“It changes, everything changes " in the room Gallant

It is a piece of the Nenúfares group that was made from carried out improvisations in a theater factory.

The group of Nenúfares theater will present/display the work “Changes, everything changes? to 22 tonight, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?.

The work counts the history of Leticia, a woman who decided to order his placard and finds in him, a box with objects of its past.

These found elements will bring to the scene their memories, and histories that her grandmother next to the glance of chusmas of the town told.

This artistic initiative was elaborated from carried out improvisations in the theater factory.

The Nenúfares group arose in 2007, in the factory of theater in charge of Marcela Cura. The same form leaves from the set of proposals of the Department of Retired Cultural Extension of the Center of of Jujuy.

In that year the first titled proposal was released “Histories of Famous Women?, cradle in the biography of feminine figures of our history and, the last year, the group penetrated in humor through the piece “Eyes that do not see?, a story of Fontanarrosa. It is important to honor that the entrance is free and gratuitous, with the collaboration of diapers appointed the boys of the Hospital of Children.

The German band Haggard will bring to Jumps its proposal of symphonic rock

The salteños of Saying of the Limb will be the teloneros of the show.

The lovers of heavy metal will return to enjoy another show of international character, since the Germans of Haggard will include to Jumps within their national tour. One of the most important bands of the gothic scene at world-wide level will bring its symphonic metal proposal, death metal and doom metal, to the Theater of the Orchard. The recital will be today, from the 21.30.

For Saying the salteños musicians of the Limb, the one of today it will be one night special because they will have the possibility of being the teloneros of this show of international character.

The Adagio name of the two Limb summarizes meaning totally opposite, on the one hand divine (limb) and the earthly thing (saying). Both concepts are reflected in the letters of their songs, all of their responsibility, that speaks of the human emotions and tells to myths and legend.

It is the unique band in Jumps that it makes “metal gothic?, a style that mixes heavy music with the classic music and that is characterized by the incorporation of feminine and masculine voices, especially sopranos and tenors.

Next to record their first record work, the musicians Saying of the Limb characterize themselves to include in their repertoire subjects of their responsibility.

Between earthly and the divine thing

In spite of to have formed in the 2002, Saying of the Limb today lives its better moment, not only because it will have the opportunity of being telonera of one of the three more important bands of the gothic scene at world-wide level, but also because it counts on a consolidated formation, after several changes during last the seven years. Their present members are Romina Sandoval (lyrical voice), Maria Schneider (lyrical voice), Luis Flowers (lyrical voice), Carlos Compared (battery and programming), Hernán Herrera (guitars) and Daniel Murillo (under). Between his next projects it is the recording of his first record work. “The Adagio name of the Limb lets to us write on many things. Saying is related to the earthly thing and the Limb symbolizes the divine thing, that is to say what is outside the human knowledge. In the letters of our songs one is reflected the perfect balance between the land and the extra-sensory thing?, explained the Carlos drummer Compared.

The romanticism of Nicola Di Bari arrives at the Provincial one

It arrives at the Provincial Theater the legend from romantic music from years “70, the singing outstanding Italian Nicola Di Bari. In an exclusive visit, unique in the NOA, Wednesday 16 of December, to 22, in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps, will present/display their great successes like Vagabond, Today volume my guitar, Rose, the days of arcoiris, Violets and the foreigner. Nicola Di Bari begins its extensive and successful race winning festivales in its province of Foggia origin in Apulia in which it practically devastated. It impelled it to this to that at the end of the? 50 one moved to Milan, city that most of agglutinated the musical movement of the time.

In this Nicola atmosphere it fits quickly getting to form his own band, today mythical Saar.

Once dissolved the group, its race like soloist begins, takes which it to the unstoppable triumph and unquestionable in which several numbers one obtained that it is considered and recognized like one of the singers greater than never had given Italy.

Double winner of the prestigious Festival of San Remo, Nicola Di Bari has prevailed with songs that today are part of best Italian music, European and world-wide. As it shows of that coarse one to mention titles like the first Beautiful thing, the heart is a gypsy, Guitar sounds more slowly, Il Mondo and Grigio Il Mondo and Blue, Agnese, last the romantic one, among others successes, that serve to him to act anywhere in the world and to be recognized.

Nicola Di Bari is, without a doubt, a fascinating personage, owner of a voice easy to identify, unique, enthusiastic, dramatic, sentimental and romantic, that the course of its particular form to live has not done more than to improve and to praise until highest.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $160, $140 and $120, Theater box $100, Pullman and Súper Pullman $70.

The Symphonic one dismisses its season with a imperdible repertoire of Argentine music

After to release the Traviata next to Iñaki Urlezaga in Buenos Aires, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will dismiss Season 2009, 19 and 20 of December, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps and the Municipal Polideportivo of Field Santo, respectively. Both presentations will be dedicated to Argentine music and will count on the action of luxury soloists: Juan Falú (guitar) and Rolando Goldman (charango).

Saturday 19, the concert will be directed by the teacher Luis Gorelik, whereas the presentation of Sunday 20 in Field Santo, is realized under the baton of Thin Yeny.

The repertoire that will be interpreted in the second part of the evenings, has been chosen especially to dismiss cultured Season 2009 being rendered our music and its creators.

In the first part, the public will be able to enjoy the Symphony Nº 4 in the Major, Op. 90 “Italian? of Felix Mendelssohn.

Soon the turn will arrive from Argentine music. First of all, Sanjuanino will be interpreted I am (for guitar, charango and orchestra of cords) and the Argentine folkloric Suite for guitar and orchestra of cords of Juan Falú, with orchestral adjustments of Andres To pound.

Later, one will offer a work selection of different composers with adjustments for charango and orchestra from cords realized by Juan Quintero. Under the common denominator of sonorous Landscapes of Argentina, Green rosemary of the brothers will be interpreted Prado, Dance of the mature maize of Atahualpa Yupanqui, Longing for the Carnival (Anonymous), Thinking about her of Orozco and Barrientos, Reconciled of Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón and forgotten Atahualpa Yupanqui and the brothers Diaz.

The end of the program will arrive with Laurel of Juan Falú.

The entrances for the concert of Saturday 19, in the Provincial Theater of Jump, will be for sale from Monday 14 in ticket office (Zuviría 70). The concert in Field Santo will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance.

Eleonora Diaz Spaventa presents/displays “the World on Your feet?

With an important putting in scene, the study of Dances of Eleonora Diaz Spaventa will present/display the spectacle the World on Your feet Tuesday 15 of December, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater. This putting in scene is conformed by fragments of the ballet the Daughter of the Pharaoh and numbers of classic, Spanish dance, jazz and hip hop. 80 dancers in scene as of the three years will appear, including students and teachers.

In May of 2009, the study appeared in the Cordova contest Dance in the city of Villa Carlos Peace, with recognized juries, obtaining important prizes. The clothes, extremely original, were selected by the Provincial Theater to participate in the sample that was realized the past in month of June.

General entrance $30, for sale in the ticket office of the Theater as of Friday 4 of December.

Moments of Candle Garci'a Schwarcz

Sunday 13 of December, to 19, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the final sample of the Study of Dances will be realized Candle Garci'a Schwarcz. The same includes, under the name of Moments, different choreographic proposals. The Study of Dances has been coming working for several years in the formation from children and young people in the difficult art of the dance with optimal results. The first prizes obtained in contests guarantee their work of recognized trajectory.

The students of Nascent and Intermediate Level received technical attendance of the teacher Lourdes Font (Withdrawn of the Institute of Art of the Theater Columbus and Maestra Trainer of the Ballet of the Province) and the air control team of received classes of Technique Clásica and Partenaire with the Facundo dancer Towers. The Camila girl Go'mez (7) was selected by hearing to participate next to the Ballet of the Province in Pedro and the Wolf.

Moments it is a dynamic spectacle, that offers colorful diversity and. He is destined to all the family, with the guarantee of which nobody is going away to bore. “It is the ideal moment so that the parents who observe interest by the dance in its children, they know our work they excite and them?.

The first part is an adaptation of the story of Disney, that in this function will take the name of You foretell…! in a work with 80 children and young people in scene. Personages like Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Rosette, Fawn, Iridessa, Vidia, gotitas of water, bichitos of light, flowers, rainbow, in a world of you foretell full of magic and fantasy… in a frame where the classic dance is the expression means. The clothes design and accomplishment were in charge of Forest Hernandez and the idea, choreography, putting and direction by professor Candela Garci'a Schwarcz.

The second part of Moments is composed by works created especially by the Teachers of the Study for the lucimiento of its students: Arab in charge of Gabriela Acosta, Rythmical Gymnastics by Veronica Lorenzo and Jazz by Candle Garci'a Schwarcz.

General entrance to $20, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Andrea Rico and Santiago Lamagni closes “the Song that is born new?

As it closes of the cycle the Song that Is born New, Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico will offer a recital the next Saturday 12 of December, to 22, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Accompanied by Ramiro Aquino in low and Gabriel Turfs in percussion, the local musicians will present/display a repertoire integrated by own compositions and classic works of the pop music, proposing a route by the rates, colors and poetry of the Latin American song.

Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico initiated their musical history by year 1995 with the purpose of to show songs that they look for to transmit thoughts, to forge foundations of brings back to consciousness social and to live urgencies like the love, the death, the fright and the tenderness; main motivating forces that conformed this reduced joint.

In September, October and November of 2007, the pair carries out a tour by Argentina and Cuba, that culminated with its participation in XV Encuentro de Latin American Cultura of Holguín. In Poetic April of 2008 they participate in II the Encounter of in the province of Tucuman, organized by the National University of Tucuman and the Cultural Being of that city.

Santiago and Andrea are preparing the edition of their first record work, whose presentation is anticipated for April of the next year.

The young artists stand out by their delicate esthetic value and the subtility that unfolds in each of their presentations, proposing to the Song as a form to create, to live and to reflect.

The Cycle

Organized by the group of alternative culture, Between the Fright and the Tenderness, the Song that Is born New is a cycle that intends the diffusion of the work of independent cantautores of the rear area, promoting alternative spaces of encounter between the public and the artist.

The tucumanos artists Topo Encinar, Matías Manzur, Marks “Indian? Cansinos and the mendocino cantautor Hugo comprised of this cycle Fernandez Panconi.

Entrances for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture. Anticipated $10, the day of spectacle $15.

“What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy?

The Blue Factory invites upon presentment of the book What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy and inauguration of the sample of the original paintings illustrate that it. It will take place Saturday 12 of December to 18 in the hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

What would happen if you were the president? … and if you drew one rayuela and it raised flight? What would happen if God remained slept? and… if the imagination you outside trip? and if a day of these your shade decided abandonarte? What would happen if the cockroaches rebelled themselves? and if… a day you entered your room, and all fears would be sentaditos in your bed? what would happen if the artists governed the world?

These, and many other questions and their corresponding answers, are an advance payment of the new book of the Blue Factory: What would happen if…? Salad of questions, answers and fantasy. This it is the result of the annual work of the boys who attend the space of art “for boys with small birds in the head? directed by Silvia Katz in Jumps. The questions and answers are informed with paintings (acrylic on fabric, 40 xs 50 cm) of the children, ordinates by age.

“For years, Silvia Katz works with boys in its Blue Factory of Jumps. It has constructed with them several books it has published and them. I can imagine them making these unique books like in the medieval factories. Untiringly, producing each and every one of the parts soon to assemble them.

In his Grammar of the Fantasy, the Italian Gianni Rodari proposed to stimulate the imagination with the fantastic hypothesis: two terms were joined at random and it gambled with his possibilities. In that sense, What would happen if…? he explores with respect and freshness the images and the thoughts arisen in the activities of the factory.

A book so that the boys enjoy and confirm that they have a space from which can affect the readers. And a revealing book for the adults, to remember who we were and, if is lucky, also who we are? describes Jorge Accame.

The sample will be qualified until the 31 of January of 2010.
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