Raul Olarte in the first concert of the Miter Theater

The presentation has shared in common characteristics since it will collect bottoms to carry out works in the sanctuary of Liberator.

Tonight to 22, recognized vientista quebradeño Raul Olarte will appear like first artistic number of season 2010, in the greater scene of the Miter Theater.

Due to the participation flood of feligresía in this religious space, it is that Ortiz father is working for the construction of the “House of the Sanctuary?, destined to serve to pilgrims, priests and the equipment of pastoral.

With the aim of presenting/displaying this work and collecting bottoms for its accomplishment, this encounter in the coliseo was organized jujeño, with the action of the musician jujeño of international prestige Raul Olarte who will offer his spectacle dedicated to the folklore of the Argentine and Latin American plateau next to special guests.

“The idea arose from the father and friend mine Fernando Ortiz and is a special concert, the reason is the construction of a work in Ledesma for the pilgrims of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a work that is going to resort sanitary services because people every time add themselves more? expressed Olarte that will share its art after five years with the local public.

The compositions of Ricardo Vilca, Justiniano Aparicio Towers and “Nail? Branches will be the great proposals for a loaded evening of surprises and Andean rates.

“One of the guests at night will be bishop Marcelino Palentini and singing he since we have been able to see that zambas has a very pretty voice for some jujeñas and a subject especially; also it comes a pianist from the Silver, Eva Carranza, the guitarist Norberto Pereira; Leonel Key in charango and Alexander Vilte de Purmamarca and Gustavo Cross of capital? said the artist of winds.
The concert will be the first spectacle of season 2010, for this reason, is everything a pride the folclorista abrir the artistic billboard of the year.

“I always consider that the public jujeño is very demanding and, on the spectacles that the Miter Theater presents/displays, the public jujeño knows and knows that we are going to propose the best thing to him. We are trusting in which we are going to offer a little while of relaxation, to enjoy the sounds of quena, the piano, the song and of the instruments which they form part of our patrimony? emphasized.

In reference to his previous presentations, the musician commented that he was in different scenes from Humahuaca, his native earth; in Hornaditas in support for a native community, the Festival of the Churqui and the Teasel and in the province of Buenos Aires.
However, the immediate projects of the vientista are two, on the one hand the new album of study that is in recording and, on the other, a trip to Japan in the month of October to which it will go like guest of the embassy of Argentina in the Eastern country. The entrances will cost 20 and 30 pesos.

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