that years later would become one of the most sung by the children in the kindergarten.

Cecilia counts that from the first time sang that it the boys encariñaron with “the brujita and its likeable witchcrafts?. They requested day to him to day that returned it to sing, drew that it, that told to things of the “dear Brujita Small cover them?.

Just a short time later, already working like professor of music in center Cultural Haedo, Cecilia sang that song enters many others its colleagues during a meeting of educational qualification. As of that day the Brujita Small cover overcame flight by itself.

In those years, the prestigious Choir of Singing Children of Haedo, directed by its founder, the Edgardo teacher Plowed, interpreted in diverse points of Argentina the Brujita Small cover, along with other songs of Cecilia like the Viborita DIN, Cold Snout, One Plus One: Two, Round Round, Song To copy, Then etc. the Brujita Small cover was begun to sing by many places of the country.

In 1991 the CD Piojos and Piojitos was published, that became one of best musical products for children and who were produced by Fito Paez. The Brujita Small cover was one of the songs of that CD. As of that moment all the boys among 2 and 5 years began to sing the song of Small cover, the distracted brujita. In several CDs for children he is including this song.

Something peculiar happens with the songs that are learned “of mouth in mouth?: usually they have modifications with respect to the original one, exactly product of the “mouth in mouth?. Then, the Brujita Small cover remained two verses just by… and it has four!

In 1995, the Pair Time of Sun began with musical his shows and days of musical games for educational. He was then that discovered, with much emotion, the beloved who were the Brujita Small cover between boys, papis and educational Argentineans.

Entrances on sale in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates preferential $50, It silverplates $40 and Pullman $30, all with location.

Gaucho sent itself to the Serenade to the Hero

The launching carried out yesterday in the Hotel President.

With the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino the press conference with a view to the eleventh edition of the festival was carried out folkloric Serenade to the Hero yesterday Gaucho, who every year is fulfilled in the locality of Cattle tenders. Also Federico Put, minister of Tourism and Hacienda were present; the senator Juan Moreira, Marcelo Vine shoot - organizing and integral of the Guitarreros set.

The official launching was realized in the Hotel President (Belgrano 353) and during the appointment details of the spectacle offered to be developed Wednesday 16 of June.

The “Chaqueño? was like staunch defender of Martin de Güemes. “I always felt like pride to have heroes who fought by our country, especially Güemes that battled to give a better future us?, said to the convoking artist salteño.

The billboard will be completed with the Huayra, Mariana Cayón, Guitarreros, Lipán Takings, Gustavo Cordova, Pullay, Seedtime, “Nougat? Juárez, and Ana Issa. Entrances for sale in Belgrano 870.

The feminine song raises the scene to pay tribute to him to Güemes

Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet will today appear in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture.

With a luxury spectacle, that will include/understand the activities of the soloist Ana Issa, the Five Voices and Group Magnet “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will begin today, the cycle of gratuitous activities who the Secretariat of Culture of the Province will put within reach of all the community with the purpose of to homenajear, to remember and to know history our hero gaucho, in the Bicentennial of its fight in defense of national independence.

The cycle will be developed in different cultural spaces: museums, libraries, House of the Culture, monument to Güemes and will include diverse and attractive activities, from projections of films to conferences, concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions, contests and proposals for smallest.

Today the opening of the exhibition will be realized “Facsimiles?, in the museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20). Also Martin will be the opening of the book exhibition on the historical epic of the General hero Miguel de Güemes. In addition, the Day of the Writer will be celebrated, with a tribute to poets Jacobo Regen and Teresa Leonardi, to 11, in the Complex of Libraries and Archives (Belgrano 1002).

The day will conclude to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), with the joint musical spectacle of Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet, with free and gratuitous entrance. “It will be a taste to participate in this evening, first because the Secretary of Culture considered in this so important date for the country and the province to us, and soon to share the scene with artists of remarkable recognition. In the personnel, I am embarked in the recording of two discs, the one next to “the Black? outstanding Chagra and rest like soloist. Also it flatters the challenge to me that I will have Wednesday 16 of June in the Festival of Cattle tenders, where I will sing the Argentine National anthem. Recently I offered a successful recital in the House of the Culture. The answer of the public will force to me to reedit the spectacle in the next months. Just I arrive from Buenos Aires, where I participated in the acts of Güemes in the House of Jumps. There I was with `Black' Chagra and Sara Mamaní?, commented Ana Issa.

The Five Voices also are on the verge of publishing his second record plate, “Soon will go out “the Five live Voices?, a work that takes a walk by the Latin American repertoire, with songs with which we felt identified all the members. It is an interactive disc, that surely will be to the liking of people. Some weeks ago we lived a beautiful experience in Brazil, where we acted in an international fair. The truth, we are crossing an excellent professional moment?, limited Veronica Marks, member of the Five Voices.
“It is important when it give account you of which people begin to you to recognize in the diverse festivales of the country. One must have the feet on the Earth and redouble the work and the sacrifice to surpass itself. I believe that it is the unique form to grow, of parallel way, in artistic and the human. Of all ways, the objective of the group is to surpass the borders and until the present one already we have realized right performances in Chile and the United States?, asserted Estefanía Niewolsky. The Five Voices are completed with Jimena Teruel, Calabrian Melina and Issa Solitude.

Music cheers and carpera will have like protagonists to the Group Magnet. “We will abriremos the spectacle, soon she will raise to Ana and later the Five Voices. Also we are going to interpret meetings `Song with all'. We had one season shining that it made possible to lay to us way to us in different scenes from the country?, indicated Marta Tello, that next to Silvana Alvarez, Dew Formellano and Claudia Tello they conform the successful quartet that already has harvested innumerable followers in all the country.

The Symphony orchestra presents/displays “Universal Beethoven IV today?

Today to 22 the Symphony orchestra of the UNT will present/display “Universe Beethoven IV?, a new chapter of the ambitious project that faced: to touch during the year the nine symphonies of the German composer. The appointment is in the Alberdi Theater (Jujuy 99), under the baton of Gustavo Guersman and with invited soloists.

The formation will execute the Symphony Nº 4, composed by Heroic and the Villa, a masterpiece that unjustly was relegated within the repertoire of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This piece represented the takeoff of the models of Haydn and Mozart, and definitively exhibited a creator who with his personality revolutionized the symphonic world and assumed the sort with own voice.

The program is completed with the Concert Nº 4 for piano, that was made up of Beethoven in parallel to the symphony. This piece will count like soloist to one of the more important Argentine pianists of the moment: Fernando Perez.

Been born in Buenos Aires, Perez developed a race of international projection. She is an outstanding judge who received numerous prizes, between which stands out Konex 2009. One appeared next to main the Argentine and European orchestras in scenes worldwide.

“Sounds of the north?

The next Friday, the Orchestra will separate momentarily from its symphonic route to present/display the concert “Sounds of the north?, of the hand of the American director Carl Christensen. The musicians will interpret “To the east of the paradise? (text based of John Steinbeck, that gave rise to the film with James Dean). Images in simultaneous form with images in the screen will project.

Also there will be a selection of pieces of George Gershwin, jazz and black spirituals.

A work that theater conjugates, flamenco dance and Literature

Valeria Villagra altogether directs the putting in scene, adapted with Christof Kehr.

Valeria Villagra is a “bailaora? salteña that for 6 or 7 years has the idea to take to the tables the flamenco one, conjugated with the theater and the creations of the writer Federico Garci'a Lorca. Today, 21,30, after four months of intense tests, the work will raise the scene of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

“It has been an enormous challenge to face this project, for that reason we are very anxious and happy with the possibility of raising the scene tonight to release the work?, Valeria Villagra in dialog with the Tribuno said.

“The house of White Bernarda?, in the version directed by Villagra and coordinated by Luis Leguizamón, will be presented/displayed to the public respecting the original text, but with some scenes less. In the proposal that is released tonight, in addition, many “bailaores? of the academy of Spanish dances of the director, four professional musicians of flamenco of Buenos Aires and others of the symphonic one of our province will finish giving him to color to the text of the Spanish dramatist Garci'a Lorca, been born the 5 from June of 1898 in Source Cattle, province of Granada.

This drama, interpreted by many enthusiastic artists by the flamenco dance, required of a previous stage of adaptation of the text, so that in him the Spanish dances could be conjugated that, somehow, are illustrating the passages of each act, with the passion and the feelings that only this dance transmits on a scene.

The work counts the history of Bernarda, a very authoritarian woman, who enviuda and for the second time decides to declare to her daughters a mourning that are going to last eight years and del to him that the daughters do not have escape.

“In this work they appear thematic very dramatic like are it the authoritarianism and `that will say' of the society, always in bids up with the search of love and freedom of the human being?, commented Villagra.

“What we have tried to do - the director added is to transmit the load of feelings that appears in the work (pain, death, hatred, love, passion and madness) through the dramatic art and the own expression of the flamenco dance, that combines all those emotional states. The flamenco one is very passional?.

The process of adaptation of the text of Garci'a Lorca was an arduous work. For it, the director met with the German writer Christof Kehr to define how they were going to be the passages of the dramatisation to the expression by means of the dance. First the adaptation was made of the text, soon to begin to think what dances would fit with those feelings and in that situation.

“Truly he was something quite difficult to obtain, by the effort that meant to take all the reading than is a theater script trying to take the plot to which one is customary to do, that is to dance. `Was really able to have a discussion' with the text of Garci'a Lorca through corporal language?, observed the director.

The selection of each personage also was an exhaustive work. The totality of the protagonists is almost incarnated by dancers who penetrate for the first time in the action. For it much test was necessary. All the list studied and read the work to be soaked of the history that locks up “the house of White Bernarda?, to respect it and, as far as possible, to enrich it to the maximum.

“Very I am satisfied with the attack that all the list has delivered and the people who collaborated from outside. The work is the result of the work of a team of artists very it jeopardize. Clear that always they are the adrenalin and those nerves without which we would not be either here, but we are enjoying it much?, showed the “bailaora?. Villagra emphasized in addition that it is the first time that in our province is realized a spectacle that fuses the flamenco one with the theater. And that is, also, the first time that is realized in Argentina this work of Garci'a Lorca in fusion with the flamenco one.

The putting was organized by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Jumps, within the framework of the celebrations of the Day of Graduated (2 of June) and the 65 years as the institution.

The musicians invited for the occasion are Emiliano Goatherd (guitar), Adrián Barrionuevo (he sings), Luciano de Franceschini (guitar) and Renzo Lucas Balbo (percussion). The narration is in charge of the Pink Spanish Maria Go'mez Guillet, and the stage scene is of Natalia Cricket.

The entrances are for sale in soothes of the Professional Council (Spain 1,420), to a value of $25.

“We hoped that the people of the public can appreciate all the work that we did?, she concluded Villagra.

The work will recover the 14 of August in a scene to confirm.

Parade of fashions of Benito Fernandez

The prestigious designer will present/display his collection autumn-winter. The hairdos will be in charge of Miguel Ruhl.

The recognized Benito designer Fernandez will present/display his collection autumn - winter 2010 in an exclusive parade, tomorrow to 20, in the Design hotel Suites (Belgrano 770). The event, that will count on the presence of the national models Dolores Barreiro and Analía Maiorana and the participation of 15 models of agency Incanto Models, will be to benefit of the work of father “Chifri?.

The new collection of Benito Fernandez, “Rock in Jumps?, re-floats the colors, weaves by hand, looms and textures dyed with Earth products. The leathers with chains and faults megre with items of the decade of the 80. Black blue, green, violet colors, silverplating and are mixed in textures printed like the wool, the gauze and sateen, adding themselves to them the enchantment of the looms.

In the parade all the hairdo innovation will be able to be appreciated, in charge of the stylist salteño Miguel Ruhl.
Benito Fernandez is one of the designers more met the country. In his curriculum one stands out that it dressed to real princess Maxima Holland and her family. Also to recognized figures like Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, Andrea Frigerio and Natalia Wolf. In addition, part of its previous collection, “Ethnic group?, will be seen in the new film of “Sex & the City?, that is released today in Jumps.

The designer chose as scene the Fist salteña to realize the graph of his new collection and traveled his equipment yet towards the locality of Great Tolar to realize the production of photos.
On the other hand, he is worth to emphasize that all the collected one in the parade morning to the night will be donated to the pastoral task that father “Chifri? is realizing in Rosary of Lerma. Its mission is to take care of 25 communities and 18 schools pertaining to hills of the locality of Rosary of Lerma and of the Gorge of the Toro, besides constructing the first school lodges secondary of the Alfarcito.

Parade to benefit of the work of Chifri father

They come Benito Fernandez with the presentation from the super models Dolores Barreiro and Analia Maiorana.

The next Friday 4 of June, to 20, Benito Fernandez will present/display its collection autumn - winter 2010 in an exclusive parade in Hotel DESIGN SUITES to Benefit of Obra of Chifri Father

The event will count on the presence of the recognized national models Dolores Barreiro and Analía Maiorana and the participation of 15 local models of Incanto Agency Models. All the hairdo innovation will be able to be appreciated, in charge of the prestigious stylist Miguel Ruhl.

Benito Fernandez, is one of the designers more met the country. In his curriculum one stands out that it dresses to Princess Real Maxima Holland and her family. Also to recognized figures like Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, Andrea Frigerio and Natalia Wolf.

Part of its last collection Ethnic group, will see in the new film of “Sex & the City?, that finishes releasing in the USA.

The designer chose to the Province of Jumps like scene for the photographic production of his collection to which he called “Rock in Jumps? and for the accomplishment of his parade launching.

He is possible to emphasize that Chifri Father has the pastoral task to take care of 25 communities and 18 schools pertaining to hills of the Locality of Rosary of Lerma and the Gorge of the Toro. The present mission concentrates in the construction of 1er Secondary School-Lodge of “the Alfarcito?.

The organization this in charge of agency INCANTO MODELS (

Besides enjoying the new tendencies of the fashion, the assistants will be able to taste an exquisite cocktail of restaurant BOLDNESS.

The entrances for sale are in INCANTO MODELS: Eucalyptuses 234 - tel 4398068 - to Leguizamn 683 and Caretakers 826/GARBBO: Miter 79

II Encuentro de Danza Folkloric and Native

Academies of all the province participated, that had the opportunity to exhibit elegant choreographies.

Before an amount of important public, last Saturday in the Monterrico club San Vicente from the 18, Encounter of Native Dances was developed to the Second Folkloric and denominated “Cultivating Traditions? that were organized by the school of native dances the “Furnace? of Monterrico.

Academies of all the province participated, which had the opportunity to exhibit the work carried out with each one of the boys.

This is the second time that is realized the event of consecutive way and effort to the aims is made by far promote the culture and traditions of our earth.

To the one of the past year less academies participated and it did not participate as much public.

This he is one of the aspects to emphasize of the second encounter that was described like positive by the organizing commission.

The concentration of the 17 participant academies was realized in place the Farmer with a parade on the street 23 of August hours 17,00, touching moment by the applause of the public present, relative and neighbors who were present at the colorful activity.

Later they moved to the facilities of the Monterrico Club San Vicente for the central activity that extended until past the midnight.

Professors of the academy Fogón, Car it and Matías Mud, organizers of the event were satisfied by the call and been thankful with each one of the participant groupings that arrived from Palpalá, Palmasola, San Salvador de Jujuy, San Antonio, Old Position, Perico and all the academies of Monterrico, also thanked for to the Nilson intendant Grouse that always is predisposed for events like this one, while they advanced that they are all the desire for the development of the following encounter while they were thankful to the presents to accept the invitation to another encounter.

Marcelo Saenz, professor of the school of dances

“The Antigal? of Palpalá said to be satisfied by the event and I congratulate the organizers to congregate to many academies of the province since I assure that this raises the level of the dancers.

In addition on its participation the National Championship to Malambo whose preselective it will be realized in October, said that it is being prepared well and that it feels accompanied by all the jujeños.
It is important to emphasize that these activities enrich the culture of our town and that, in addition hire the values by querebcia of our earth through his typical dance as he is foclore national.

This encounter deonde arose the native culture counted the participation of young values of all the province that demonstrated to skills and elegance in each of their choreographies.

Without doubts, a pride for our province that is transmitted of generation in generation and is reflected in the own idiosyncrasy of Jujuy.
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