The Carnavalera in Humahuaca is abre tomorrow

The most outstanding names are added to this proposal of Jose Simón, who will extend until the next Sunday.

On the initiative of the singer humahuaqueño, Jose Simón, a new space in “the historical city? will be inaugurated tomorrow, to celebrate the Carnival.

The Carnavalera is called and will work by four days until Sunday as it soothes of the greatest celebration of the north, with most important presences. Four nights of carnival, will reunite to the most famous exponents of music folkloric jujeña.

“We hoped that it is an encounter that can be continued doing in the coming years, so that this name settles in the country like the place to live the carnival on the province?, commented in conversation with our matutinal one, “we want that people take a good memory of this rock so that she can count it in any place where she lives?.

It is thought with a billboard mainly of local artists, although also folcloristas friendly of Tucuman, Santiago and Buenos Aires will be added, according to explained Simón.

The intention is “to create a space all the jujeños artists to celebrate a celebration that stops we is very symbolic, is most important of the calendar, of something are in favor outstanding in the almanacs who give ourselves in the jujeños commerce, the dates of carnival?, comments the artist, “one that the luck had to cross different places from the country, realizes that the carnival jujeño is incomparable?.

The appointment is in street Buenos Aires 179, of Humahuaca.

Imperdible billboard

The billboard is integrated by Dark brown Aryans, Daniel Vedia, the Cat Garci'a, the Simón Brothers and Jose Simón, that will inaugurate the first night, with Thursday of Comadre. Friday, the artists in the scene will be Takings Lipán, Daniel Vedia, Elías Abalos, Tiny beast Diaz and Jose Simón. Saturday will continue the celebration with Dark brown Aryans, Jujeña Moon, Diableros, Tiny beast Diaz, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and from Tucuman, the Simple one.

Finally, the evening of Sunday will count in the scene of the Carnavalera with Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Diableros, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and the Simple one. In addition, Jose Simón commented that he exists the possibility that adds the santiagueños of Glimpse, and the Tierral of Buenos Aires.

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