“My very small letters? will present/display the book

The appointment will be tomorrow in the Popular Library, to 19.30. It is a poem compendium of Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio.
Tomorrow to 19,30, in halls the Popular Library of our city, the poemario will appear “My very small letters? of the Alicia writer Soria de Torres Aparicio.

The work, east form year in very taken care of edition of the author, contains part of the literary history of the writer, of intimist character, testimonial and essentially affective.

The design of the cover and layout are of Candlemas Aparicio Towers, and the book was dedicated by Alicia to its children Javier and Gladys, their grandsons, and Mr. Normando Zamboni of that indicates: “it tended his hand to us disinterested friend and… and continues making it with the same commitment, respect and enthusiasm from the first day?.

Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio, native of Hillocks, province of Jumps, from very young lived with its family in Jujuy, accompanying to its mother, rural director of an institution.

There the love by the north recognizes to have shortage jujeño, particularly the Gorge of Humahuaca, where years later, would train its family when contracting marriage with the prestigious doctor, folklorólogo, author and composer, Justiniano Aparicio Towers, of that were untiring inspiring permanent companion and of their artistic activity. Quiet, next to the enormous personality of his husband, it was keeping his creations throughout his life.

When dying gift Justiniano, followed with the task of raising the life of the musician/doctor and founded with concerted effort the Museum that takes its name in anthropological, archaeological and folkloric the city of Humahuaca where the artistic works are conserved.

Nevertheless, the literary vein expressed and Alicia de Torres Aparicio finally, obtained, mentions of honor and literary anthology publications, between which they honored as finalist of the sort Poetry without rhyme, of Editorial in 1999 of honor of 7º National Poetry contest 2001 their inclusion and mention, Argenta Stories in the anthology “Cortázar?.

The writer, deeply simple and solidly supported in her feelings offers this book to the jujeños, from her roots sunk in Humahuaca, and all the Gorge, city and region where she nourishes of all the forts and unforgettable sensations accompanied that it from the adolescence to the total maturity.

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