The sample was inaugurated “Women of the Mother country?

One is the images of different heroins that marked national history.

In a simple act, it was generally inaugurated for the public the sample “Women of the Mother country? in the hall the Popular Library.

“In this sample they are all the women who marked history and who were very representative, some are hidden heroins and, that from the foundation, we have brought to light and we want to show them? expressed.

Organized by the foundation “To pound Bermúdez?, this cultural activity has the objective to pay tribute to the feminine figure, remembering those women who left their legacy in our mother country from the virreinato of the River of the Silver to the present time.

For this reason, the pictures of Bernardina Mexía Mirabal, Gregoria Matorras, Mariquita Sanchez, Carmen Puch, Manuela Pedraza, Magdalena Güemes, Juana Manuela Gorriti, Paula Albarracín, Maria of the Remedies Scaled, Incarnation Ezcurra, Manuela Pink, the Delfina (company of Francisco Ramirez), Dolores Blackberry of the Fertile valley, Eva Perón, Alfonsina Storni, Rosary Peñaloza Side, Ocampo Victory, Alicia Moreau, Laura Ana Merello (“Tita?), Mothers and Grandmothers of Place of May, Mercedes Sosa and Luciana Aymar, are exhibited in this exhibition that commemorates to the “Day the International of the Woman?.

Awards of “Woman Action?

Continuing with the tributes by the week of the woman, the foundation “To pound Bermúdez? will behind schedule make delivery this to 17,30 of the denominated distinction “Woman Action 2010? in the institution located in the street San Martin 236.

The community generally will be able to participate in this activity where it will be clear the women who stood out by their work year in the last: in the political scope, educative, Literature, social, militancy and in the sport activity.

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