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The first CD of the pair Huku Mallku appeared

With an overwhelmed audience, the pair Huku Malku integrated by the musicians Jose “Bear� Martinez and their small Mallku son, presented/displayed the first record material titled “ancestral Song�, in the great classroom of soothes university of the Quiaca.

“This work is what I have dreamed since was a boy, and with the arrival of my son I have been able to make specific this dream, because thanks to his musical talent, it pushes and it forces I could make specific this dream�, expressed Martinez when beginning to touch the subjects including in the compact disc for the delight of all the public present.

The artistic pair is recognized in the border city, given to its participation in the festivales and cultural encounter, “Art by and for all�, organized by the Municipality of the Quiaca in different districts from the city.

In these presentations the pair demonstrated to its talent, gaining the admiration and the affection of people, since he is not usual to see a small one like Mallku execute the percussion and sing in rate and tone with much diversion.

In the presentation outstanding people participated, like the intendant of the Ernesto city Daniel Suárez who was thankful for the support and participation of people in this presentation.

“We have the function of being facilitators of situations that have considered to us throughout this management. Two years ago we began�, honored the communal head when indicating that “the gesture of Mallku, a prodigious boy in which does what it likes. So we decided to give a small aid him because we know that the work of them this position here, the concerted effort of them is put in this CD, hopefully who have very many luck, knows that it to be useful�, it referred more ahead.

The civil servant also indicated his will to continue supporting initiatives artistic-musical comedies in the city.

“Today he touches you, Huku Mallku, and surely tomorrow he will touch to another one; the idea is to be able to be always present, to be a facilitator for our culture�, concluded the head of the commune quiaqueña.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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