Pictures of unstructured artists

The Ventolera is twelve gigantografías of the group of visual artists “?, of Catamarca.

From its beginnings, the photography was transgressor, modern; it was known what it was not, but it was difficult to say what was in fact. It was not a substitute of the painting, was faithful copy of the reality either (it seemed to be it, but also it had the capacity to transform the reality into something new), was difficult to catalog. Over the years and the successive technological jumps, today it is possible to face the photography of infinite ways. If the taking like means of expression and territory of searches, exists the possibility that new proposals for this art arise that, evidently, is continued renewing.

By this footpath they advance many creators who have in the photography their means of subsistence (it is its profession), and simultaneously they are sent to undergo interesting esthetic options. It is the case of Ariel Alexander Pacheco, graphical reporter catamarqueño, member of the Cultural Center the Primitive one. The artist will present/display as of today, to 20,30, in center Cultural Aristene Papi his sample “Yearbook?, integrated by twelve pictures (gigantografías of 1.20 meters by 90 centimeters) of the group of visual artists the Ventolera, of Catamarca. The works appear tightened like linen cloths in wood frames. “The idea of the assembly for each picture took elements from the theater and the painting: the movement in the composition, the game of plane and bottom and, mainly, the maquillaje and the illumination?, explained the photographer.
The result: absolutely conventional images, where the portrayed ones re-invent from their own creative subjectivity and the one of other colleagues.

With this criterion, the reality stops existing and is the eye of the photographer who decides the intentionality of the images. This process, nevertheless, to be “original? does not become a sleeplessness. “He is not one of my objectives - it clarified Pacheco. In this proposal one considered to work from a place different from the habitual one from the documentary photographies. The portrayed ones (plastic artists) wished to be unstructured and free; it was a shared work search, of recognition and construction of the identity: from the glance of the other, its own one watched?. Pacheco is, besides a visual artist, graphical reporter of a newspaper catamarqueño.

It considers that both rolls cannot be separated: “In fact, all photographic fact determines a mixture, an amalgam, a constant synthesis between the visual artistic fields. It happens that often, when images are obtained that also own esthetic qualities, emphasize them as if the documentary thing lacked importance and were something simple?.
“Of all ways, for the majority of the human accomplishments something of artistic character is required and, therefore, he is to him intrinsic to the documentalismo and, in this sense, it denotes a majority. The artistic thing, like so, finishes belonging to all creative act?, added.

Pacheco emphasized that what him “clears the dream is not to be original, but to be able to find the way to show the other what I mean, to find the tools to say it without confusions, to be a communication instrument. The image in itself is a luck of encomillado of the reality and, therefore, it would not have to be the product of how the photographer creates who the things must happen or to be. In synthesis: I do not look for to be original to show what many already they showed, only wanted to be able to show it as it is?, cleared the artist.

The people portrayed by Pacheco belong to the Ventolera, the first group of visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers and engravers) that decided to be united “to break the local artistic canon?. The sample will be able to be visited as of today, with gratuitous entrance.

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