Projections and theater cycle in “Culturarte?

This behind schedule local productions realized by Wayruro will be seen Popular Communication. Tomorrow there will be theater.

Today to 19 the projection of videos will be realized coordinated by Wayruro Popular Communication in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte?.

The audio-visual ones that will be able to be appreciated will be “In the Height?, “Purmamarca, Land of songs?; “Tacit? and “Potters of Casira?, within the framework of the impressive denominated sample “the Biodiversity in the Bicentennial? that summons National Parks.

This exhibition sets out to show spectacles of several artistic disciplines.

In this frame it is that tomorrow to 20, will imagine the piece “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? a work of Elena Bossi, that was winning of the Celebration Province of Theater 2008.

The argument turns around a history of mothers and daughters and are placed in our province.

It is seductive, outlandish, inimputable. To his she will love it daughter she will hate and it; but she will not have more remedy than to do what she requests oà to him to feel guilty.

Elsa has been having in house ashes of its mother passed away for a month, before the death promised to him that it would give ashes to Alfredo Alcón, because loved it secretly and dreamed about acting with him in a film, reason why exists in the family a myth about that supposed hidden love.

In the opportunity, Silvia Galician and Maria will act of the Carmen Echenique, assistant of direction Rubén Iriarte, design of lights and technique Leopoldo Grandson. The proposal will renew the next Saturday to 21, the function of “Osito fulfills years? in the mentioned cultural space. It is important to mention that all the activities are of gratuitous character.

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