Showing more entered with the label Presentation. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Presentation. To show the oldest entrances

Special night for a “Dream? of opera

A group of the lyrical premises will offer a spectacle today, from the 21, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti.

Today and tomorrow, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti, one will appear in soothes of Pro Culture Jumps - Miter 331-, the work “Dream of opera in Jumps among others?, where the public will be able to be delighted with works of Mozart, Bellini, Beethoven and Verdi.

The production, realized by the soprano Marianela Guardatti and the Maximiliano baritone Perez Abbey, with the attendance of Carlos Ruiz Turfs, will be put in scene from the 21. It will be divided in two parts and it will include different fragments from opera, as “ci darem the hand? or “the weddings of Fígaro?, of Mozart; “In questa tomba dark?, of Beethoven; “Or mine expensive babbino? or “Mini Scythe mine house is partito?, of Puccini.

Also it will include fragments as “I saw Rawiso Loughi Ameni?, of Bellini, like thus also “Torero? or “Havanan?, of Bizet; “Nichts ist is spat und frühe?, of Bach; “Infelice! And tuo credevi?, of Verdi, or “Dunque io is?, of Rossini. In the putting in scene they will participate: Marianela Guardini, Rossana Martinez, Claudia Rivers (sopranos); Maximiliano Perez Abbey, Red Fidel, Carlos Yudi, Gonzalo Alanís (baritones); Golden Laura, Rosana Bisonard, Ana Galíndez, Ana Viltes, Mercedes Herrera, Luis Roldán, Golden Paola, in piano, and Sergio Wamba, low. The work will exhibit comedy and drama passages. It will look for to transport to the public until the original scenes of these appraised theater pieces.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The great “Dream? of Marcela Ceballos today is made reality

The artist will present/display his last record material tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.

The soloist Marcela Ceballos will tonight offer a recital in the Theater of the Orchard - Pueyrredón 175-, in which it will present/display the subjects of his last record material, titleholder “Dreams?. The appointment will begin to 21 and in the occasion they will attend important special guests.

“It is my first disc as soloist and I want to share it with all my people. I recorded the last year, but just now the opportunity occurs to present/display it in a theater. I have a rare mixture of feelings, but I do not see the hour that the moment arrives. I do not have doubts that it will be a true celebration of the folklore?, indicated Ceballos.

The CD has a carpero frame, with different rates from the popular song book and with authors of expanded trajectory in the matter. The nostalgiosa can be listened “?, of Eduardo Falú and Jaime Dávalos; “Better we follow thus?, of Ternán Robert; “Cat of the chaguarales?, Paschal Ceballos and Mario Flowers; “Mentime just?, of Jorge Milikota; “When they watch your eyes?, of Enrique Cadícamo, among others.

“I already presented/displayed it in different points from the country. Just I arrived from Buenos Aires, where I realized diverse activities, which served in addition me to make press in several means of that province. Also I made contact with enemy for future presentations?, added Marcela.

And although in its race it already counts on several activities in different festivales, this time comes to leave its greater “dream?, that is the launching of its first disc, in which it included in addition a Brown tango of Piece, subject that it interprets with an enviable soltura.

“It is a personal taste that wanted to give to me, I recorded the subject `Throat with sand', of a teacher like Chestnut, that day to day enriches with its songs the repertoire of national music?.

Group Magnet

Marcela was member of the ascending group Magnet and 3 years ago it decided to follow his race like soloist: “The truth is that in this time I learned a pile, not only in the musical comedy, but also in the personnel. To face a proposal as soloist forces to you to mature more express, the responsibilities are majors, but to the same time the profits taste special?.

Ceballos is niece of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, that also it had to do with “peregrinating? musical of this artist salteña: “My uncle helped me enough, and he does whenever he can. It made participate me in many important festivales in the country. Almost surely it will accompany to me today in the Theater of the Orchard. Also they will raise the scene Mario Teruel, of the Nocheros, and the Five Voices. I do not have words of gratefulness for these artists who will be side in tonight so special?.


“The recital will mean my beginning in the summer season. Luckily, work not will lack and already are numerous activities that I will confront all over the country, between that Cosquín, Jesus Maria and the Festival of the Chaya stand out, in La Rioja. In addition, already I entered the circuit of Tucuman and several commitments in that province were added, like the Festival of Lules?. With the production of the “Chaqueño? and the participation in guitars of Juanjo Domínguez, Marcela Ceballos, this young person of hardly 23 years, will tonight present/display its first record work, titleholder to us “Dreams?.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Rock folkloric with in pair the Simple one

Several local artists for the elaboration of the first CD of the pair will act.

The pair the Simple one organized a rock Creole Patio for this Saturday from the 22,30 in the SUM of district “9 of Julio?.

In the opportunity, the attending public will be able to enjoy different artistic numbers, between which they will stand out, the feminine trio folkloric, In Song; the young musician and revelation, Darío Eyebolt; the Chijra Group that will anticipate the carnestolendos celebrations of the 2010, and will finalize the evening the pair host, the Simple one.

The objective to realize this musical spectacle is to collect bottoms for the recording of the first record work that want to undertake Gabriel Farfán and Carlos Urtado, the members of the formation.

The Simple one

The pair the Simple one formed in April of this year when Carlos Urtado and Gabriel Farfán were invited to sing to benefit. From this encounter, both decided to direct the artistic project.

Soon new members like “the Negrito? Ustares in the low one, Marcelo Coria in percussion and Edgardo Escobar in the first guitar were gotten up, always are the firm intention to make specific the dream of the first CD, that will take by title “reserved Dream?.

The pair appeared in different cultural spaces and local scenes from the province, sharing spectacles with the group Quebracho, Daniel Cisneros and “the Cat? Garci'a, among others. In their musical repertoire subjects of the national popular song book and of the compositions of Carlos Urtado are also included, like the bailecito “Imillita de Uquía?, the cat “What you are going to make my love?, bolero “I I am not the guilty? and taquirari “Jujeñita?, among others.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

“Fianc2ees of the art?, a very particular parade of fashions

A new sample of the works of the students of the Teaching staff of Visual Arts will be realized, in the Return.

“Fianc2ees of the art? the new artistic proposal is calld who propose the students of the chair of Productions Integrated of the Teaching staff of Visual Arts (4to Year To and B).

Like every year, they carry out a creative artistic work inspired by special investigations that coordinate the outstanding professor and artists plastic of our means, Daniel Eyebolt.

The next Sunday will be the sample of these works, in the Theater of the Return of the Century, in two schedules, to 20,30 and 22. The entrance to be present at this spectacle that will appear with the structure of a parade of models, paid attention to $5.

Eyebolt explained that the concept of this artistic proposal was based on the design of clothes of fianc2ee including veil, branch and the shoes, by groups inspired by the work of some resident plastic artist in contemporary Jujuy.

For this different stages from the project were developed. In the first stage the groups made the selection of the artists who were going to work. Second a glance to all the present production was determined by the investigation process (that included an interview with the artist, a visit to the factory of the artist and to choose a work that will be source of inspiration and construction of clothes.

Once approved the project, the students happened to the construction stage, where they put in practice creative processes different and the techniques that they acquired in the course of his study.

Ten groups formed that worked on the work of ten artists, between whom they appear Susana Sanchez, Liliana Pantoja, Florence Califano, German Héctor, Osácar Marks, Daniel Amella, Gabriela Gaspar, Yurquina Marks, Omar Garci'a Romano and Froilán Colque.

The sample that will be realized east Sunday “has a spectacle characteristic, taking inclusively resources that the theater uses?, explained Eyebolt. Finally it clarified that although, the spectacle takes the form from a parade of fashions “is not it, since the clothes were created with an artistic aim, are clothes objects and utilitarian nonclothes?, explained.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Music in First Plane with the cycle “Blessed Music?

of Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 of November it will be realized, in the hall audience Walter Adet the Complex of Libraries and Archives of It jumps (Belgrano 1002), the Blessed cycle Music. The same, will pay tribute to the appraised art to combine the sounds from documentary of outstanding salteños producers.

Organized by the Area Audio-visual Cinema and Means and the Main directorate of Cultural Management, the cycle will be developed from the 21,30, with free and gratuitous entrance.

The accomplishments that will project are: Salteño pair 40 years of Jose Issa, I and the time of “Black? Norberto Ramirez and Cantando under the Earth of Brown Rolando. In this way, one will commemorate the Day of Music, having projected productions that transmit the intimate picture of the life of the artist.

Blessed Music proposes a first plane and a tribute to those deep notes that affect.


Wednesday 18 - 21.30
Salteño pair - Forty Years (1967 - 2007)
Address: Jose Issa

Thursday 19 - 21.30
I and the time
Address: “Black? Norberto Ramirez

Friday 20 - 21.30
Singing under the Earth - Wing of Colibrí
Address: Brown Rolando

Fifth edition of the Serenade to Maria Queen

Gonzalo will take place in the soccer stage “Snows? of the sport complex of district.

The edition 2009 of the Serenade to Maria Queen will be realized today from the 21,30, in the sport complex of district the Tibuno. The musical moved one is organized by the parish of that district that includes an ample sector of the South zone and is directed by father Néstor Aramayo.

By the scene, that will be located in the soccer stage Gonzalo Makes snow-white (the Reason, The $andes corner) of district the Tribuno, an interesting program of artists will march past that includes convoking Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, that return to Jumps to give to all the joy of the La Riojan carnival and the well-known songs with which they shone by the main festivales.

Also Gabriel will be of the game “the Bear? Morals, salteño that obtained the second put in “Operation Triumph?, that will arrive to present/display its songs and all their charisma. especially the subjects of its CD “I come to sing?.

To these presences another number of exceeded quality will be added: “The Izkierdos of the Cave?, dueto integrated by Tony Izquierdo and Daniel Caves will present/display the subjects of its recent disc “to enamor?, next to the main ones of its repertoire.

In addition they will appear in the scene of the South zone, the Guitarreros, releasing its new member Rodrigo Gravaruk and will unfold all their arsenal of zambas and farmers. In addition Andean music with the Kallpas and the traditional folklore with the Voices from Gerald Lopez, and the ancestry of the border song will arrive.

Humor will arrive from the hand of the clown Watercolor, that in addition will share the animation of the spectacle with the speaker Maby Pastrana.

It is possible to remember that this event is realized to total benefit of the works that takes to the parish Maria ahead Queen, under the direction of the presbítero Néstor Aramayo, “with the support of the community already we have managed to construct first salitas of pregarden and garden, in soothes of the parish, within an educative integral program for the South zone who includes EGB 1 and 2, Polimodal and tertiary institutes destined to that the children and young people of our zone they can accede to the education within the sector where they live and on step, to move away them of the dangers of the street?, expressed Aramayo father.

The entrances for the festival were determined to 5, 20 and 30 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The disappearance of the trains inspired the today spectacle

Important presentation will be lived tonight to 21 in the ex- Railway station.

Carmen Baliero, composer of experimental music, and cinema and theater music, to mention only some of its facets, is an artist without limits. This year was in a pair of opportunities at Jujuy to give a qualification to jujeños artists, and from that encounter very interesting things beyond the predicted ones arose.

One of them is the spectacle that today to 21 will appear in the ex- railway station of our capital, abrir II the Regional Encounter of Theater of the NOA Jujuy 2009, that will extend until the Sunday and that will receive the best theater productions of Jumps, Tucuman, La Rioja and Santiago of the Matting in our house.

One is a spectacle that combine numerous arts, and artists of very different profiles, in a musical putting basically will bring that us to a first plane, a subject that to the villagers still hurts to us, as it is the closing of the stations and the disappearance of the trains.

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with Carmen Baliero, Carlos Vega and Renata Kulemeyer, that participated in the armed one of this presentation without precedents, to know details the spectacle.

Baliero tells us then: “When they invited abrir the regional encounter to me with my music, they said to me that it could be and so I make with Carlos Fertile valley (contrabajista), or with musics for theater, that I did many. The subject is that was to me very uncomfortable that position, because it seemed to me very centralist and monopolistic that a regional festival abra a Buenosairean to it.

It seemed to me an upsetting, then I remained thinking about how it could be an opening in which the region took part and that was a subject that us nucleara, and arose the closing from the trains. There yes we are united, because although the one was a La Riojan closed that it, continues being the state the one that decides to annul all possibility of meeting for a reason spurious ".

With all this introduction, Carmen shows to a sense of solidarity and the commitment with our province and our region to us, that knew to traslucir in its idea, leaving of side the vedetismo to say “invited to touch to me in?.

By this it thought about doing it in the ex- station, to work on the thematic one of the trains, to include local musicians. “A thing that we also did in the factory was the musicalización of scenes as a form different to face the composition and the music, that is through noise and of the sound nonwell-known, nonconventional, nonmethodical, and then all that converged in which the boys are going to touch zampoña, and go to make the noises of the trains with the contrabasses?.

Finally, Baliero only accepted to make two subjects of its repertoire, “but because they agree with the subject of the station? - it clarifies. One is “Azulunala?, an own of “Aurora? but put version in the mirror, that is the other way around.

All the music is the other way around of the original one and the letter is also transformed into a defeat, to tear it to the wing, the eagle burning fire with the fire, etc. Is a reading of the mother country in decay “and the station seemed to me that a good place to do it, since the train does not exist, today is almost like a n. There is much silence around all that, and a personal abandonment of the state to everything what it was relegated for economic reasons of some companies. As it is an enterprise thought, I am against, and in the factory we agreed?, comments.

The other subject of its repertoire that it included is “Red Rooster?, song anonymous anarchist of the Spanish Civil War.

Like declaring its motivation, Carmen says to us: “What happens it is that sometimes in Buenos Aires, it seems that when the problems pass kilometers no longer they are own. Then burning fire a jail in Buenos Aires and is a scandal, Cromañón burning fire and is a scandal, but they burst to all the tufas of the country and they are annulled to the towns by an economic subject and nobody says nothing because the country finishes in General Paz?, and follows “then seemed to me interesting to create a general situation. It does not unite the love, but the fright to us, but it unites to us?.

On the other hand, the contrabajista, Carlos Fertile valley, were united to the project of Carmen, and it was happened to participate to him with jujeños contrabajistas that are their students, “because there is as a confidence with them and I knew that they were going to have desire to do something?, commented the musician, who each as much gives qualifications in Jujuy.

“By the same reason by that branches are closed, aspects of the culture and the knowledge are closed. This is something that is for here, for the theater, to this we are going it other to leave for the bar, for the bowling alley, and they are really shelves that we do not have because to accept?, it assures, “in fact the first surprise which I took with the jujeños musicians, was that not only they touched the contrabass very well, but also touched sikus and quenas?, comments trying to explain the spirit of this convergence of arts that thought for this opening.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

A stellar action of the special group of dances Third Millenium

One will appear tomorrow, from the 21, in center Cultural America.

The tradition of a town is it identifies what it and differentiates from the others. Something own and deep. For that reason tomorrow, to celebrate the Day of the Argentine Tradition, the special body of dances folkloric Third Millenium, integrated by people with different capacities, will make its presentation stellar Cultural America in center (Miter 23), to 21.

This event is different because the group will dance before its artistic godfather, recognized the payador Gustavo Guichón. On the matter, Adrián Tenth, integral one of Third Millenium, commented that “when the first Celebration of the Young bull in Atocha was realized in past May, we knew this payador of international fame, that was pleasingly surprised with the action of our group?. She added that “he was then that our professor, Ilda Quispe, she asked for to him that she supported to the body of dance in the finery of the 10 of November and it acceded tasteful?.

Another one of the recognized artists who will be at night of the tradition, in center Cultural America, is the bagualero Tomás David Vásquez, that makes shine songs in all the events and surely this one will not be the exception.


Bond to remember that the folklore factory arose in the Foundation Third Millenium in 2006, as a form to stimulate to the people with special needs.

They passed through the factory professors Silvia Caquis and Mariela Chávez, until in 2007 she took the reins from the group Ilda Quispe. To her the students could conform this body of special dance that shows to its technique and enchantment in the varied spectacles and celebrations in which he appears.

“The dance makes us feel healthy and equal?, they defined.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The Symphonic one of the UNT touches in Purmamarca

The work of Ludwig van Beethoven, the last great representative of the Viennese clasicismo, is the axis of II the Festival of Music the Region “Seven Colors, Seven Notes?, that will be realized tomorrow, in the gardens of the hotel the Region, in Purmamarca (Jujuy).

The concert will be directed by Gustavo Guersman and will count on the special intervention of the French violinista Virginie Robiliard, that will act like soloist next to the Symphony orchestra of the UNT. The proposal fuses outdoors interpreted classic music in the imposing natural frame of Purmamarca, with ancestral silence, its calm sun and the mystery of its multicoloured hills. “Before a so classic concert has never been touched outdoors?, indicated Guersman, one of the creators of the festival. And it added: “the past year the orchestra participated with one more a smaller formation (of camera). But this year we will travel all the members. And this is everything an event, because for the first time in 20 years, the Symphonic one returns to touch outside Tucuman?.

Guersman also commented that the function has much magic, because becomes to the dusk, with hills of seven colors as frame. The encounter will have, in addition, festive character, since the Symphonic one will tomorrow celebrate its 61 years of life.
Besides acting tomorrow in the Region, the grouping will appear in the basilica of San Francisco, in Jujuy, with a gratuitous concert that will be made tonight. The repertoire includes, first of all, “Italian? the Nº4 Symphony of Felix Mendelssohn. Inspired by a trip to Italy that the composer realized to the 22 years, it is a piece that adjusts to the formal procedures of the clasicismo but whose orquestration and melodies are typically romantic. In the second part the “Concert for violin? of Beethoven will be interpreted.

Gentility the Newspaper

Pablo Roof rack presents/displays his book “an absent story?

He will be tomorrow to 19,30 in Culturarte, and will count on the words of presentation of the writer Elena Bossi.

Almost like “a breathing to the political activity?, according to his own words with likeable tone, Pablo Roof rack he announced yesterday in press conference that tomorrow to 19,30 will present/display in center Cultural Culturarte, his new book “an absent story?.

We remember that at present the writer also is delegated provincial of the UCR.
The presentation of the work will be in the hands of the writer Elena Bossi.

In this new published work, they had art and part, the young writers who three years ago conformed the Intravenous publishing house, from the magazine of the same name that has a little more time of life. Therefore they were also in the conference, Rebeca Chambi and Matías Teruel, of the mentioned group.

“From the Intravenous publishing house, we come betting to publish jujeños authors as much recognized as young. In this opportunity we are presenting/displaying to Pablo Roof rack that has one recognized trajectory in the world of the letters?, commented Job, that on the work said: “There is a sense of unit in all the book, that is complemented with the other works that it has Pablo, and it gives coherence him to everything what did until now. It does that one that handles the same subjects or lives same the daily experiences, can see the same things from another place?.

On the other hand Matías Teruel comment that the idea of the group that Integra, is besides maintaining the magazine and to give certain regularity him, “when we conformed the publishing seal, was to publish those authors that we like, aiming at a quality Literature that takes place for Jujuy and not from Jujuy. Not a Literature that it is always looking for to go away for outside. We look for Literature that works in the province and by the province?, expressed.

Consulted on the reasons took that them to choose this work to publish, Teruel spoke in personal form: “I particularly am not a poetry reader, and I enlisted with this of which the poetry of Pablo is written in prosa. They are fragments of the small histories that I feel that they go interconnected with other subjects?, it explained and it assured that for the members of Intravenous it is a pride to make this book.

The words of the author
Pablo Roof rack defined his work like “a text set that corresponds to different times, and that I have been writing in these years. The boys (of Intravenous) requested texts to me and I gave some them that he had, until he was decided to publish this book. There are many things that are in this book that I like much, are many texts that it had forgotten, and that nor I myself it knew what meant until I put myself to read them. It was simply to accommodate a little, because somehow the book was done?, commented.

It said in addition that it is a pleasure to have reunited east text set, and indicated much gratitude towards the boys of Intravenous “who constitute, this of step - a very important cultural movement in our province added, that it is predicting the real more important movement in the matter of letters of the last years?.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Magician Alex Nebur will present/display the show " way "

The Ilusionist Alex Nebur will present/display the magical comedy way, Saturday 7 of November, in two functions: the first 20 a and the second a 22, in the Mecano Room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). This putting in scene is organized by the Magical Circle Argentine Branch Jumps.

Yusa in concert from Cuba to Tilcara (VIDEO)

The singer is one of the new exponents of Cuban, modern music, without resigning to his rich tradition.

The 23 of this month the Cuban singer Yusa in concert will appear to present/display his new titled disc “Haiku? to 21 in Music Tilcara Hope (Belgrano 547).
Yusa represents the new wave of Cuban musicians, those able ones to sound to 21st century without resigning to the rich tradition of its country.

Discs of Ben Harper, fresher Blades War less weeping, Cassandra Wilson, Gemma & Pavel the disciple and, the Pedro, the Rubén Gods Most tropical their like Lenine, first the Stevie Wonder… have a style similar to Haiku, the third disc of Yusa.

Able abrir the record work with choirs by African root because Cuba has a foot in Africa, Yusa began to walk writing a luminous disc, of slow cadence but continuous rate.

The song “Walking Heads? is sung in English, since the artist publishes east work in England and has been years there touching and by France, although continues living in Havana. Listening of everything and assimilates with naturalness… a prescription that improves in direct.

Haiku is Latin music embracing others, without fear to the rubbing with the jazz or to raise a rythmical base that sounds to ferocity rock.

Its proposal makes think about Brazil, the Latin corner that better mixture its music with the Anglo-Saxon sounds and, not by chance Haiku, was mixed in Rio de Janeiro in co-production with Alé Siqueira, producer of the Tribalistas project and discs of Marisa Monte.

Yusa is the new Cuban music and its album discazo MGP with passport of international emotion.

The entrances will have a value of 20 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Expensive Malena will present/display a book of photographies

Thursday 10 of September to 19,30 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Jumps, Expensive Malena photographer will present/display their book of photographies the Miracle of the Faith. This work, considered of excellent graphical and artistic quality, will be presented/displayed by the virreinal imaginero of Jumps Gustavo Ibarguren.

The book of this recognized photographer salteña includes in its pages not only photographies but also Aryan texts of Graciela and poems of Celia Fleming. The design of the same, was in charge of Mercedes Cataldi. It was declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province and is abre with a prolog of the Archbishop of Jumps Monsignor Mario Antonio Cargnello.

The images were caught during the celebration of the Miracle through several years, and present/display the figures of the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, the surroundings of the Cathedral Basilica, the procession at different moments, and mainly, many pilgrims doing the way and participating in the traditional cults.

The glance of Expensive Malena knows to trasuntar the faith spirit that animates the celebration, and that is the common characteristic that it unites to the thousands of faithfuls who every year go to honor to the Employers of It jumps.

Expensive Malena was born in Jumps; one formed in Europe, the United States and Buenos Aires. From 1990 it exerts the photography like profession, mainly in the social scope and industralist, free-lance regime. It produced photographies for publicity, average graphs and editions of art. It also acted like cultural and publishing manager.

It presented/displayed his photos in individual and collective samples from 1988. It published some series of them in the form of posters. It conceives his productions not only as forms of personal expression, but also as a contribution to the putting in value and conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of his province.

Through this book this celebration in its four chapters can be vivenciar that follow an order chronological: The Flowers, the Novena, the Pilgrims and Procesión.

Gallego will appear today in the Hairdressing salon

“The Galician? trio jujeño will return to touch tonight in a local scene, in “the Hairdressing salon Pub?, where it will present/display an intimate show with songs new and those of his next disc.
Juan Acosta (voice and electrical guitar) Vernal Luis (under electrical) and Rafael Lohrengel (battery), explained that for the opportunity they will install a scene in the low silver of the pub, “to share with the public a more intimate climate?.
In visit announced publicly, Juan commented that the band is in plans “to sing much live? and prepares a Dark brown show next to Aryans, to be presented/displayed in Jujuy and Buenos Aires.
Gallego is a band of rock born in the province, and has been more than eleven years walking by the routes of the national rock. Music that will present/display tonight will be of fusion taking native thematic rates and.
The artists have a site in Internet from which it is possible to be acceded to biography, photos, connections to social networks, and samples of their music:
Finally, Gallego will appear tomorrow in the city of Jumps, in the mythical “Zeppelin Bar?, Necochea Nº 741 (almost Balcarce).


In 2007 “Gallego? travels to Buenos Aires to record her first record work in the Galápagos studies. The production was in charge of Luis Robinson, the mixture and masterización by engineer Néstor Tinaro.
The disc contains thirteen subjects, between which they stand out “I remain here?, first simple of its album debut, and a ten of songs by far “to power?, besides counting on three taken popular subjects of the Argentine Northwest to the esthetic one of the band. As musical guests participate Ricardo Mollo (Divided), Nicholas Raffetta and Luis Robinson.
“Galician? it is a group that is looking for a space in the music of the Argentine rock, presenting/displaying a strong and compact sound, it mixes of “power trios? of years 70', but with strong influences of the music of the plateau. This is the proposal that will be able to be seen in scene tonight in the premises Turn white 526.

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