They appear Song today the 4 and Five Voices

The artistic billboard is completed with the consecrated Abel Pinto. The spectacle will begin to 23 in the Station Mega.

The curtain of the Dance Cacharpaya will rise to take passage to great artists. The meeting folkloric, that will have like scene the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800), will begin to 23.
Abel Pinto will arrive with all successes to add to this proposal of Mario Teruel and Alexander Palaces. The young singer also will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the subjects of his last record material titled “the key?.

Song 4 will be another strong bet of the organizers. During the past few years, this group salteño comes gaining space in the most important festivales from the country.

The formation is composed by Juan Peñalva (big drum and voice), Facundo Rufino (guitar and voice), Rodrigo Villarreal (guitar and voice) and Iván Side (guitar and voice).

The group was born in `99 when the young people were students of the Tomasini school. By those years they gained a called contest “Is born a star? and it encouraged that them to put completely in the world of music.

The 2003 were a decisive year for them. The dreams governed their minds and they did not doubt in betting hard to its talent. They took root in Buenos Aires, after being declared Consecration of the Serenade to Cafayate. From they were evolving there, without stopping working an own style.

As if this outside little, the program will include the action of the feminine set the Five Voices. The group is integrated by Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski. The girls appeared successfully in diverse festivales folkloric of the country. Its new disc calls “the Five Voices? and the first cut, whose letter composed Veronica Marcos and Jimena Teruel and that has music of Issa Solitude, denominates “lofty Caminito?.

This work includes ten subjects, the majority of responsibility of the group. In the repertoire of songs Latin rates megre folkloric and, with the unquestionable seal of these fresh voices salteñas.
In, Abel as much Pinto it will offer a show integrated with all successes and also the key will present the subjects its last record material “?.

One is a spectacle of great technical quality and puttings in scene of first level.

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