The eleventh edition of the Serenade to the Hero is fulfilled today Gaucho

The evening will begin to 21, in the municipal estate. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

With the stellar action of the convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino Serenade to the Hero will rise to the curtain of the eleventh edition of the festival today folkloric Gaucho, who has like scene the locality of Cattle tenders, the appointment is predicted from the 21.

The evening folkloric will be developed, as already it is custom, in the municipal estate of Cattle tenders.
It was already confirmed that the “Chaqueño? will act to the 1,30 of the dawn, whereas the closing is in charge of the Guitarreros group.

The Huayra will raise the scene to 12,20 and jujeño Tomás Lipán will appear to 23. In the first part of the festival they will act Mariana Cayón, Gustavo Cordova, Pullay and Seedtime.
Also Nougat? Juárez will participate to the tucumano humorist “. The outstanding soloist Ana Issa will sing the National anthem, to the midnight.

XI the Serenade to the Hero Gaucho, summons every year to a great amount of public attracted by the popular feeling, the traditions and the outstanding regional gastronomy. With running of the time it was acquiring much importance. Its identification with the figure of the hero gaucho demonstrates every year an original picture of traditional identity, in addition, its objective is to rescue the legitimacy salteña with its cultural and historical value.

Every year, the central figure is the one of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, but in addition an important billboard will accompany the night by Cattle tenders. They will not either lack the traditional furnaces with the quebracho firewood, that stay ignitions to alleviate the low temperatures during the dawn of the 17 of June.

The point of contact has gained importance by this serenade. The covered scene is extensive, of 180 meters square. In addition there is a special sector for the press, another one for the artists and groups, toilets distributed by all the estate for the comfort of the public and a covered giant shed you silverplate for them. Also an important gastronomical movement of the region is registered, of families of the place who, through the traditional meals like the pasties, choripanes, roast and locro, are contributor of this popular celebration.

The “Chaqueño? does not need presentations. Its figure was growing in each of his ignited presentations. Days ago, during the launching of the festival of Cattle tenders it said: “What it is lived in the scene, singing with people, he is unique. I am a singer of the town, my public is my landlord, my head?.

Also the presentation of the Huayra woke up enormous expectation. Juan Sources, Juan Jose Vasconcellos, Sebastián Giménez, Luis Benavídez, Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico promised to sing the people to him of Cattle tenders, and these salteños boys never fail. Endorsed by a long crossed way, today they are proud of to have gained the musical respect of his pairs and the recognition of the public of all the country. The artists consecration of the last edition of Cosquín also will say present. Cafayateña Mariana Cayón will arrive with his quena to give its exquisite Latin American repertoire. On the other hand, Guitarreros will show why a place of privilege within the national popular song book gained. Gustavo Cordova also will participate in this encounter folkloric.

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