The privateerings in San Pedro come

The Privateerings 2010 that will begin tomorrow and will extend until Saturday 27 of this month.

The Sampedreños Privateerings will be lived in 10 nights of spectacles throughout 8 pictures that cover the circuit. In all their extension they will be able to be located comfortably in the confectioneries, pizzerías and bars; as well as in individual chairs and the launching slips in front of the imposing central scene.

They will be able to interact with the entertainers who in each square will cause that the participants give to the public creating an atmosphere of celebration without equal.

The 40 groupings that appear and the individual disguises, all with important locally made suits, group in different headings from comparsas artistic with from Rio de Janeiro profile to comparsas indigenous with great large masks and swarms with shining pens and suits, passing through folkloric sayas and native the IMP-IMP with ancestral roots.

The privateerings are a great total celebration of color and joy where the public amuses itself playing with foam in aerosol, pricked paper, talc and everything what he is allowed in a warm and respectful frame.

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