QV4 explores the new dimensions of humor

The trio is made up of the artists Daniel Saldaño, Agustín Perez Albert and Gustavo Parrado.

Almost ten years of race in humor and music have taken to the trio to reap the outbursts of laughter that cannot more than to fill the rooms of each theater by which, the artists, they take his desopilantes numbers.

Once again QV4 arrives at our province, within the framework of a national tour, with the promise of being funniest of their spectacles.

“QV4, the new dimension of the diversion?, arrive at Jumps with a format without precedents in Argentina. One is a show that combines music, humor and technology, with projections in three dimensions that will introduce the spectator in the reality created by these three graceful artists. The encounter will be tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

“The spectacle is going to be impressive, it is going away to mount in Jumps with all the technical characteristics that had in Villa Carlos Peace and that, the 15 of May we will take to the theater Opera of Buenos Aires, that will be the great bet of this year?, said to Agustín Perez Albert, in an interview that the trio gave the Tribuno.

The beginnings of the group go back to the 2001, when the three versatile artists of music, decided to work in a new project, being introduced segments of humor, something to which they were ventured for the first time. “Humor already was implicit in the personalities of each of us?, said Gustavo Parrado. Perez Albert added: “in fact I believe that people were the one that discovered to us like humorists. The public vió that was good wave and soon we began to work with this to make laugh?. Doubtlessly, neither the group, nor the spectators were mistaken, because today, after almost one decade of work together they have received very good critics and they have grown much. “We grew, and not only it tenth we, luckily also us say people to it?, commented Daniel Saldaño, of the form that knows better, with humor.

The musicians confront each number with much seriousness. Humor is something serious, like also is it its passion by the music, to which, altogether with the work of much people, like Pablo Of the Field, they put to the show those condiments to him that end at the uncontrollable laughter.

The show continues the line that QV4 (abbreviation of “I want bond four?) was developing throughout almost ten years of race. “Much music through humor, much humor through music and the new effects that the technology contributes?, said Parrado. In addition, a virtual marionette, directed by the Cordovan artist Adrián is added Go'mez who is called “René Garé? and that contributes (still more) diversion to him to the group. It is a spectacle that will offer to a very ample fan of personages and desopilantes histories.

“For us it is very important to make humor for all the family. It gives much satisfaction us when, for example, we on a par see a boy of five years ***reflxing mng itself of its grandfathers, of 80. The objective is to include all the “edaderiles? layers, said - between laughter Gustavo Parrado.
Tonight, the artists renew their complicity with the public of our province, that she will not have more to do than to put the “spectacles 3D? and to lie down to laugh.

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