Gratuitous rock in the Beautiful Arts

Within the framework of the celebrations by the day of the Artist and the day of the Student, the band Teddy Kruegger will appear with gratuitous entrance, Saturday 26, to 18, in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992). Conformed by Emiliano Livelli (low and voice), Gastón Oliver (piano, sintetizadores and programming), Tote Oil mill (battery) and Facundo Urtasun (guitar), this is one of the bands salteñas with greater projection.

It began to cross the circuit of bars of the city in the 2007, and only in two years, it reached great notoriety. In January of 2009 it published Magnetic orientation, his first record work, engraving in the studies ION in Federal Capital.

Its presentation in two last editions of the live Personnel, in the microstage Delmi, as band support of artists of the stature of Street 13, I veto Cuevas and Emanuel Horvilleur, served the musicians to him to consolidate its position within the ambient local rocker.

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