The Exhibition was inaugurated XIII “the Bible in Jumps?

Until the 30 of September it will be realized in the General Coordination of Libraries and Archives of the province (Av. Belgrano 1002), XIII the Exhibition the Bible in Jumps. The same is organized by the bookstore San Pablo, the Christian Ecumenical Movement of Jumps, the Biblical Society the Catholic International and the Institute for the Integration of Saber of the Catholic University of Jumps. The inauguration act was realized Monday 21 of September the past, with the presence of Felipe H. Medina, director of San Pablo; Expensive Gregorio Figueroa, general coordinator of Libraries and File of the Province of Salta and Hugo Vergara, Archdeacon of the Church.

Expensive Figueroa made mention at the beginning of this activity: “When in 1997 an individual approached the Provincial Library to offer its support to the accomplishment of a exhibition of old units, we did not doubt in giving course to the initiative. This activity register in the objective of the General Program of Libraries and Archives, of 1996 still in use, that talks about to the diffusion of the book and the reading. In his first edition, the Exhibition of Bible counted on the cooperation of Bookstore San Pablo and several religious communities, including the Catholic Church, that were summoned with the amplest criterion.

But besides the old units, partial translations could be exposed and total of the Bible in native languages of the region, which constituted not only a curiosity, but a privileged sign of the cultural multiplicity of Jumps, and an exponent of an expensive specific activity to the diffusion of the reading, as she is the one to translate.

From the following year, the same communities also participated like co-organizer in the activities that accompany the exhibition by the units of the Bible. Activities for children, women, young people became. These last ones, with the sign of music and the dance, and with the own enthusiasm of youth. We have been able to listen to conferences of excellent intellectual and religious level, and very instructive testimonies of translators and experts in some aspects of the Biblical transmission.

The six first exhibitions were organized by the Provincial Library Doctor Victorino of the Place with the cooperation of the religious communities and the two great Biblical societies of our country: the Biblical Society the Catholic International, Sobicaín, and the Biblical Society Argentina, of the other Christian churches. The works and the encounter gave rise to the culture of a certain friendship between the participants, who we understand contributed to the fortification of the ecumenical coexistence. Although it is not a direct objective of this Coordination, we see this fruit with satisfaction we also considered and it of our public interest, since another objective of the Program arrives mentioned is to contribute to the democratic coexistence and the culture of values like the tolerance.

The excellent understanding with the religious leaders very had an appreciated effect for this Coordination. In 1999, by means of agreement with the local Anglican community, the Primate of World-wide the Anglican Church, the bishop of Canterbury doctor George Sea turtle, it presided over in the Provincial Library the unique act witnessed by notary public during the first visit from a Primate to the diocese of the North of that Church, act which attended monsignor Blanchoud, then archbishop of Jumps. “

The Programming:

Days 22, 23 and 24 of September in hours in the morning will be realized activities with students of 6º year EGB 2, coordinated by the Shepherd David Theys (Lutheran Church), Maria Lucrecia Giudice of the Movement of the Focolares, Irma Serrudo de Villena (Church Worshippers of God) and Hugo Vergara (Anglican Church).

During those days, in the schedule from 20 to 22 the priesthood of Jesus Christ will be developed to the Biblical course - Study of the Letter to Hebrew by the presbitero the Oscar Mud wall, professor of the Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL) and of the Catholic University of Santiago of Estero (UCSE).

Also activities outside the Coordination of Archives and Libraries will be realized: Thursday 24 to 17,30 in the Great Classroom of the UCASAL, the conference Bible and Internet, the Sinaítico Codex will take place in virtual format by the presbítero Oscar Mud wall. And Friday 25 to 18 in the Chapel of the National University of Youthful Encounter Jumps will be developed to the Expo Lived Word, coordinated by the Shepherd David Theys (Lutheran Church) and Maria Lucrecia Giudice of the Movement of the Focolares

Monday 28 to 19,30 in soothes of the Coordination of Archives and Libraries, the Father Adolph Barrionuevo, Parish priest of San Jorge (Orthodox Church) will give to the conference Bible and Icons - the Word of God in images. 19,30 Tuesday 29 to, the Theologian and Episcopal Secretary of the Anglican Church Hans Breekveldt will speak on Time and Stations in the espiritualidad of the Old Testament Part I. and 19,30 Wednesday 30 to, the second part of this conference will take place.

They participate the Archbishopric of Jumps, the Lutheran Church Argentina, Anglican Church (Diocese of the Argentine North), Antiochian Orthodox Catholic Church, Movement of the Focolares, Biblical Society Argentina and the Church Worshippers of God.

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