Three interesting samples are inaugurated in the MAC

Friday 12 of March to 20 in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Zuviría 90), the samples will be inaugurated Disarms Desama, of Javier the Vázquez and turns and returns, of Marta Sanchez. Also it will be qualified a exhibition that it will present incorporations 2009 the Collection the Museum.

In Low Planta, it will be inaugurated It disarms Desama, composed by paintings, photographs, music and objects of Javier the Vázquez.

This sample is the final stage of work in progress denominated Disarms Desama. Now it takes the form from installation with paintings of great format. The same work began in 2007 within the framework of another denominated project Reading room (Collective Book Project of Artist) and continued with an installation of the same name in center Cutlural Vir it of the National University of Tucuman. From the beginning, the work looks for to reflect about questions related to the antinomy love lack of affection and memory forgetfulness (taken like fundantes organizations from our knowledge and identity).

The installation altogether completes with contemporary, compound music with the musician Luis Alonso of the Bárcena. In the work, conceived for piano, electronic voice and means, random and the superposition of pianos and effects of delay are fundamental part at the time of the execution live.

Javier Alexander Vázquez is licensed in Plastic Arts and Graphical Designer. He has worked in the field of the design and the communication. Ligature to the field of teaching and investigation and management owns a vast professional experience. It has realized numerous individual exhibitions and collective in the province of Tucuman, It jumps and Rosary.

On the other hand, in High Planta it will be qualified the sample Incorporations 2009 to the Collection of the MAC: paintings and photographies. In the same, the new incorporated works of Argentine art to their collection will appear during the 2009. Altogether, they are 45 works of the artists Leon Ferrari, Liliana Porter, Nicola Costantino, Flavors Neyman Zerda, Veronica Garci'a, Pink Pablo, Elda Harrington, Martin Santander and Chloé Henderson.

The lecture (the lesson) of Liliana Porter and Costurera de Nicola Costantino, was acquired in the Fair of Contemporary Art arteBA´09, by means of the Program Matching Funds arteBA - Zurich 2009.

Also in High Planta, it will be possible to be appreciated Of turns and returns, paintings of Marta Sanchez.

One is about an elaborated series with a sometimes sculptural image giving sometimes to the slowness sensation in a game of texture and color or a subtle loaded liviandad of dynamism. Turning on its axis, it surrounds unshakeable rocky objects and luminous metals suggesting natural forms in a subtle handling of tension and forces that tend to the concealment, beyond all anecdotal intention.

The light is a constant presence, establishing alive resistances, tridimencionalizando the forms other people's to the reality, projecting shades that play with the sense of mass in a permanent mutation in contrast between the open thing and the closed thing.

Marta Sanchez constructs to its artistic reality from the studies realized in the Provincial school of Beautiful Arts “Takings Goatherd? of Jumps, where it withdraws like Professor in Visual Arts specialty Painting in 1994. It realizes in permanent form advanced officer training courses and participates in days on the theoretical aspect of the art in Jumps, Tucuman and in Olguín (Cuba).

It puts his greater persistence in the artistic production, which is demonstrated in the great amount of individual samples that realizes.

It has also painted murals in the School Zorrilla Youngest child and in the School of Beautiful Arts of It jumps, these in joint form. Individually the Painting International participated in IV the Encounter Mural in Santiago of Cuba in 1999 and 2000 in the Second World-wide Day of Mural in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.

The samples could be visited of Tuesday 20 Saturdays from 9 and Sunday from 16 20.

Majors information in Zuviría 90 or calling to telephone 0387 4370498/3036.

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