The celebration in the mythical scene “Single Payó? untied

Sergio Galleguillo and Nacho and Daniel were the people in charge of the outbreak of joy in the Enchanted Warehouse.

How beautiful serenatera moon was lived in the Enchanted Warehouse! The night vió “empachada? of good folklore with artists who stood out on the scene “Single Payo?. It was not needed the phrase Alegrate, Cafayate! The public danced and sang until the dawn.

Zambas, farmers, huaynos, carnavalitos and chayas sweetened the ear of the presents. Accidentally, this last La Riojan rate was the one that untied to the celebration in its maximum expression in the estate “Hunting Caesar?. Everything dyed of target between the foam and the flour that flew by the air in the middle of an overflowed concurrence of joy. Sergio Galleguillo, who is a classic one in the most important festivales of the country, did not keep anything and unfolded his carpero repertoire to the maximum.

The folklore in addition was represented with one of his more genuine exponents: the pair Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes). The artists left in clear why they gained as much respect within the circuit of the popular song book. They showed his recent elaborations and also they brought to the memory to the Singers of the Dawn, interpreting unforgettable the classic ones of remembered joint salteño.

The first ovación was for Paola Aryan, that with its charisma put in the “pocket? to the presents. When “the Gauchita? took leave of its action and the speakers prepared themselves to present/display the next number, people reverted the situation and, asking twice, the native young person of Rosary of the Border returned to the scene to give another subject.

From the Fist jujeña lowered legendary the Lipán Takings to sentence that the use is its “permanent partner? and who, while its voice resonates between hills, it will continue plotting the course in the festivales.

ace of La Rioja

What singer the “Sorceress? Salguero! The La Riojan did not have disadvantages in conquering the silence and the respect of the Enchanted Warehouse. Although it counts on a remarkable trajectory on his backs, very not very often its figure glimpsed in this part of the country. Without doubts, now it will be noticeable with a label of “great?.

Also Toledo caused to joy the return of the “Tufa?, who for years took root in Commodore Rivadavia. Its voice follows intact and added widely to the spectacle.

The public encariñó also with Nando “the Salteño?, but the great guarded surprise of third was the young person Federico Maldonado, to whom did not concern the schedule nor the fatigue to him of people. The singer salteño raised with the first light of the day and returned to ignite the celebration in the estate. His first experience in the Serenade did not weigh to him for anything, quite the opposite: it showed soltura and it enjoyed this magical evening.

The billboard was completed with Pancho Acosta, Echoes of my Earth, Yalo Cuéllar, Copleros, the Yunta, Inti Kari, Yacones, Quorum, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

Today they will act Red Jorge and the Huayra

Fifth guarded from the Serenade to Cafayate it will be tempting for any lover of the folklore, since the scene they will today raise to Red Jorge and the consecrated group the Huayra. In addition, the billboard will be completed with important artists.

From its separation of the Nocheros, its race as soloist were widely successful. It was born in Cutral Co, Neuquén, but from small salteño moved next to its family to the Chaco. Fan to music and the folklore, grew in a family of singers and poets, reason why from boy he was undergoing all the feeling of national music. Surrounded by zambas, farmers, vidalas and bagualas, it began to dream and to sing for its people.

It participated in a called pair Those of the Hill, but it was just in 1992 when the Nocheros knew the group, integrated then by Rubén Ehizaguirre, Quique Eyrie and the brothers Kike and Mario Teruel. All the nights one delighted with its presentations in the General Rock Güemes and one imagined that it was member of the group. For that reason great it was its surprise when one of its members, Quique Eyrie, decided to leave the set and was invited to replace it. Its first great emotion was in 1994, when the Nocheros obtained the greater aspiration of all artist folkloric: the consecration in Cosquín. But a day got tired to share poster and decided to direct like soloist, being obtained innumerable successes.

In as much, Luis Benavídez, Juan Sources, the “Colo? Vasconcellos and Sebastián Jiménez also will contribute his tonight to the Serenade. Surely many supporters will arrive from different provinces from the NOA, since this set, in the last years, gained the label of convoking. The billboard also will count on: Rafael Love, Mariana Reed, Marcela Ceballos, the Group Magnet, the Bandeños, Nicholas Mathey and his set, Rosita Jiménez, Leandro Robin, the Gold Mariachis, the delegation of Jujuy, Contempo, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

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