2ª comes Celebration from the Native Culture

Important figures of the popular song will go to the shared in common event.

The Celebration of the Native Culture will have artists of the stature of Red Jorge, the Kjarkas, Sergio Galleguillo, Song 4, Mariana Cayón and Guitarreros, among others. As if this was little, the teacher of ceremony will be the recognized conductor and speaker Juan Alberto Badía. In Santa Victoria This, the outstanding of the Week of May is the accomplishment of the festival that has like creator to the singer Red Jorge. The activities will be realized in the property Erased Mark, of the community the Favor.

Everything will begin next Friday with the opening of the official rock. Saturday the acts in the School 4171 Nº and the inauguration will be made of the health center. Soon it will begin first of the two nights of the Celebration of the Native Culture. Sunday the “Triatlón of Monte? will be carried out. At night the closing of the festival will be realized folkloric.

Monday will have marked of cattle, cuadreras races and Dalmiro Cuéllar will appear.

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