To break the Ice: Compiled of Argentine, Swedish and Norwegian videos

Thursday 22 of April to 17,30, will be realized in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992), the program To break the Ice, compiled of videos of Argentina, Sweden and Norway. The same, will be coordinated by Graciela Taquini.

To break the Ice is compiling of Argentine, Swedish and Norwegian videos, of an hour and a half duration, selected by Kalle Brolin (Sweden), Anna Martine Nilsen (Norway) and Graciela Taquini, (Argentina).

This presentation is within the framework of the project Parallel and Dazzling: encounter of contemporary artists of extreme geographies, itinera project that by different provinces and that comienaza in Jumps.

Cronogram of activities:

Thursday 22 of April

Projection of the program of videos To break the Ice. Presentation in charge of Graciela Taquini and the group To break the Ice. Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps.

Friday 23 of April

Encounter with artists
Artists of the group To break the Ice with artists of Tucuman and Salta. Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps. From 10 to 14 and from 16 to 20.

Saturday 24 of April
Celebration multimedia. Guarda, space of visual arts. From the 22.

Graciela Taquini is professor and lawyer in History of the Arts and from mid the decade of the 80 has specialized in contemporary art and new means.

Curadora of national and international samples, was awarded by the association of critics by its action multimedia. As artist gained the First Prize of the Festival Video Brazil 2005, and their works are collected in the mediateca of the Caixa Forum, the Iván of Valencia, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires and the Castagnino Macro of Rosary. He is educational of the Masters of Electronic Arts of the Untref, Professor consults of the Maimonides University and Professor of the Enerc.

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