Showing more entered with the label Presentation. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Presentation. To show the oldest entrances

Books, scale models and old photos of Jujuy expose in the Coordination of Libraries

Friday 28 of May, to 20, in the Audience Walter Adet of the Coordination of Libraries and Archives, in Av. Belgrano 1002, the book will appear Basal Stone of the Foundation of San Pedro de Jujuy of the historian jujeño Francisco L. Bonfanti. The act it will attend the minister of Education of Jujuy, lawyer Liliana Domínguez.

They will also attend the act Angelica Vedia, directive of the Association Educational Provincial of Jujuy; professor Marcelo Méndez, of the Center of Professors of Average Education; professor Rubén Ladrú, president of the Mutual Association of Professors of Physics and the accountant Daniel Groso, president of the Open Town hall Jujeño of the Bicentennial, the secretary of that organization, architect Luis Greni and the associate, lawyer Adrián Zárate.

Francisco L. Bonfanti donated to the Provincial Library Dr. Victorino of the Place exemplary of his book and twenty photographic reproductions of San Pedro de Old Jujuy (20x30) that will conform an interactive photographic series that will be also inaugurated that day.

The same is accompanied of a didactic historical story than it was the development of the Valley of San Francisco from year 1764 to the foundation of San Pedro de Jujuy in 1883, with the development of his different areas: the cult, the education, the health, the security and its urbanization. Through this historical story one looks for to recover history, identity and property of the way of the sugar in the Argentine Northwest.

Also a series of historical scale models will be qualified on the death of Güemes yielded by its authors, Mariela Ortiz and Luis Alberto Morals, of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The figures are modeled in cold porcelain by Mariela Ortiz and are guinea fowl to the acrylic by Morals, that the historical information contributes to reconstruct with the greater fidelity these scenes in which Güemes is hurt and soon it agonizes.

These scale models are exposed for the first time. They include scenes of the history of Jumps of Century XIX and recreate houses and sites of the old city. From the past week they are waking up much interest in the thousands of users who concur weekly to the Provincial Library.

Concert of Violin in the Auditorium

The Ukrainian violinista Stepan Grytsay, very known by its participation in the reality-show Argentine Talent, would appear in a concert where it will touch a repertoire of classic and modern composers, inlcuyendo own works recently written for violin in the style “Eurodance?.

The concert would carry out Saturday 22 of May to the 21:30 in the hall Auditorium in the Street Belgrano 1349, City of Jumps, with a general entrance of $ 15.

In this concert, the young violinista and based Ukrainian composer in Jump from the year 2000, besides only presenting/displaying a classic repertoire for violin, would recently touch its works written in a style created in years 90, Eurodance call, acompañadod by virtual sintetizadores.

Maria Grytsay, the sister of Stepan would participate in this concert, and the memory of its participation in the Reality will not need Televising Show “Argentine Talent?; Libertango, Uomo of the Sud, Nonino Adion of A. Piazzola and My Heart Will Go On (of the Titanic Film)

The Walnuts will offer their music in Regiment 20

In the occasion, the recognized artists will offer a patriotic message through their traditional repertoire.

Tonight to 21, the presentation of the group will be realized the Walnuts in the place of arms of Regiment 20, within the framework of the celebrations by the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

“We are going to interpret native subjects “the artillery one? (zamba), “Sergeant Cabral? (chamamé), “the 60 grenadiers? (cueca), “Argentina that sings? (zamba) and one zamba dedicated to the cruise General Belgrano created by Andres Alfredo Suárez and dedicates that it to the heroes that rests under the sea and to the survivors of the General cruise Saline Belgrano? Fernando expressed, founder of the group to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

“With this spectacle we anticipated our presentation to the watch of day 24 to receive the Bicentennial of the Mother country, in the border city where our mother country was born. We want to arrive with a great spectacle for the festive day?.

However, more presentations are agendadas by the group, since in July they will arrive at the locality of Suipacha, where the battle got rid of Suipacha and then, will visit the city of San Lorenzo in Tarija, Bolivia.

With recognized trajectory local and national level, the set continues conformed by four musicians, Victor Hugo Celi (first guitar and low voice), Andres Alfredo Suárez (first voice and first guitar) of Saline Salta and Fernando (guitar and first voice) and Pedro Loved (second voice and big drum).

Dresses of gauchos, tonight will offer the essence of the folk music, through a patriotic message.

“That we continue seeding you bring back to consciousness because our songs stay alive in the song that we expressed with a deep feeling defending our culture and tradition?.

Symphonic and the Ballet together, in Rosary of the Border

For the first time, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps and the Ballet of the Province will appear together in the provincial interior, inaugurating the flaming movable scene of the province. The spectacle will take place Friday 7 of May, to 21, in Municipal the Polideportivo Complex of Rosary of the Border, with free and gratuitous entrance.

The Ballet, under the artistic direction of the teacher Leandro Regueiro, will inaugurate the evening with one of its puttings in scene more acclaimed: The Mesías, with choreography of Mauritius Wainrot and music of George Friedrich Haendel.

Next, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps, under the direction of the teacher Enrique Roel, will interpret a work repertoire famous, for the benefit of all the family: Small Danza and Malambo of the Ballet Stay of Alberto Ginastera, Suite Nº 1 of the Carmen Opera de George Bizet and Libertango de Astor Piazzola.

Finally, together Orchestra and Ballet will present/display Bolero, with choreography of Jose Zartmann and music of Maurice Ravel.

The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

The presentation will take shape within the framework of the Regional Congress of Culture, that will be developed to the days 7 and 8 of May in the Hotel Spas & Spa de Rosario of the Border. In the Congress the thematic axes of III the Argentine Congress of Culture 2010 - that will be celebrated in next September in the province of San Juan and will participate to exclusively civil servants and people in charge of the provincial areas of culture, with a view to working in the representativeness of the cultural northwest will be approached.

The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps abre to its season with “Tango Trio?

The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps announces the beginning of its Season 2010 with the presentation of Tango Trio, Saturday 8 of May, to 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

Tango Trio is integrated by three recognized interpreters of international trajectory: Néstor Marconi (bandoneón), Rafael Gintoli (violin), and Juan Navarrese Pablo (contrabass).

Néstor Marconi is considered at international level like one of the most outstanding bandoneonístas. Its name has been associate to the tango of Buenos Aires since the beginning of the decade of 1970 next to figures of the stature of Horacio Salgán, Astor Piazzolla, Enrique Francini and Héctor Stamponi, among others, acting in Europe, Japan and diverse countries of America. Tango of Carlos Saura has acted with the orchestra of Frank Sinatra and made famous violoncellista I-I Man and in the film.

Rafael Gintoli was awarded like Better Argentine Interpreter by the Association of Critics (1999); Prize to the Trajectory by the Academy Argentina de Música; Prize Ancestry to Classic Music (2000); Better Interpreter in Music of Camera by the Argentina Association de Musical Críticos (2002); along with Paula Peluso, he received the prize to Better Group of Argentine Camera (2003); Prize Excellent Personality of the Culture granted by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (2007).

Finally, Juan Navarrese Pablo, evolved as soloist of contrabass in the Symphony orchestra of Mar del Plata and paralelamente integrated the Quintet of Cords Silvering-plate, grouping dedicated to the diffusion of the folklore and the tango. In the Theater Columbus of Buenos Aires, Federico acted like member of the quartet of Leopoldo, next to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires.

In this opportunity, the recognized Tango Trio will unfold in the Mozarteum Salta all their talent in a concert that consists of three parts. In first, just by of bandoneón, works of Bardi, Troilo will be interpreted, Manzi, Aita, Cobián and Cadícamo. Second it will be a tribute to Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Him Pear, with the wonderful pieces When you are not and the day that you want to me. Third it will be a tribute to Astor Piazzolla with his made famous Goodbye Nonino, among others works. In order to finalize, most well-known and spread of the tangos, the cumparsita of Matos Rodriguez.

The Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps

Like Civil Association For charity, the Argentine Mozarteum was founded on 1952 and is a private institution that is outstanding in the country through an excellent trajectory. In the Province of It jumps was inaugurated the first Branch of this institution in 1981, with the main target to promote and to spread music in all manifestations, understanding that one is one of the pillars of our culture.

Throughout all these years numerous concerts and activities are being realized, in order to approach the salteños, consecrated proposals internationally national and. The Mozarteum Salta grants in addition scholarships to students and students to music so that they attend all the concerts organized by the organization and collaborates in the improvement of salteños musical futures.

One of the pillars of its work consists of presenting/displaying year after year participant artists of the seasons and international festivales of greater prestige. They have happened through Jumps artists and sets of the category of the Orchestra and singing children of Vienna, Beethoven Quartet of Rome, singers of the Mariinsky academy of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Octet of violoncelos of France, Young Philharmonic Orchestra of Friburgo (Germany), Horacio Lavandera and Ivan Rutkauskas (piano), among others.

General entrance with location to $60, for sale in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Choral encounter in the Church Cathedral

They will be the groupings Prelude, of Niños and Kamay.

Tomorrow to 18 a choral encounter in the Church will take place Cathedral, with free and gratuitous entrance.
During the artistic evening a variable repertoire will be listened to, that will include religious works, folkloric and popular, national, Latin American and of the universal choral repertoire.

This activity will have the objective to carry out a friendly cultural interchange between the choirs Prelude of the Spanish Society, Choir of Niños and Kamay de Jujuy, directed by professor Isolda Sanchez de Bidondo.

The encounter with choral music is one of the numerous activities that will take shape throughout this year in our province.

Without a doubt, one is an interesting proposal for the local public.

History, experiences and memories of the Fist

Presentation of the book “the flowery Old Quiaca? of Don Justo Diaz.

The Right author Diaz, quiaqueño of origin, in this opportunity presents/displays the second edition of his book “the flowery Old Quiaca?, history of the Fist, experiences and memories.

It is one more a more complete work and a Annex of the first edition.
Diaz emphasizes that to the first she realized it edition in the 2008 and when happening the time felt the necessity to complete the history of the Fist with more stories.

In the opportunity the author will present why from silence she felt the necessity to count the history of the Quiaca, the Fist where the Independence of the Mother country was developed.

To this he took it work to compile and to study near six years and in addition for being witness to the development puneño, also of the injustices and his tenacity to relate the history of his town.

The book includes histories like the first chapel of the Old Quiaca, the Exodus Jujeño, the customs, the culture, the mining in Argentina and Bolivia, the railroad: the first train to the Quiaca, pack animal roads, their family, songs, among others subjects illustrated with old photos.

It relates that the Old Quiaca has a history very little counted; as well as the first establishment that was Yavi where the independence of the country was developed and in this 2010 the value of those men is not clear who gave their life by the Nation and today he has them to history forgotten.

“If God wants this work will be for always. I hope serves for consultation of the future generations since the unique way is to respect our principles, knowledge of where we come and to take care of ours?, expressed the author.

This book also will appear in the new edition of the Fair of Libro, representing the province among others books that will be exposed in the literary sample.

“Eggs and fish?, a comedy would itch and delirious

The new production of the group Space will be released tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation Jumps.

The work, whose author is Jorge Saurrales, is directed by Rafael Monti with the attendance of Danny Veleizán.

The best style than in action it is known like vodevil, a theater sort that consists of a frivolous, agile comedy and funny that gives rise to confusions and desopilantes situations, the group Space will return to the tables, after two years, to release his new production “Eggs and fish?, of Jorge Saurrales. The first function will be realized tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation It jumps and second Saturday in the same schedule and place.

Seven personages, all related to each other but without knowing it, will be the protagonists of a loving tangle that, between “eggs and fish?, will have a end that will explode the laughter of the hearing.

Enrique is a vacated man maintained by his two lovers: Pamela and Alejandra. First it is married with Gerald, egg industralist, whereas second she is wife of Juan Carlos, retailer of fish. Enrique has a better called friend Adrián, who contracted nuptials with Raquel, that deeply is enamored as well with Enrique. Their lives are related, share fantasies and hide secrets, although never the faces were seen. Nevertheless one night of will put them to Friday in the open and will have to go to all type of resources to return to normality.

Space, synonymous of humor

Humor is a registered tradename of the Factory of Theater Space, that years back it took to scene the saga who began with “What we had dinner… senator? (2001-2002), it followed with “Martinez and the senator… the formula of humor? (2003) and culminated with “Martinez and the senator…. the policy is not stained? (2006). Also it realized numerous functions of the infantile piece “ferocious Caperucita?, among others productions.

“We always bet by humor, not only because he is something that we do for a long time and characterizes to us but also because we are convinced that the public needs to spend a good moment when is going to see a theater spectacle and to forget, at least by awhile, of the daily problems. In addition, in the personnel, it is a pleasure to make laugh to the others?, honored Rafael Monti, besides directing “Eggs and fished? who fulfills a roll within the work.

This time, the members of the group Space that will raise scene are Silvia González, Oscar Muñoz, Rosy Toledo, Danny Veleizán, Delia Pantaleón and Alfredo “Fat' s? Ferrario.

Picardy, humor and dynamism are the condiments that will make of this vodevil a imperdible spectacle.

Problems of alcove

As paragraph emphasized in first, “Eggs and fish? identify with sort theater well-known like vodevil (“vaudeville? in French) that, according to Monti, “characterizes to present/display tangles of alcove and acts of infidelity, in that the personages cannot be found with others and are catched within a situation of which they do not find escape and for that reason they will have to put into play all their I devise not to be shortages, although that effort is useless?.

Gratuitous concert of the Joint of Cords Caesar Houses

Thursday 22 of April to 19,30, the Joint of Cords Caesar Houses will offer a gratuitous concert in the Museum House of Hernandez (Alvarado and Florida). The same, will be realized the direction of the Antonio teacher Montero.

Divertimento Nº 1 in Greater Do of Mozart will be interpreted, Ouverture I SAW of Bach, the Blow of Joplin and the tango Blue Small room of Mariano Mores.

The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

Cycle “the Tracks of the Memory?

The next Tuesday 23 and Wednesdays 24 of March Factory will be developed to the Cycle of Cinema the Tracks of the Memory, within the framework of the National Day of the Memory, the Truth and Justice. The activities of the 24, will be gratuitous.

Organized in joint form by the Area Cinema and Audio-visual Means of the Main directorate of Cultural Management; DOCA, Association of Argentine Information retrieval officers; and SADOP, Union of Educational Prevailed, the activity will be carried out in the Mecano Room of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Huellas of the Memory tries to contribute to the discussion of the present, from the bequeathed complexes of the recent history of our country. It will be tried to smooth the difficulties of the boarding of these subjects from the audio-visual works of information retrieval officers pertaining to DOCA, Association of Argentine Information retrieval officers, guides of work and to char them debate with his originating Directors of the city of Buenos Aires and the province of Cordova.

Within the framework of the historical processes commemorated the 24 of March, the reflection of its antecedents and their consequences in the present reality is considered essential, conjugating for such aim the artistic manifestations and the cultural, social, political institutions.

This Cycle of Cinema Factory, will be realized from a heterogenous glance, by virtue of the place of enunciation of its participants. This perspective will enrich and make possible the creation of spaces shared of reflection and investigation about the values on which is constructed to the democracy and in which the new generations can feel like protagonists.


Monday 22/03
House of the Culture of Oran
10:00 hs to 12:00 and 16:00 To 18:00 hs

• Delivery of Material (records guides) for accomplishment from the Factory to the groups of participant students and their educational ones.

• Projection of films Neither Forgetfulness nor Pardon (Short) Direction: Contraimagen. The day that bombed Buenos Aires, Direction: Marcelo Goyeneche.

• Char it debate with the presence of Director Marcelo originating Goyeneche of the city of Buenos Aires; the Doctor in Philosophy of the GRAPE, Arming Poratti and local personalities related to the DDHH organisms.

Tuesday 23/03
House of the Culture of Jumps, Mecano Room
10:00 to 12:00 hs.

• Delivery of Material (records guides) for accomplishment from the Factory to the groups of participant students and their educational ones.

• Projection of films:
Neither forgetfulness nor pardon (Short) Direction: Contraimagen
The day that bombed Buenos Aires, Direction: Marcelo Goyeneche.

• Char it debate with the presence of Director Marcelo originating Goyeneche of the city of Buenos Aires; the Doctor in Philosophy of the GRAPE, Arming Poratti and local personalities related to the DDHH organisms.

16:00 to 18:00 hs
House of the Culture of Jumps, Mecano Room

• Idem Function in the morning, destined in this case to educative institutions that they work Behind schedule in the Turn.

Wednesday 24/03
16:00 to 18:00 hs
House of the Culture of Jumps, Mecano Room
Function destined to public generally with presence of audio-visual and invited Producers. Free and gratuitous entrance.

• One will project: Words (Short) Direction. Ana Mohaded
Armored gulls III. Histories of PRT- ERP. Direction MASCARÓ American Cinema

• Char it debate with the presence of Director Marcelo Goyeneche (Buenos Aires) Ana Mohaded (Cordova); the Doctor in Philosophy of the GRAPE, Arming Poratti and local personalities related to the DDHH organisms.

Paula Martin will present/display Alboreá

The spectacle of Spanish, flamenco dance and contemporary Alboreá, directed by professor Paula Martin, will appear Saturday 20 of March, to 21,30, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).
In this opportunity the choreographies and dancing awarded in Danzamérica 2009 by Iñaki Urlezaga will appear, Ana Botafogo and Mayan Bethlehem (among others).

The repertoire, in contemporary dance, is mounted on the music of Emma Shaplin, Brightman SARAH and Astor Piazzola, with original script of professor Silvia Lopez (present educational in dances, ex- member of the Ballet of the Province of Jumps, coreógrafa awarded by Eleonora Cassano, Iñaki Urlezaga and Maximiliano War).

The choreography in Spanish dances crosses the Bolera School, with choreographies of original repertoire of the Pericet teacher, dances folkloric of the community of Castile and Leon, dances of the Zarzuela the Wedding of Luis Alonso and traditional dance flamenco as new, presenting/displaying rates as much varied such as soleá, bulerías, tangos of Malaga, guajiras by Colombians, rumbas and Sevillan.

The scenic assembly will combine digital stage scene based on taken original images of video in Spain, with typical material elements of the Spanish culture.

Paula lawyer Martin is educational in dances, specialized in Spain with the teachers Eloy Pericet, Olga Pericet, Angelita Go'mez and Mayan Bethlehem. In addition is investigator dedicated to the sociological studies of the dance in the National University of Jumps and the University of Valladolid (Spain).

General entrance with location $20. It is on sale in ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Concerts of the joints Caesar Casas and Rogelio Riggio

Friday 19 of March the Academic Joint will appear Caesar Houses, whereas the Wind Joint Rogelio Riggio offers a concert Friday 26. Both will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance in the Museum House of Hernandez (Florida and Alvarado).

The concert of the Academic Joint Caesar Houses will take place from the 19,30, and the following repertoire will be interpreted:

- Smaller Sonata in do of A. Corelli
- Sun Symphony of G. Sammartini
- Small of Or. Modern
- Fascination of F.D. Marchetti

The direction will be in charge of the Antonio teacher Montero.

On the other hand, the presentation of the Wind Joint Rogelio Riggio, will be realized Friday 26 of March to 19.45. In the occasion, the following program will be offered:

- Choral of San Antonio de J. Haydn (metal Quintet).
- The Traviata, Pair of Alfredo and Violeta de G. Verdi (Octet of wood and metals).
- Rigoletto de G. Verdi (wood and metals).
- The Randera Tucumana of A. Chazarreta (Wood and metals).
- Humoresque of A. Dvorak (Wood and Metals).
- In the garden of a Chinese temple of A.W. Ketelbey (Wood and metals).

Concert of piano in charge of David Go'mez

Organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province, next to the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Saturday 13 of 22 March to hs., will appear in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater of Jumps the David pianist Go'mez.

The outstanding pianist that enjoys fame and international prestige, will interpret a varied repertoire integrated by the following works: French suite n.2 in smaller Do of J.S.Bach, Sonata KV 330 in Do M of W.A.Mozart, Tangos for piano of A.Piazzolla, Five valses of F.Chopin, intimate Impressions of F.Mompou, gypsy Dances of J.Turina and Spanish Suite of E.Lecuona.

David Go'mez
Been born in Wattwil (Switzerland) in 1974, David Go'mez contacted with music to very early age of the hand of Marta Christel. Later it studied with professor Emilio Muriscot and Claudie Desmeules, professor of the Conservatory of Geneva. It has extended studies with the pianist Michael Davidson in the Conservatory of Rotterdam (Holland), where it has carried out also studies of orchestral direction and Tango for piano. It has realized advanced officer training courses with different pianists, like Brave Robert, Walter Hauzig, Ramon Coll, etc.
It offered his first recital at the age of 14 years, and since then it has offered numerous recitales as soloist and of music of camera by diverse places of Spain and Europe.
It has recorded disc “A. Piazzolla. Tangos for piano? (Digital Ona), that was presented/displayed with great success in different European cities. At the moment it prepares another recording with subjects of Cuban composer E. Lecuona.
Their activities have obtained an international recognition: from the year 2000 to the present time it has realized, among others, two tours by several countries of Asia: India, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan; also by different countries from the Middle East: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Abu Dhabi. In Holland, aside from acting in Of Doelen de Rotterdam, it has made debut in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious rooms of Europe.
It has offered concerts in Copenhagen (Denmark), in the National Concert Hall of Dublin (Ireland), in the Opera of Cairo (Egypt), in the Cultural Chicago Center (the USA), in Manchester (the United Kingdom), in Poland (Polish Radio), Moscow (Pushkin Museum), Slovakia, Greece and Turkey. Also it has realized tours by South Africa and diverse American cities (Mexicali, Kingston, Managua, Tegucigalpa, Asuncio'n, Santiago of Chile…)
During the past and present year Martin-inthe-Fields of London has acted in the prestigious St., in Los Angeles (the USA) and several cities of Mexico, aside from interpreting the Integral of the work for piano of Mozart in Barcelona and Alcala de Henares (Classic in Alcala). Also he was invited by the President of Honduras to realize a recital in Presidential House of the country. Recently he has participated representing Spain in IX the Festival the International of Piano in Black and white in Mexico DF, as well as in other Mexican cities (Mexicali, Cuérnavaca, La Paz, Chihuahua).
He has been awarded several times in national and international contests, like for example: First prize II Contest of Piano “Miquel Ballester i Serra?, Second prize in the V Contest the International of Piano “Pío Tur? and in the National of Piano “Antoni Torrandell?, Third prize “Young Art 97?, finalist in the “Doelen Competition? (Holland), etc.

The entrance is free and gratuitous.

An exquisite fusion of aerobatics with music and theater

The Aeroniñas company will present/display its spectacle “Arjé? in the Teatrino.

From Buenos Aires and in It jumps for the first time, the Aeroniñas company will present/display his spectacle of dance and trapeze “Arjé?, Saturday 13, to 21,30, and Sunday 14, to 20, in the Teatrino (To turn white and 12 of October).

Besides Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13, Victory Toledo, member and director of Aeroniñas, will dictate to a seminary of hoop and trapeze.

This activity is directed to men and women as of the 10 years and the five better students of the factory will participate in the functions of “Arjé?. Information in Multiespacio Salta Dance or to telephone 4210995.

From 1999, Aeroniñas dedicates to the investigation of the aerobatics and its fusion with the theater. The company uses the trapezes, the fabrics and cords like expresivas tools, turning them into theater spaces. In its Integra presentations the circus traditional spectacle, the dance, the poetry and the theater.

This presentation of dance and aerobatics is framed within the cycle of cultural and acoustic spectacles that will throughout be realized the year in the Teatrino, the room located within the multispace Salta Dance, directed by Sabrina Sansone. The room is turning two years of its opening in our city.

New proposal of the Suburban Teátrico

The work “the daughters of the aspirineta…? it will be released tomorrow, to 22, in the local Jet Seth (Necochea 737).

“The daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation? are the name of the new proposal with which Suburban the Teátrico group promises to make reflect to the spectator through humor.

The work, written by the actress and dramatist Cristina Idiarte, will be released Friday tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737, Balcarce Stroll).

“The educational incentive does not reach to us and the educandos do not do case to us. The unique thing that we have left is the brightness of the theater. That it would happen if we realize of which aspirinetas consumed throughout all our life is not as inoffensive as we thought? How we demonstrated our mental health?. This is the phrase that summarizes the sense of this work, that is to say, the relation between aspirinetas and consumes that them, in this case, the educational ones.

Diego Barrier, Gabriela Vázquez, Pablo Aguierre and Cristina Idiarte puts itself in the skin of four educational ones, like those of before, to offer a critical and humoristic glance to the educative system.

“This spectacle is impregnated of many characteristics that make it at the same time interesting and funny. Speech on the search of the power, the ephemeral thing of the fame and makes a critic to the mass media, that exert an enormous influence in our lives. History has like protagonists to four educational ones, because the idea is also to remember those teachers of our childhood, who somehow gave a course them to our lives, and at the same time to offer a critical vision of the education?, advanced the author of “the daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation?, Cristina Idiarte.

The actors who carry out this piece, that gives continuity him to the theater cycles that are being developed in Jet Seth, are integral of Suburban Teátrico for a time. Diego Barrier shared scene with Cristina Idiarte in “Therapy: comedy in three sessions and a diagnosis?; Gabriela Vázquez incarnated to the Vilca end in “80 Rococo roses? and Pablo Aguierre was coreógrafo of “Glamuuuuur, privacies of a single cow?.

Tonight, a “ace? of the subjects of gossip appears in Jumps

The young drummer will offer a clinic and will invite to raise local instrumentalist outstanding scene.

The musician, who at the moment touches in the band of Diego Towers, will include in his repertoire some own subjects.

The passion of a musician generates the necessity to take each agreed one to all the possible places.

With this motivation, the young musician Ezequiel Ghilardi will tonight offer a battery clinic, that will begin to 21 in Beelzebul (Necochea 748). “The idea of the clinic is that it is an informal encounter, but that essentially serves as incentive for all those people to whom they like to touch, so that they decide to face this profession seriously. It is important to pay attention to him to the vocation?, enunciated Ezequiel Ghilardi during an interview granted to the Tribuno.

The basic proposal is to arm a meeting between the drummer, the become fond of public and the local musicians. Ghilardi, artist supported by the Sabian companies and Evans (of subjects of gossip and patches), will touch the battery on tracks recorded with a repertoire that will include own subjects like “Buenosairean Melody?, “Free Way? and “Latinando?. Then, the spectators will be able to realize questions to him on the musical technique and its great professional experience. Also, there will be time so that the lovers of the percussion raise the scene and accompany to the musician in their battery.

He jumps is the departure point of this project. The musician assured that he wants to take the clinic by all the country. “I am going to try to travel by other provinces in the free time that I have left, after to initiate the tour with Diego (Towers). It likes to be able to offer me to people an incentive, telling my experience?, affirmed Ezequiel them.

Ghilardi is musical sesionista, that is to say, participates in different projects for which it is invited. It forces it to this to adapt to varied musical sorts, which, doubtlessly, enriches its professional race.

At the moment, the santafesino form leaves from the band of Diego Towers, to that comes accompanying for six years. As drummer of that grouping participated in the recording of the discs “MTV unplugged? and “Walking?. The next months he will on sale leave another material in which also Ghilardi took part and will begin a promotion tour.

The santafesino drummer is a mutifacético artist. He also touched for Vilma Palm and Vampires, realizing recordings in study and shows live. “With `Vilma…', I began to work in 2000, was the first work that gave the possibility me of recording a disc and of leaving tour by many places?, Ghilardi remembered.

Also it accompanied to Saline artists like Luis, Magalí Bachor and the Young Simphony Orchestra. This way, it shared scenes with Dave Weckl, Morelli J and Jorge Araujo, among others. “Very pretty things throughout my race have passed Me; I have known people who have helped me much. They are those things that spend at the right moment and the indicated place. It is necessary to be convinced of that, is necessary to believe in God and to follow ahead?, asserted Ghilardi. And it added: “The possibility of working with so many artists took to me to know much people and different cultures that helped that it abriera to new things?.

Beyond the musical diversity and the sorts taken root in the different cultures from the world “the musical language is one only?, defined the drummer. “You go to another country and although you do not know to speak to a foreign language you ponés to listen to music with anybody of there and the rest flows?, explained.
The opening like slogan

A sesionista musician must be preparation to penetrate in different rates and to participate to each other in completely different projects. Ghilardi has that capacity, we have seen for that reason it working in different musical proposals with equal enthusiasm. “Obvious one always feels an inclination towards a certain sort. Always there is a part that throws more. In my case, I like much music fusion, mixture of jazz, rock and MGP, and the Latin music of the coast this of the United States. My disc, that will leave in the next months, follows the line of those styles?, anticipated the artist.

“In this race always there are moments at which one classifies within certain sort or style, but arrive a little while in that unfailingly must look for other ways?, it added.

Ghilardi spoke of the necessity to face different projects that allow the musician to adapt e, even, to be changing its profile. Also, it emphasized that it is very important to know itself integral of a set. That is to say, “to be placed in relation to the other, to touch knowing that one does not only touch and that are other instruments with which it is coexisted. It is necessary to learn to listen?, affirmed Ezequiel Ghilardi.

The artist finishes finishing recording his first record material, that will leave on sale in the next months. “It is an instrumental disc where I conjugate all the music that I have listened and with which I have grown. He is a mix of jazz, fusion and MGP. It is the result of a long year of work?, said the rosarino drummer.

Tonight, Ezequiel Ghilardi disembarks in Jumps to share its music with the local public. The invitation is done, the advice is not to fail to take advantage of it.

The Great Dance of Small Carnival

The invitation was realized by comparsas of the town quebradeño.

Tonight, from the 20, in the Municipal Shed of Maimará, the Great Dance of Small Carnival will be carried out, giving him to a frame of closing to the celebrations carnestolendas of this year.

For this, the activities of Bandy2, the Timid ones, Group Inheritance, America, the Quebradeños and Sonido are predicted Miracle.

Group Inheritance.

The group conformed for several years has been coming proposing the best Andean folklore in the province.

Its first disc that contains thirteen subjects, among them cuecas, carnavalitos and huainos, reflects the calidez of the voices of the members of Inheritance: India Mariela, first voice, Alejandra Go'mez, percussion; Natalia Go'mez, low and second voice, Andrea Lopez, wind; Gabriela Go'mez, guitar and third voice and Gisela Vantage point, charango.

The Chilean group Gondwana touches today in the Saltá Reggae

The celebration “rasta? will begin to 21,30 in the Station Mega. Also Reggae will act Holy, of Formosa.

With more than 20 years of race, in which it consolidated like one of the great names of reggae in Latin America, the Chilean band Gondwana will arrive at Jumps to participate in a new edition of the Saltá Reggae, one of moved more important of the culture “rasta? of the NOA.

The festival will have as scene to the Station Mega and will start to 21,30 with the Holy action of the group Reggae, of Formosa. Also there will be live music in charge of DJ Morokiox, classic of moved reggae salteña.

The anticipated entrances are on sale in Cachimbo Da Peace (Alvarado and Pellegrini), Pony (Virrey Toledo 490), M 51 (Alberdi 222), Morrison (San Martin and Buenos Aires, the premises 2), Soul Mater (Pellegrini 125) and Chaco (Cordova 235).


For a pair of weeks, the musicians of Gondwana are realizing a tour by the country to promote their first DVD, that was registered in August of the past year live, in Buenos Aires, and to integrate grilla of bands that will touch to this weekend in the tenth edition of the Cosquín Rock.
Gondwana was born like a band from reggae in a peripheral population from called Santiago from Chile the Pincoya, where it was known this musical sort very little. The artists joined themselves for the first time in 1987, but just in 1998 they published its first album, titleholder “Gondwana?, whom soon they followed “Phat?, “Praise? and “Made to him in Jamaica?.

New singer

With his fifth disc “Grows? consolidated its international presence. In 2007, the band lassoed its last album, “Resiliente?, and made debut a new vocalista, Maxi Vargas.

With more than 1,000 concerts, Gondwana - at the moment integrated by “Yayo? Loyola, Ronni Alvarez, I read Dread, Luco Duck, I Locks, “Cat? Branches, Maxi Vargas, Hugo Prado and Fabian Cordova is one of the Chilean groupings with more international presence.

The privateerings in San Pedro come

The Privateerings 2010 that will begin tomorrow and will extend until Saturday 27 of this month.

The Sampedreños Privateerings will be lived in 10 nights of spectacles throughout 8 pictures that cover the circuit. In all their extension they will be able to be located comfortably in the confectioneries, pizzerías and bars; as well as in individual chairs and the launching slips in front of the imposing central scene.

They will be able to interact with the entertainers who in each square will cause that the participants give to the public creating an atmosphere of celebration without equal.

The 40 groupings that appear and the individual disguises, all with important locally made suits, group in different headings from comparsas artistic with from Rio de Janeiro profile to comparsas indigenous with great large masks and swarms with shining pens and suits, passing through folkloric sayas and native the IMP-IMP with ancestral roots.

The privateerings are a great total celebration of color and joy where the public amuses itself playing with foam in aerosol, pricked paper, talc and everything what he is allowed in a warm and respectful frame.

Divided it will touch again in Tilcara

Next the 27 of March Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arrendó and Catriel Ciavarella will present/display in our landscapes, their new disc “Poppy of the 66?.

The mythical group of rocck Contarán as it bathes support with Gallego, band jujeña conformed by Juan Acosta, in voice and electrical guitar; Vernal Luis, in low electrical; and Rafael Lohrengel, in action. They also will present/display the songs of their album, first, sent the past year.

The first presentation of Divided in Tilcara was in the year 2000, in hours of afternoon when the hills could be appraised in their maximum splendor. In the occasion the band was showing to its disc “narigón of the century?, that had been recorded and mixed completely in the Studies Abbey Road of London, with production of Green Afo.

This disc was noticeable in the history of Divided by the inclusion of new sounds, like adjustments of cords and acoustic guitars. The Best Disc of the Year in several publications was chosen.

It was the occasion in which also it knew and it touched with jujeños musicians, with that Mollo was really surprised. Its admiration by our musicians, especially Ricardo Vilca took, it to return very many times to Tilcara, to be with him and this earth had enamored that it.

It is possible to remember that Divided it invited to several of his recitales, Ricardo Vilca and Fortunato Branches, that next to them were brilliant in national scenes.

The next disc of the band will be sent right by those days in which it returns to visit Tilcara.
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