The Encounter comes III from Inclusive Dance in Jujuy

This activity, that counts on the coordination of Cecilia Ortega and Olga Chiabrando, will be carried out in two spaces.

9 and 10 of July in the schedule from 10 to 13 the Encounter of Inclusive Dance will be realized III in Jujuy, in the Spanish Society located in Senator Perez Belgrano corner.

In the occasion, the students and people with incapacities motorboats and interested in undergoing this discipline will be able to construct a “common earth?, cradle in the communication, confidence in the group, listens, the movement from the potentialities of the group, the attention to the sensation, the contact with the other, the Earth and the space, to give and to receive weight and structures of improvisation.

Another activity that will be realized within the framework of the encounter will be the denominated course “the Authentic Movement like recreational practice?, that will be place the same, from 15 to 19,30 in the School Superior of Dances “Fontenla Norm? of Madrid 438.

From listening and not to say to him to the body what must do, the movement arises from a different root, the individual will less undergo new expressions, that will make possible the opening and communication of new forms, more original and stereotyped.

As it forms creative, Authentic Movement will facilitate the connection with the capacity to create inherent to the nature.

The educational ones that will be in charge of this activity will be Sandra Martinez (Rosary), certified in DanceAbility Teacher Training (Eugene, Oregon; The United States). In addition, it organized and it participated in different Workshop de DanceAbility with Alito Alessi.

She is professor of Yoga, instructor of Therapeutic Esferodinamia (Research center and Corporal Study of Techniques and Languages in Buenos Aires), Popular Educator (Popular University “Mothers of Place of May?), Psicodramatista (School Port Rosary, Society Argentina de Psicodra-ma), instructor of the Pilates Method (Mat Work) and at the moment attends the third year of the race of Eutonia, in the Latin American Association of Eutonia.

Also he is educational of corporal techniques such as Pilates, Esferodinamia, Contact Improvisation, DanceAbility, Authentic Movement.

It is Popular and alfabetizadora Educator of adults, since it dictates to classes in the Gabriela Study Morals and in the Study of Art and Movement of It devours Abecasis, both of Rosary province of Santa Fe; and Lozano participates in the educational equipment of the Formation of Esferodinamia for the Position with professor Anabella.

By information and inscription, the interested ones will be able to communicate to 0388-4315114

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