Program of Tilcareño January

Thursday of Godsons will be celebrated to 11 in the central place.

The program of Tilcareño January anticipates for Thursday 28, to 11 in the central place, the denominated encounter “Looking for the carnival?, opportunity in which the ahijaditos with the support will appear and presentation of the band that will animate to the traditional celebration carnestolenda.

To 12,30, it will be received the participants of the March Patriótica and Evocativa to Horse that she has as final destiny the city of Humahuaca. To the same hour, in the shed of the municipal market the invitation to the lunch with sets will be realized folkloric, whereas to 15 the popular dance begins.

To 20, in the conference hall of the Museum “Medardo Pantoja? the documentary one “By the ways of the Malón of La Paz? will be exhibited, in charge of Solitude Bettendorff and Diego Rosemary. In the occasion also the America group will act Deep.

Friday 29 to 20, in the central place of the summery town, pasacalle of comparsas will take traditional place and groupings tilcareñas and presentation in the scene greater “Germa'n Churqui Choquevilca? of Pay as a tax comparsas Them Takes, Few but crazy, Sumay Tacos, the Earthenware bowls and the Copleros de Juella, and the groupings the ahijaditos, the old woman choclos and the Gozairas. To 21, in the Terry club, the “Dance of the Beer? will be carried out, with Faktory DJ, among others artists.

Also, to 20 in the Museum “Medardo Pantoja?, they will project documentary the ethnographic “Tribute to Jorge PreLoran?, in charge of the Museum Foundation Medardo Pantoja, and “Hermógenes Key?.

Saturday 30 from the 20, in the Choquevilca scene, the festival folkloric will reunite to the Singers of the Dawn, the Chinito, Delia Kitchen garden, Infernal of Güemes, the salamanqueros genies and the Amancay. Also the queen of Tilcareño January will choose itself, with Faktory DJ and Caesar and his group Happiness.

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