QV4 returns to Jujuy with the new show “Déjà vu?

After to exhaust localities in the month of April, tonight it is a new opportunity to see them…

Tonight 22 the spectacle “Déjà will imagine in special function vu? of QV4 in the Cinema Theater Alpha.

For trio QV4, each daily situation it involves a new humoristic possibility. The shrewdness in the observation of the reality and the music that emerges naturally with fundamental resources in the creative process of the group.

In the work, three tucumanos protagonists connect artistic abilities they present/display and them in scene through humor that recalls the things of every day accompanied of the music that already evokes the lived sensations.

Gustavo Parrado, from its magnificent imitations, in a single song summons artists of diverse sorts and happens of the folklore to the rock, of the melodic one to the quartet… Agustín Perez Albert, once again shows its musical virtuosity in the execution of the guitar and Daniel Saldaño evokes to the dumb cinema in a putting based on sign humor, where its particular histrionismo stands out.

The presentations in the theater did not prevent that QV4 participated in important festivales in terrotorio national, as the Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria, to whom they were summoned by third consecutive year and also to the Celebration of Colectivity of High Grace, encounter among others prestigious, where they received the warm reception of the public.

In addition, trio QV4 was distinguished in past season 2008/2009 of Villa Carlos Peace by this spectacle with two Carlos Prizes in “Better Sound equipment of Spectacle? and in “Better Musical Humoristic Spectacle?.

After a summer of great satisfactions, the tucumano trio began a tour of presentations by the national territory to harvest applause in different provinces.

The entrances on sale are from 50 pesos in the Cinema Theater Alpha.

QV4, is a trio integrated by Gustavo Parrado, Daniel Saldaño and Agustín Perez Albert, who is born in Tucuman when these three versatile artists decide to be united and to work in a project that completes three diciplinas; the theater, humor and music.

His first presentations sesuceden in bars and pubs of Tucuman; later, the increasing popularity of the trio made foretell that this new proposal, arisen like an alternative to its individual races like musicians, would be constituted in a new promising artistic course.

Thus they perceived the Cordovan producers of Villa Productions, that in the summer season of year 2006 promoted the disembarkation of QV4 for the first time to Villa Carlos Peace with the work “With… certain Humor?.

QV4 hit completely in the heart of the theater season, just by a weekly function, receiving the prizes “Carlos 2006? like “Revelation? and “Better imitador? by Gustavo Parrado.

During summer 2006/2007, the trio presented/displayed its second show denominated “In… singers?, thanks to whom the artists were distinguished as “Consecration of the season? and “Better design of illumination? in the prizes “Carlos 2007?.
It would also arrive the recognition in the National Festival from Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria who was worth the prize to them “Consecration?.

And if challenges one is, year past QV4 made debut more with work “QV4 than 3?, in the Theater Freedom constructed by Villa Productions, producer of the group, with technology of last generation and innovating design.

Soon they crossed different places obtaining the national recognition once again in its artistic race.

In past April they arrived at our province where they unfolded a great show for the local public.

This spectacle “Déjà vu?, will become the encounter of the trio with the jujeños spectators who requested their return.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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