Purmamarca honor to the “Mother Earth?

The soloist Claudia Vilte will be one of the central numbers of the evening that will be carried out in Jujuy.

The singer and author Claudia Vilte will appear within the framework next to other salteños musicians of the Celebration of the Pachamama, to be developed in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca, next Saturday. It will be a celebration that will congregate important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as in the case of tilcareño Miguel Key, besides Daniel Vedia, “bandoneón greater of the Gorge?; and Gladys Rodriguez, “the Bolivian Calandria? and other important names.

Vilte will present/display in the spectacular frame purmamarqueño several of the subjects of its next record work “Comparseras?, that reunites present songs of comparsas, all of its responsibility, with music composed by her as well as with originating adjustments of the old traditional popular song book. Between the subjects they appear “the sadness of Regina?, in memory of a personage of Purmamarca; “Zamba of the old man?, in tribute to its aunt grandmother Ines Walls; “mother?, subject popularized by Jorge Cafrune; “Do6na Eloísa?, a dedicated bailecito Eloísa Quival, another remarkable woman of Purmamarca; the bailecito “Always I return?, a tribute to its friendly; “Zamba of August?, among others. “Acó? Vilardel, Ramiro Torres and Sebastián (winds) will accompany the singer.

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