Tonight, it raises scene Lisandro Aristimuño

Lisandro Aristimuño will present/display the Chronicles of the Wind, its new record work, this Tuesday 20 of April, to 22, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

In his third visit to Jumps, Aristimuño will arrive with new compound and partly recorded material, in Europe during a tour of three months in which it appeared by diverse cities of Spain and Belgium, where it got to share scene with musicians of the stature of Jorge Drexler.

This fourth double disc titled Chronicles of the Wind was published by its own record seal Blue Wind. Between the guests who recorded this disc is: Fito Paéz, Pandolfo Wood, Diego Frenkel and the Spanish Quique González.

Lisandro was born in Viedma, Negro River and lives in Buenos Aires from 2001. Turkish Blue the specialized critic described to its first disc (2004) between 50 better discs of the year. Artist was appointed revelation by the magazines Rolling Stone and Inrockuptibles. In 2009 he obtained the award in the category Pop music of the prizes Bugler.

Way to occupy a place between the great ones of national music, Lisandro Aristimuño continues being a breathing and a trip by the interior of the song.

The anticipated entrances have a cost of $35 and $40 in door and can be acquired in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture.

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Presentation of the official delegation of Cosquín 2010

In a spectacle to pure folklore, the academy “Salteño Memory?, will present/display 21,30 Wednesday 21 to hs. the official delegation of Cosquin 2010.
General entrance $15 on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

From the 21 to the 24 of April the IIº Encuentro de Arte 10 will be realized

With the participation of the Secretary of Culture of the Province of It jumps, from the 21 to the 24 of April will be realized in Jumps the II° Encuentro de Arte 10. The same will turn around the thematic axis the different artistic languages and the produced social movements.

They also take part in this encounter: the Company of Contemporary Dance Culture Nation, Pro-Culture Jumps, the Foundation Art and Movement (Buenos Aires) the Center of Corporal Education (Buenos Aires), the Institute Superior of Teaching staff of Art and the Contemporary Ballet directed by Sandra Píccolo. Also they adhered the Direction of art of Culture Nation (Buenos Aires); the National University of Jumps, through its Department of Cultural Extension and the Ministry of Education of the Province of Jumps.

He is destined to investigators, artists, educational, managing cultural, students and to all those people interested in the thematic ones of Encuentro, that one will organize with the presentation and attendance to communications, factories, courses, pósters, samples and functions.

The communications will be developed in the Conference hall of Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331) and the spectacles in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos and Mecano Room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

The thematic axes will turn around six points: 1. Innovating practices in relation to the Art and the Education; 2. The dance and the theater: the present agenda of its education and learning (problematic present of the Didactics of the dance and the theater, problematic on the learning of the dance and the theater; 3. Investigations in relation to the artistic phenomenon; 4. The artistic fact and its different manifestations; 5. Signs and symbols in the Art; 6. Tie cultural and educative policies to the artistic fact.

The Organizing Commission of Encuentro will receive until the 28 from March proposals for the accomplishment of round tables, symposiums and other academic activities on subjects noncontemplated in the thematic axes.

Tariffs: Exhibitors $70, Coreógrafos or Directores of groups $70, Assistants $50, Students: $30.

Majors information to the electronic mail: encuentroartesalta@hotmail.comEsta direction of electronic mail is protected against robots of Spam, needs to have activated Javascript to be able to see it

Encounter of dances in San Pedro

2010 of the Academy Argentina Fusion will be realized today in the vestibule of the central Church within the framework of the opening of the cycle.

Tonight, the “Rep it of the Branch? it will be scene for the presentation of the different academies from dances folkloric of the province, within the framework of the beginning of cycle 2010 of the Institute of Art Folkloric, organization groups that them. More than 200 dancers, all students of the schools of dances, tonight from the 21, they will unfold its magic and its talent in front the vestibule of the first temple, on the Miter street. The hosts in this opportunity will be the members of “Argentina Fusion?, that is also prepared to initiate this new stage in the present cycle, after to have made to important prizes and profits in the 2009 deserving. He is possible to limit that the students of the Academy of Dance Argentina Fusion of San Pedro de Jujuy, participated in a national contest realized in Villa Carlos Peace, where they obtained prizes. The contest was organized by the Inter-American Confederation of Dance (CIAD) that groups the professionals of the dance and whose president is Rodolfo Solmoirago.

In the contest delegations of the provinces of Chaco participated, Formosa, Jumps, Jujuy, Currents, Neuquén, San Luis, Mendoza, Chubut, Buenos Aires, Between Rivers, Tierra Del Fuego, Cordova and Jujuy with a good competitive level. Between the 270 numbers of dance of the participant provinces Argentina Fusion obtained three first prizes and one second.

Satisfied by the obtained profits, professors and parents of the Academy Argentina Fusion they will tonight receive dancers of all the schools of the province inviting to live an evening in which Argentinean and dances of other countries will walk their enchantment in pentagrama folkloric.

The educational Pink Maria Martinez referred that Argentina Fusion was born in November of 2008 and its name makes reference to the conjunction of the different cultures that arrived to settle down themselves in this Argentine ground, bringing not only its customs but in addition all their heap. Next to their daughter Agostina Sayas, Arab professor of dances, maintains that the dance is an expression of the soul through body, if one feels in soul a cat, a tango or any other expression is going to dance.

We think that fusing of the dances she does at the level of the student. For that reason to the student who does folklore we incorporated other rates to him like the Arab, classic, sauce, among others. We fuse the dances so that the body is expressed in all the senses ".

“Only giles dies of love?, in Pro Culture

The theater work, directed by Omar Pizzorno returns to the tables, after the great success of the past year.

Tonight, to 22, in the room of Beer Culture Jumps of Pro (Miter 331), will recover the theater work “Only giles die of love?, of the director salteño Omar Pizzorno. It will return to raise the tables tomorrow, in the same place, to 21.

The work, of Caesar Brie, was released in our province in June of 2009. Altogether almost thirty presentations were made. On the other hand, that same year, obtained the fourth position in the Provincial Celebration of the Theater. “It is a work that gave many satisfactions us, the answer of the public has been wonderful?, said Omar Pizzorno to the Tribuno.

The unipersonal one, interpreted by Gustavo actor Garci'a is the story of an individual that has a discussion with he himself. That dialog finishes being the balance of the life of a man who, really, is only and he is not corresponded by the woman whom he has loved during many years. The conflicting relation that the personage has had with his parents, the solitude and the lack of affection takes it to make a tragic decision. Exactly, it is at that precise moment when the narration begins.

Omar Pizzorno coordinates and directs to the theater group Arpi. One is a list of actors who also have other professions, and that have been meeting for some time to prepare the works that present/display regularly in the province.

“Only giles dies of love? is a drama that meant a new challenge for the set of actors, since, generally, they have taken to scene desopilantes works of comedy like “the Pilot?, “the first dinner?, “Confessions in the Chinese district?, “Shaken of humor? and “red Ceilings for white zapatitos?.

Between the projects of the Arpi group for this season of theater it appears a new work, that retakes humor. “We did this unipersonal one because Gustavo Garci'a had many desire to present/display it. Now, we go to follow with task to do to laugh to public, that is one of the things that better we do?, concluded the director salteño.

The best thing of the folklore, in the monument to Güemes

The presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino stands out. In addition they will pay a tribute to them to the Chalchaleros.

Next Friday the festival will be carried out folkloric “Jumps Fulfills?, to celebrate the 428 years of the city. The spectacle will take place on the foot of the monument to Güemes, with the stellar action of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino and the most outstanding artists of the provincial folklore.

In addition a mural realized in tribute to the Chalchaleros will appear, that soon will be located in the Portezuelo. The festival is framed in the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The monument, that evokes to the memory the top hero gaucho, will be the scene of the great celebration who prepares the Municipality of Jumps, through the Undersecretary's office of Culture, to commemorate 428º anniversary of the foundation of Jumps.

For the occasion the maximum representatives of the pop music of this earth have been summoned, among them the Ceibales, Mariana Cayón, Paola Aryan, Marcela Ceballos, Gustavo Cordova, Raul Palm, Ternán Robert, Pitín Zalazar, the Voices of Oran and the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, that the great closing will have to its position.

The celebrations include the presentation of a sculptural mural realized in acrylic of 4.5 by 2.5 meters, in tribute to the Chalchaleros. The four last members of the most emblematic group of Jump will be present to receive the recognition: Juan Carlos Saravia, Facundo Saravia, Francisco “Pancho? Figueroa and Eduardo “Pole? Roman.

Citizen music with the Mainetti-Angeleri pair

The tango spectacle, with guitar and bandoneón, will be carried out today, from the 21,30, in the room of Miter 331.

The public salteño will be able to enjoy an attractive spectacle of tango today, in charge of the outstanding Mainetti-Angeleri pair, within the framework of the Cultural April. The show will begin to 21, in the room Beer Jumps of Pro Culture, Miter 331.

Caesar Angeleri is inheriting of the Argentine guitarrística tradition, directed to the spectacle “Red Tango?, with the actress and singer Cecilia Rossetto. One evolved like member in groupings of citizen music, under the direction of prestigious teachers, like Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Atilio Stampone, Antonio Agri and Oscar Cardozo Ocampo.

At the moment he concentrates his activities in the Quintet of Daniel Binelli, who with the Tangometrópolis company crosses the European scenes. In addition, Integra the Quintet Gust of wind.

On the other hand, Pablo Mainetti is bandoneonista, composer, arreglador and orquestador. By weight own, it is the most outstanding figure of the tanguera renovation of the last years. He develops his activity like bandoneonista in different orchestras, under the direction of teachers like Atilio Stampone, Osvaldo Berligieri, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi, Julio Pane, Raul Garello, Leopoldo Federico, Orchestra Juan de God Filiberto, Two Quintet of the Foundation Astor Piazzolla, Tango For Ever, Tango X and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. The repertoire of tonight will be varied, with great classic of citizen music.

“Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? in the Miter

The appointment is east Sunday to 21 in the greater room of the coliseo, with this putting that arrives from the National Theater Cervantes.

In the year of the Bicentennial, the Miter Theater chose for the official Opening of its Season 2010, the presentation of the work “Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? of David Vines, with the unipersonal action of I move away the Pinto Garci'as, and the direction of Jorge Graciosi.

The work narrates the last hours of the author of “Operation massacre?, “Who killed to Rosendo? and “Last hours?, Graciosi says, the director “that in fact could be those of any O-Man woman that in those Seventies were jeopardizes with a project of different country?.

The putting in scene of Jorge Graciosi values of almost onírica way, and until deluded, to a personage cornered by those beings who dedicated themselves to threaten from the power and the terror. The preparation of its last and perhaps greater denunciation against the terrorism of State translated in the historical letter to the Meeting, is the trigger of this one story.

The direction attendance is in the hands of Marcelo Méndez and original music is of Malena Graciosi.

The entrances are on sale to $30, with discount for schools and students.
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