Sabrina Garciarena and Gonzalo Heredia will be in Jujuy

This Thursday is released in Jujuy “You congratulate?, the Argentine film directed by Teresa Costantini.

“What five women are silent until the dawn? it is spectacle of the theater group DNA that fulfills a year in poster with sharp success, proposal which I publish jujeño will be able to enjoy in special function east Friday to 22 in the Theater the Return the Century.

It passes in the spring of year 1997, when Adela turns 21 years. In the their anniversary eve the more intimate doubts and secrets will undress on their origin and its family: Mimí, its mother. Antonia and Juana, her aunts, Veronica, its grandmother and a truth next to be revealed, before the dawn arrives.

DNA it takes this history to scene under the sort of the melodrama, with an agile putting that maintains to the spectator in suspended constant while it is shelled history, discovering a dark and intense end, but simultaneously hopeful. It is important to mention that the work represented Jujuy in III the National Encounter of Theater “the Band Muestra Theater? that was realized the month last in the province of Santiago of the Matting.

Without doubts it was a year of profits for this spectacle that once again discovers to DNA as a solid theater group jeopardizes with thematic the social ones of our country. Under the general production of Sergio Diaz Fernandez, Gallant Claudia, Bald Cecilia, Mariela Chávez, Noelia Cáserez and Gabriela Bertolone they will incarnate to these mysterious women.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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