“What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy?

The Blue Factory invites upon presentment of the book What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy and inauguration of the sample of the original paintings illustrate that it. It will take place Saturday 12 of December to 18 in the hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

What would happen if you were the president? … and if you drew one rayuela and it raised flight? What would happen if God remained slept? and… if the imagination you outside trip? and if a day of these your shade decided abandonarte? What would happen if the cockroaches rebelled themselves? and if… a day you entered your room, and all fears would be sentaditos in your bed? what would happen if the artists governed the world?

These, and many other questions and their corresponding answers, are an advance payment of the new book of the Blue Factory: What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy. This it is the result of the annual work of the boys who attend the space of art “for boys with small birds in the head? directed by Silvia Katz in Jumps. The questions and answers are informed with paintings (acrylic on fabric, 40 xs 50 cm) of the children, ordinates by age.

“For years, Silvia Katz works with boys in its Blue Factory of Jumps. It has constructed with them several books it has published and them. I can imagine them making these unique books like in the medieval factories. Untiringly, producing each and every one of the parts soon to assemble them.

In his Grammar of the Fantasy, the Italian Gianni Rodari proposed to stimulate the imagination with the fantastic hypothesis: two terms were joined at random and it gambled with his possibilities. In that sense, What would happen if…? he explores with respect and freshness the images and the thoughts arisen in the activities of the factory.

A book so that the boys enjoy and confirm that they have a space from which can affect the readers. And a revealing book for the adults, to remember who we were and, if is lucky, also who we are? describes Jorge Accame.

The sample will be qualified until the 31 of January of 2010.

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