This it is my body, you eat all of him

The young artist salteña presents/displays an installation with an retort of his body turned into unleavened bread.

The artist salteña Manuela de la Cruz rides on two passions: the scenic arts and the visual arts. For that reason, their artistic projects look for a confluence between both disciplines, using the body as sustenance. In the sample that at the moment presents/displays in the Fedro Gallery (Alberdi 1034), the sculptor offers an installation and objects that are transparent that search in which it has embarked. Manuela (that with this exhibition inaugurates its presence in Jumps), chose to give itself like food, on a table. “I made an retort of my bread body. I did it because from the original idea it wanted to work with the real body like matter. By certain circumstance (institutional), that possibility refused to me. Then I put myself to think why it wanted to use my body and not another material. I realized of which for me he is something essential, fundamental. If our body is not, it does not exist nothing else, because we did not perceive. I meant the same of another form. The unleavened bread (without leavening) is one of the oldest foods of the humanity. Only water and horneada flour (or simply dried to the sun). This, added to all the symbolic load that entails `the bread of every day' like which the man cannot need Earth body-matter?, explained the young artist, daughter of a great creator, Alexander de la Cruz, deceased in 2003. Manuela is finalizing its degree in Visual Arts with direction to sculpture, in the IUNA (Buenos Aires). In 2009 it gained the special mention in sculpture of the prize Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Paralelamente, worked in scenographic accomplishments and studied in the School Argentina de Mimo, Expression and Corporal Communication of Elizondo Angel.

Between the objects that are also exposed in Fedro is “Shell?, a work that does not comprise of the installation of the body made bread, but that stops Manuela has a “very special weight?:

“It is a resignificación of a toy that to me my papa did when she was small: a wood turtle with rueditas. I thought about making a toy for me, now, and a shell was happened to me that adapted body. In order to close this sense, the photographer Juan Longobardi, it made a registry of the action dress to me in this new toy?.

Manuela de la Cruz says that their artistic works aim to contact. Across, clearly, he is the spectator. “Always there is an idea like departure point, and another one (sometimes the same, sometimes different, sometimes one that I discover during the process) like destination. Both are for me as important as the materialization. Those ideas also are present in the person who observes and interprets my works, to that I always remember, from the creation?.

Today Manuela already passed the barrier of the 25 and, watching back, it does not reach to descry the precise moment in that the destiny revealed its creative vocation to him. “The option to dedicate me to the sculpture was something that still happened to me and I do not know how. Right the year that my papa died I I had entered the IUNA. The sculpture as direction of my race were not an election either. It did not find sense in other things, either the sculpture as object satisfies me; I need the space, but also the movement and the action. The human body driving in the space is what it completes to me?, confessed.

Manuela kneaded its bread body and, although the gesture is autorreferencial, can suggest a social reading. “Of girl I read a conference in which Garci'a Lorca spoke on the interference of the art in the changes of articles of incorporation. It said something as well as that `the art is the barometer that marks to the greatness or the smallness of a nation'. One talked about a frivolous theater that then was fashionable in Spain (during the Civil War). When I read that, it would have 14 or 15 years, I decided that it was going to dedicate to me to `to wake up societies' through art. With time, the idea went away diluting and my messages now go towards thoughts excite that me at the moment. Sometimes (like now), in my works encounter coldness, frivolity and narcissism, but anyway I believe that they reflect characteristics of the society in alive which?, Manuela reflected.

The sample can be appraised in Alberdi 1034. It is suggested to call before, to decide the visit: 4235884.

Program of Tilcareño January

Thursday of Godsons will be celebrated to 11 in the central place.

The program of Tilcareño January anticipates for Thursday 28, to 11 in the central place, the denominated encounter “Looking for the carnival?, opportunity in which the ahijaditos with the support will appear and presentation of the band that will animate to the traditional celebration carnestolenda.

To 12,30, it will be received the participants of the March Patriótica and Evocativa to Horse that she has as final destiny the city of Humahuaca. To the same hour, in the shed of the municipal market the invitation to the lunch with sets will be realized folkloric, whereas to 15 the popular dance begins.

To 20, in the conference hall of the Museum “Medardo Pantoja? the documentary one “By the ways of the Malón of La Paz? will be exhibited, in charge of Solitude Bettendorff and Diego Rosemary. In the occasion also the America group will act Deep.

Friday 29 to 20, in the central place of the summery town, pasacalle of comparsas will take traditional place and groupings tilcareñas and presentation in the scene greater “Germa'n Churqui Choquevilca? of Pay as a tax comparsas Them Takes, Few but crazy, Sumay Tacos, the Earthenware bowls and the Copleros de Juella, and the groupings the ahijaditos, the old woman choclos and the Gozairas. To 21, in the Terry club, the “Dance of the Beer? will be carried out, with Faktory DJ, among others artists.

Also, to 20 in the Museum “Medardo Pantoja?, they will project documentary the ethnographic “Tribute to Jorge PreLoran?, in charge of the Museum Foundation Medardo Pantoja, and “Hermógenes Key?.

Saturday 30 from the 20, in the Choquevilca scene, the festival folkloric will reunite to the Singers of the Dawn, the Chinito, Delia Kitchen garden, Infernal of Güemes, the salamanqueros genies and the Amancay. Also the queen of Tilcareño January will choose itself, with Faktory DJ and Caesar and his group Happiness.

A route by Latin America through the dance

The Ballet Folkloric “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene typical dances of different countries from the continent.

The Ballet Folkloric Latin American “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene a spectacle that proposes to redescubrir, to value and to recognize the history of our continent. “Racially mixed America? is the name of this proposal that will raise the scene of the Foundation Jumps, today from the 21.30.

Under the direction of Mercedes Ballerini de Messad, the dance body will undertake an imaginary trip by different countries from Latin America. It will do it through his more representative dances. The route will begin in Argentina, with a picture titled “Bursts of as much? until disembarking in Popular Cuba and Dominican Republic with “Caribbean?. In Chile they will make a representation symbolic of the National Park “Rapi Nui?, in the island of Passover; whereas the culture of Bolivia is shaped in choreography of saya. The following destiny will be Peru, where the dancers will make a representation of “huaylas?, an Andean dance, executed in the locality of Huancayo. In addition, the public will be able to delight with the putting in scene of traditional “joropo Eastern?, a national symbol of Venezuela. For the end of the spectacle, the company will arrive at Colombia to put in scene his “bullerengue?, a music and dances of the Atlantic coast, like cumbia Colombian. The last destiny will be Mexico with dances of Baja California, Nayarit and sones of the Mexican coast. For the goodbye, “Racially mixed America? will present/display an impressive denominated number “the Argentinidad?.

Varieté to the cap, an agile and stretched proposal

Net weight Theater will replace its work “Bar and three? today, to 23, in Ameghino 596.

Net weight Theater will offer a new function of its work “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?, today from the 23 in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 596). Reserves to telephone 4228218.

Varieté is a spectacle conformed by short, consecutive and independent numbers to each other, with an agile and stretched dynamics.

In “Bar and three, tremendous varieté? follows one another a history of infidelity in real time; an appointment of little happy pair; a particular generational conflict; and three castings of improbable talents.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

The piece is carried out by Marcelo Cioffi, Pablo Dragone and Daniel Chacón, with the special participation, like guest, of the actress Paula Ferrer. The technical operation is in charge of “Tasting Col?.

It continues the I Latin American Encounter of the Theater of the Pressed one

It is developed in different scenes with factories, tables panels and representations.

From the past Friday the I is developed in our province Latin American Encounter of Theater of the Pressed one.

The activities for the today day, will begin to 9 with the gratuitous factory titled Introduction to the Theater of the Pressed one, coordinated by Francy Alvarez Jaramillo of Colombia, Iván Zépola Valdéz and Hanah Ubar of Mexico and Alejandra Diaz of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the Theater of the Return of the Century, located in Senator Perez 178.

From the 9 and, to the 17, a factory of deepening for the participants of Encuentro will be developed that they already come working with the methodology from the Theater of the Pressed one, integrated by a quota of 30 people and coordinated by Geo Brito of in center Multipurpose Brazil of Arts.

In the evening, the activities will begin to 15 with the elaboration of a work for public space and collective construction of in center Multipurpose knowledge of Art.

In Stage 1, the participants of Encuentro of Theater of the Pressed one will work in the expressive thing of joint way generating a work group that will be shown in the streets of San Salvador de Jujuy day 23 of the current.

For the 17,30, the theater piece will be exhibited forum “What Wave with Borges? of the group the Hell of the Alive ones in the reclaimed sheds “Tupaj Katari?.

Later, from 19 to 21, a table will form panel whom the thematic one of the “Theater of the Pressed one will approach and Education? that will be in charge of the group the Hell of the Alive ones of Federal Capital, in center Multipurpose of Arts.

By more information, the interested ones will have to communicate with Gabriela Morel to the 156852395

The celebration of the crafts and the folklore already live in the locality San Carlos

Today the group will appear jujeño the Tekis, Those of the River, Song 4, Guitarreros and the Voices of Oran, among others.

In only some hours the curtain will rise to the vigésimonovena edition of the Artisan Fair of the Calchaquíes Valleys, that every year is fulfilled in the locality of San Carlos.

“The celebration began Tuesday last with the inauguration of the fair, that has exhibitors of all the NOA. It is sample of an artisan, native character, for charity, organized annually by the Municipality of San Carlos from year 1981 in uninterrupted form with the traditional support of local and foreign craftsmen together with the intermediate institutions and town generally?, explained the engineer Vásquez Robert, intendant of that locality.

It is the first formally provincial fair of crafts and her organization has been motivated by the necessity to tie to this important production with other markets, but essentially to be the window of a new tourist project that ties history and the crafts with the national and international community making of San Carlos a tourist center of regional importance.

When was consulted it with respect to the objectives of the fair, Vásquez indicated: “It is important to promote the tourism by means of the history and the craftsmen of San Carlos; to spread possibilities of commercialization of the native local crafts; to contribute deprived initiatives to the fortification of this popular celebration; to look for approach of new markets in the area of production centers and, finally, to nationally spread to the authenticity of products and the commercial importance that the same represent for the production of the regional economy?.

“The india berry of the dessert? of this great call will be the festival folkloric to be developed enters today and tomorrow - Friday and Saturday, in the municipal estate, where the main figures of the national popular song book will appear.

“We know that it is difficult to amortize the cost of the artistic billboard, we are going but it to compensate with other income, like being the municipal camping. The idea is that we offer to the assistants a spectacle him of great level, with artists who stand out in the festivales of greater spread of the country. It is not necessary to forget that by this scene figures like the Chalchaleros disfilaron, Horacio Guarany - the scene takes its name, the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, between many more. We calculate that near ten thousand people they will be added both in days of the festival?, added.

“In the last days we have received many reserves, that encourage to us to continue working hard after the success of the spectacle folkloric. Many of the inns and lodgings no longer take place. Also many houses of family were qualified to lodge the visitors. The truth that without the support of the people of the town, the effort would duplicate and this celebration would not be so successful?, sentenced Vásquez Robert.

The billboard

Today the first evening will be carried out, with the presence of the Tekis. The experience will contribute the Voices to it of Oran. The freshness will arrive with Song 4, Jose Garci'a, Guitarreros, and Those of the River. The program will be completed with the Teucos, the humor of Agapito, “Chicha? Guanca, and the Strangers of the Chaco. Tomorrow they will be Cuti and Roberto Carabajal, Sergio Galleguillo, Nacho and Daniel - ex- the Guaraníes-, Paola Aryan, Chicha Guanca, Juárez Shepherd, the Ceibales, the Changos and the Agapito humorist. Sunday the customary popular dance will be made. In addition, skills will be realized gauchas, strolls and long walks. The entrances for the festival have a value of $20 (popular), $30 (silverplates) and $40 (preferential).

“Softening? the Carnival with the Acids of Maimará

The carnestolendos motors are oilings, and hope per second that the celebration in February leaves.

And with January, although it seems distant, already it begins the delay of the carnival that will arrive in February. For that reason comparsas begins to complete the details of the preparation that took all the year him, and in addition suggest to go “softening? for the celebration.

Today it will be the Mega Moderates of the Carnival of Acids of Maimará, in the ex- station of trains of our capital.

But the activities will begin to 18,30 in the Terminal of Omnibus. Thence it will divide pasacalles with an invitation in the course, of 300 liters of saratoga, that will be able to be tasted when they arrive at the corner of Dorrego and Puente Lavalle.

The enfiestados ones will arrive until the ex- station, after to have crossed downtown, and to 21 the festival will begin, with important activities.

They will be of the game of this spectacular one moderates, Lipán Takings, Norm of America, Chijra Group, Caesar and his group Happiness, the Quebradeños, and Pichi Cardozo and its group, among others.

Still they lack 28 days, according to the accountant of days, hours, minutes and seconds, that include the Acids in their page Web (to the best Chronic style TV), so that the Carnival arrives, but already everything is oiling. The invitation of this traditional comparsa is for enjoying the diablescas proposals from the 13 to the 21 of February next ones, to cross the streets of Maimará celebrating, from I unearth to the day in which crying they return the Pujllay to the Earth.

But the grouping is not quiet throughout the year, not only preparing the carnival but celebrating important days for the community like the one of the parents or the tributes to the Pachamama, to mention only some.

Humor and celebration improvised with “tremendous varieté? of Net Weight

The actors Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi will put in scene their new theater piece “Bar and three…?.

“Varieté is a succession of numbers that do not have anything to do one with the other, but always must be present the celebration proposal. There is no director, there is no puestista, there is no author. The undisputed subject is the actor and the one that everything maintains?. This phrase him belongs to dramatist and educational Argentinean, Leandro Rosati, who in his artistic trajectory dedicated itself to this theater sort, that was born in Europe a century ago and that in Argentina reached popularity in the decade of `60, of the hand of great figures like Carlos Perciavalle and Antonio Gasalla.

This nonconventional form “to make theater? was taken by the members of the independent group Net Weight; Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi, to create its new theater spectacle “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?. The work, that will count on the special participation of the actress Paula Ferrer, will be released tomorrow, from the 23, in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 965).

Humor in key of absurd

After surprising the public with “Oniria?, a psychological drama of Martin Giner, Net Weight Theater returns with a totally different proposal, that it bets to the humor and the search of a direct bonding with the spectator.

Without advancing too many details on the performance, one of his protagonists, Marcelo Cioffi, it commented that “one is a spectacle made up of seven independent numbers but that at the same time they are successive. During the putting we dare to play within the scenic space and to break the barrier that divides to the actor of its public, something that the conventional theater does not allow you?.

“Bar and three, tremenso varieté? is a collective creation, that arose from the reading from texts, theater improvisations and games.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

“Varieté has innate a question associated to the festive thing and generally the bars or coffees are lent for this type of improvisations where the actor takes what happens in the place for incorporalo to the work, even the errors. What has of individual is that in spite of having a format related to easy humor, we followed more with a way of elaborated work. We like much to approach our creations from the absurd thing, which allows the actor to play its potential yet. It amuses much everything to us what has to do with the dissosciation of the reality?, added Cioffi.

A communion with the public

Without more stage scene than the one than it offers the bar (chairs, tables and a counter) and accidental clothes, Net Weight Theater will look for to make laugh to the spectator through corporal gestures, words and movements. On the matter, Marcelo Cioffi emphasized that “we wanted to prioritize the actoral work not as much and the ornamental question, because varieté has a certain dynamics that if you do many clothes changes or stage scene decays and bores. Us to work with this sort he is very funny because a climate more relaxed is generated than in a conventional work. The fantastic thing of varieté is that it renews the expectations, as much of the protagonists as of the public?.

The opening of “Bar and three…? it will be tomorrow, but the idea of the list is to give him to a continuity the next Fridays of this month to manage to install varieté within the artistic proposals of the theater billboard salteña. It will be a spectacle of humor to the cap. Reserves to the 4228218.
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