“Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? in the Miter

The appointment is east Sunday to 21 in the greater room of the coliseo, with this putting that arrives from the National Theater Cervantes.

In the year of the Bicentennial, the Miter Theater chose for the official Opening of its Season 2010, the presentation of the work “Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? of David Vines, with the unipersonal action of I move away the Pinto Garci'as, and the direction of Jorge Graciosi.

The work narrates the last hours of the author of “Operation massacre?, “Who killed to Rosendo? and “Last hours?, Graciosi says, the director “that in fact could be those of any O-Man woman that in those Seventies were jeopardizes with a project of different country?.

The putting in scene of Jorge Graciosi values of almost onírica way, and until deluded, to a personage cornered by those beings who dedicated themselves to threaten from the power and the terror. The preparation of its last and perhaps greater denunciation against the terrorism of State translated in the historical letter to the Meeting, is the trigger of this one story.

The direction attendance is in the hands of Marcelo Méndez and original music is of Malena Graciosi.

The entrances are on sale to $30, with discount for schools and students.

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