The call for the Regional Festival of Short was sent

The secretary of Culture of the Province Mariano Ovejero headed Wednesday the launching of I SAW Regional Festival of Shorts Edgardo Chibán, contest that he invites to participate in different categories from all the audio-visual producers of Region NOA of the country.

The chief of a main directorate Area of Cinema Alexander Rice, coordinator of the Andrea Festival local Rico and Andrea Guaymas participated in the act of Cultural Management Eleonora Grifasi, referring of the Audio-visual Means and, producers, journalists and public generally.

Producers of Jump, Tucuman, Jujuy, Santiago of Estero and Catamarca, will be able to participate in this call in anyone of the following categories: Fiction, Documentary and Super Short.

Ovejero emphasized the importance of this festival like incentive of the audio-visual production, and affirmed that “the cinema is the eye of the freedom?, mentioning the recognized director of cinema Susana Velleggia. “Of all the artistic manifestations, the audio-visual one is one of which better it reflects the social reality. It owns great importance in the diffusion of the ideas, of the identity and in the social cohesion?, it added

On the other hand, Rice announced the newness of this edition: the inclusion, in tribute to the actress salteña recently passed away, of the prize Claudia Bonini to the Best Feminine and Masculine Action.

Also, one inquired that thematic him of works he is free, and that the duration of the works of the categories Documentary Fiction and will not have to exceed the 30 minutes, whereas for the Short Super category, the maximum time is of 5 minutes.

The following prizes will be given:

First Prize Edgardo Chibán Better Short Fiction: $1.500
Secondly Prize Edgardo Chibán Better Short Fiction: $ 500.

First Prize Edgardo Chibán Better Documentary Short: $1.500
Secondly Prize Edgardo Chibán Better Documentary Short: $ 500.

First Prize Edgardo Better Short Super Chibán: $1.500
Secondly Prize Edgardo Better Short Super Chibán: $ 500.

Prize Claudia Bonini to the Best Feminine Action.
Prize Claudia Bonini to the Best Masculine Action.

The date limit of work reception is Friday 9 of October of the current, and the material reception will begin Monday 7 of September.

It is important to add that the announcement of the winning shorts will be made within the framework of XIII the Week of Argentine Cinema in Jumps, that will be realized from the 18 to the 24 of October. The exhibition of the awarded and mentioned works will take place in the Section Shorts of the mentioned Week.

The Inscription and request of forms will be realized in the Main directorate of Cultural Management of the Secretariat of Culture, Miter 23, 4400 Salta. The bases and list of credits for the inscription can unload in

On the Regional Festival of Shorts Edgardo Chibán

The Regional Festival of Shorts Edgardo Chibán has been a contest organized by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, and was born for six years with the intention of promoting the accomplishment of shorts in the region of the Argentine Northwest; to find a frame adapted to evaluate its development and importance; to grant to this artistic manifestation the space its diffusion and to generate between the producers a place of knowledge and interchange, fomenting the reciprocal relations.

Throughout his editions it has counted with the participation of great number of producers of all the provinces, and the exhibition of the selected works has become one of the principles attractions of each one of the Weeks of Argentine Cinema in Jumps, being elevated like a show window of the emergent local audio-visual production.

Egardo Chibán was professor of philosophy, architect, loving thinker and of the cinema. It had a key place in the impulse and diffusion of the cinematographic circuit in Jumps, del that participated creative in the stature of Lucrecia Martel.

Their knowledge of theory, critic and technique of the cinema won a national and international recognition to him in that field. One formed in Europe with the greatest philosophers. He was disciple of Foucault and friend of Deleuze.

It coordinated successive editions of the Week of Argentine Cinema imprimiendo a distinguishing seal, and samples to them of independent cinema. It dictated in addition, different seminaries on cinema and cinematographic critic.

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