Recital of Jujeña Soul in the stops of the Miter

Its repertoire is inspired the Tekis and by other interpreters.

The youthful group Jujeña Soul will appear tomorrow (Friday) to 22 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

The members of this grouping are Fernando Echenique (first voice), “Flat? Lucas Ruiz (second voice and first guitar), Agustín Labruna (second guitar and choir), Expensive Franc Flowers (winds and choir), Joaquin Arellano (winds and choir), Julian Ferretti (charango) and Francisco Ferretti (percussion).

Jujeña soul formed the 23 of August of the last year, in the meetings between friendly; and it takes that name to demonstrate according to his members that its song is realized from the soul and inspired by the heroic gesture of our town.

The musicians have between 14 and 15 years and, deeply feeling the roots of the folklore of our region, adopted songs with rates of carnavalitos, sayas, takiraris, huaynos, cuecas, tinkus, like thus also farmers and zambas.
Its repertoire is inspired by its main referring one that is the Tekis, although also admire several interpreters.

Under the conduction and advising of great teachers of the folklore jujeño among them the brother mystics Chañi Amaranth, Luis and Foro, realized his first steps and still they continue kind to its advice.

Also they received in the School of El Salvador where they concur to classes, in the Factories of Native Instruments the contribution of the professor Loving Fidel and children, director and creator as well of the Symphony orchestra of Andean Instruments.
Jujeña soul appeared in different scenes from the province.

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