Legal Sandra exhibits its “Northern Mystic?

The pictorial sample will exhibit in the stops of the coliseo jujeño until the 30 of this month, with free and gratuitous entrance.

Northern landscapes and religious institutions are main the thematic ones that Legal Sandra in its exhibited pictorial sample in the stops of the Miter Theater approaches.

“Master my province, respect and I have learned to love its customs and traditions, its idiosyncrasy to the different regions from Jujuy. The Gorge enchants and Fist affects, me until the most intimate fiber? expressed the artist to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The work of Legal began in the painting factory of Delia Mud wall that taught the bases to him to know the world the art.

“I began to create my madnesses, pinto according to which it is born to me from the heart and I put the colors to him that I wish, I put my I touch personal to him because she is what I feel? explained.

The painter defined that their pieces are constituted in a great challenge for their artistic life.

As far as a next exhibition, plastic the native one of San Pedro affirmed that the natural thing in the Yungas will be the main topic to approach.

“I have seen the joy in the people who have visited the rooms, thus she is that she would enchant to me to do after this sample, on the Yungas where I live. I want to paint to the city of San Salvador, that has its strolls and I believe that to this it serves exhibition to give me me to more desire and more forces?.

It is important to emphasize that it enters the artistic and realized pieces the oil, are “the band of sikuris?, “River of Purmamarca?, “Dancing in hills?, “Chapel of Purmamarca?, “the weaver?, “Chapel of Tilcara?, “Encounter of copleras?, “the lapachos?, “Naivete?, “Spirit coya?, “the small village puneño?, “the song in carnival?, “Temple of Small furnaces?, “Whisper of siesta?, “Touching the sky?, “the delay?, “Nostalgia?, “Between hills?, “ corner?, “Chapel of Rinconada?, “the comothers?, “the daily thing?, “Chapel of Uquía?, “the potter? and “I goad of the hairband?.

On the inauguration
The inauguration of the sample was realized days back and counted on the participation of a musical soloist.

A painting exhibition clarified with musical art of accompanied “Me in the inauguration, a singing friend who with a jujeños guitar and subjects good of Broken and Fist was what motivated and sensitized to all, until ended up dancing, something that he is to us usual in this type of painting exhibitions?.

, Finally Legal it mentioned that one feels very been thankful to those who were contributor of this experience.

“This cheered the soul to me because it was what tried, that goes away with a smile?.

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