Recital of Manolo Galván in the Miter

The Spanish will interpret the subjects took that it to the fame. Manolo Galván will raise 21,30 to the tables of the Miter today, to interpret its better subjects.

The singer gained a position in the heart of the Argentineans from the same moment at which she took root between 1972 and 1973. But its long trajectory moves much more back, in its beginnings with the group the Sonor, considered pioneering of “modern music? in Spain.

Manolo Galván was born in Alicante and to the fifteen years it announced his family who wanted to be singing, finding like answer a great rejection. But the insistence was so much that finally obtained that they gave a guitar to him, with that began to interpret social and political subjects fashionable by those years.

In his race as soloist participated in several festivales and with the subject “So that I want to you so much? the doors of Argentina were abrieron to him. Later the subject “I wanted to You, I want to you and I will want to you located? it in the top.

Between its more outstanding subjects they are “the Return? of 1971, “Vagabond one? of 1972, “It leaves De Llorar? and “Small Sparrow? of 1973. In 1974 I popularize “Woman? and “Our House?, in 1975 “Your Silence?, “Acuérdate Of My? and others more.

The entrances for the recital tonight paid attention to 50 pesos.

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