Fifth edition of the Serenade to Maria Queen

Gonzalo will take place in the soccer stage “Snows? of the sport complex of district.

The edition 2009 of the Serenade to Maria Queen will be realized today from the 21,30, in the sport complex of district the Tibuno. The musical moved one is organized by the parish of that district that includes an ample sector of the South zone and is directed by father Néstor Aramayo.

By the scene, that will be located in the soccer stage Gonzalo Makes snow-white (the Reason, The $andes corner) of district the Tribuno, an interesting program of artists will march past that includes convoking Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, that return to Jumps to give to all the joy of the La Riojan carnival and the well-known songs with which they shone by the main festivales.

Also Gabriel will be of the game “the Bear? Morals, salteño that obtained the second put in “Operation Triumph?, that will arrive to present/display its songs and all their charisma. especially the subjects of its CD “I come to sing?.

To these presences another number of exceeded quality will be added: “The Izkierdos of the Cave?, dueto integrated by Tony Izquierdo and Daniel Caves will present/display the subjects of its recent disc “to enamor?, next to the main ones of its repertoire.

In addition they will appear in the scene of the South zone, the Guitarreros, releasing its new member Rodrigo Gravaruk and will unfold all their arsenal of zambas and farmers. In addition Andean music with the Kallpas and the traditional folklore with the Voices from Gerald Lopez, and the ancestry of the border song will arrive.

Humor will arrive from the hand of the clown Watercolor, that in addition will share the animation of the spectacle with the speaker Maby Pastrana.

It is possible to remember that this event is realized to total benefit of the works that takes to the parish Maria ahead Queen, under the direction of the presbítero Néstor Aramayo, “with the support of the community already we have managed to construct first salitas of pregarden and garden, in soothes of the parish, within an educative integral program for the South zone who includes EGB 1 and 2, Polimodal and tertiary institutes destined to that the children and young people of our zone they can accede to the education within the sector where they live and on step, to move away them of the dangers of the street?, expressed Aramayo father.

The entrances for the festival were determined to 5, 20 and 30 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

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